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Music Industry

The Top Music Blogs

Photograph of the blog post author, Ben Lowe

Ben Lowe


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Promoting your music through the best music blogs is only one step in a music marketing or music PR campaign. If there is just one thing that you do to promote your music, I would recommend doing this. Keep on reading to learn lots of helpful tips as well as a list of the best music blogs to submit to!

Top Music Blogs

What Are The Top Music Blogs?

In this article, you will learn how to send music to blogs, and how to find blogs that will review your music. We have also included a list of the 11 best music blogs for your new 2020 release.

Indie labels, majors, and artist management companies all have some kind of relationship with music blogs. The main reason is that music blogs are very influential.

They create a lot of buzz around music releases, and a few good blog placements can drive up streaming numbers and social media followers. Although music blogs review big-name artist releases, a lot of indie music blogs emerging artists.

Music blogs love hearing fresh and exciting new music. So, as an independent artist or producer, you are on a level playing field with big artists.

What Is A Music Blog?

A music blog is just a blog dedicated to music topics. You can get new music blogs that share up and coming releases, music review blogs that review new releases and educational music blogs.

Most music blogs share music streaming options, music videos, album artwork, and publish interviews with artists. It is a place where passionate music lovers can go to discover new (independent) music and artists.

Blogs also curate their own playlists on platforms like Spotify, YouTube and SoundCloud. So, not only is your music reviewed and introduced to a wide audience but it is also placed on their playlists.

A lot of music blogs don’t make money. They might generate some income from advertising, or they might earn something from a few big features commissioned by record labels or artist management companies.

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Pitching Your Music To The Top Music Blogs

Top Music Blogs

Before you send music to blogs, you need to do your homework. 

Research the type(s) of blogs that will review your genre of music. If your music doesn’t suit a blog’s tastes, don’t waste your time or theirs by pitching your music to them.

If you are a Folk singer-songwriter, there is no point reaching out to Hip Hop music blogs or pop music blogs. Only pitch to blogs that review your genre of music. 

Instead of Googling and hoping for the best, using tools like Hype Machine can really streamline the research process. Hype Machine is a website that features all of the latest music from top music blogs around the world.

The blogs are organised into a feed that you can browse. In their own words, “Hype Machine indexes hundreds of music sites”.

To find blogs that are likely to review your music, all you have to do is browse the feed for relevant music.

Then, simply take note of the blog that the music came from, visit the blog’s website, and search for a music submission page. Hype Machine also has a ‘By Genre’ filter you can use to narrow down your searches!

How To Send Music To Top Music Blogs

Top Music Blogs

When it comes to finally pitching or submitting your music, most blogs have specific requirements that artists and labels must stick to.

Music blogs receive hundreds of submissions a day, and so they like to manage it all their way.

Also, blogs do not want to chase you up for social media links, a bio, previous releases, etc, so they usually ask for everything in advance.

More Ways To Submit Music To Top Music Blogs

There are three main ways to submit music to blogs. 

  1. Through a form that the blog provides
  2. Email correspondence.
  3. Via SubmitHub or another similar tool (explained later)

Provide them with everything they ask for when filling out a form, or they may not bother listening to your music.

If you are asked to send them an email, make sure you are complimentary of their work, and tell them why you want to work with them specifically.

Only provide links to your tracks and attach any other information they ask for.

Do not send them mp3 or wav files of your music. Receiving audio files is annoying – it is really that simple. Blogs always use Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube links to share music. Do the same!

Whatever music you want to send them for review, make sure it is ready to stream via a link. Soundcloud or YouTube links are always a safe bet.

When sending music to blogs, do not send them your old tracks. Blogs like to have brand new tracks they can share with their audience. You can send them pre-released music, but make sure it is a recent release.

For example, if your song has been out for a month, there is a good chance they will still review it. 

To sum up, be diligent when researching types of music blogs, and make the most of Hype Machine. Respect their submission guidelines, only provide links to your music and do not try to submit old releases.

Top Music Blogs – Use SubmitHub 

Top Music Blogs

SubmitHub is a really powerful music promotion tool, and is exactly what an indie artist needs to submit their music to hundreds of blogs.

SubmitHub was built in 2015, and was created to help artists get their music in front of blogs.

You can also submit your music to labels, Youtubers, playlist curators and influencers, as well as receive feedback on your music. 

Create a profile and start submitting music! 

Alternatively, look at the options for submitting your music to blogs here at Мusic Gateway!

Electronic Press Kit

Having an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) can really help music bloggers find out more about you and your brand. An EPK is like a CV for bands, artists and producers. 

EPK’s are used to give industry professionals, the media, and music companies a sense of who you are as an artist. For example, they are often used to give bookers, festivals, and venues an idea of who you are when considering you for their next line-up.

Bloggers often like to see them too! It gives them context when listening to your music. It also serves as inspiration when writing about you and your latest release.

EPKs come in two formats: PDF & video. They include information about you as an artist: your biography, recent releases, social media links, high quality promotional pictures, stage plans (your live performance setup) and anything else of relevance. The PDF version will include all of this.

A video EPK is also very effective if made tastefully. If you have a high-quality camera or DSLR, you can make a convincing EPK video.

This can include footage of yourself performing, cut with B-roll and interview footage of yourself talking about your music.

When submitting your music, blogs might ask for your EPK – so have one ready!

The Top Music Blogs To Submit To

Finally, here is the list of the best music blogs for new music and music reviews!

We have included a short description of the genres that each blog reviews. Please remember to respect their submission guidelines – and good luck!

Мusic Gateway

Top Music Blogs

Here at Мusic Gateway, we’d say that our love for music is profound. We are aware that music is the backbone of many of our readers’ lives, and that’s why we love sharing news about upcoming music and artists. We’re infatuated by all genres of music and that is why we review a vast array of tracks. 

Our ‘Best Music Spotlight’ page is a segment dedicated to entirely new music releases. We are truly always looking to empower and help creatives and discover hidden gems. After all, everyone has to start somewhere. 

This is the ethos we carry here at Мusic Gateway. So if you submit to be featured on our blog, you can ensure a heartfelt, glowing feature written by one of our top writers. Just remember us when you’re famous!

Submit now for our Spotify playlists and to be featured on our blog! We can’t wait to hear your tracks!


Top Music Blogs

SPIN is an American music magazine founded in 1985 by publisher Bob Guccione Jr. The magazine stopped running in print in 2012 and currently runs as a webzine, owned by NEXT Management. 

Like many of the larger magazine’s, they are more focused on the mainstream rather than independent artists. Their site includes a plethora of articles including industry news, as well as a nifty ‘song of the week’ section. 

The SPIN site also includes SPIN TV, a place full of video content. They provide a wide array of content, such as SPIN Sessions, SPIN DJ sets, Cover Talk and tonnes more. SPIN is a great place to go for a variety of entertainment.

Under The Radar

Top Music Blogs

Co-publishers Mark Redfern and Wendy Lynch Redfern founded Under The Radar as a married couple. They both currently run the magazine as a team. Mark is the magazine’s Senior Editor and writes many of the magazine’s articles. Wendy is the Creative Director and lays out each issue. In addition, she is a music photographer and she carries out many of the photoshoots included in the magazine, such as the cover art.

Under The Radar is an American music magazine that features interviews with artists as well as accompanying photoshoots. Each weekly issue includes opinions and commentary with regards to the indie music scene.

Additionally, their blog includes reviews of books, DVDs, albums and more. The magazine posts web-exclusive interviews and reviews on its website so is always worth your while heading to their site for some exclusive content!


Top Music Blogs

DIY Mag is a United Kingdom-based music publication in both the print and online realms. Its free print edition is released monthly with a physical circulation of 40,000 in UK venues, clubs and shops.

DIY was launched in 2002 by then-editor Stephen Ackroyd & Emma Swann as an online-only publication called This Is Fake DIY. This was originally named after a song by Scottish indie pop band Bis.

The company was staffed mainly by a freelance writing team from around the world. Like most of the aforementioned blogs, the website features news, reviews and features, including a variety of genres.


Top Music Blogs

Popjustice was invented in May 2000 by music journalist Peter Robinson. The site has been described by many as the definitive pop blog. Popjustice continues its mission to celebrate 21st Century Pop’s highs, lows and bits in between. 

When Popjustice started out in the year 2000, they demanded that pop the same level of respect as indie music. In those days, the old-fashioned distinction between ‘real music’ and pop music kept a lot of people very busy. 

Additionally, they say that ‘Indie as we once knew it has disintegrated; pop has become more authentic. Pop is not a different genre to all those other ones – it’s the lightning rod that grabs the best bits of other styles and makes them all sound better’. 

Their passion about pop music is evident on their site and it is highly infectious. On their Briefing section of their site, the New Music Friday segment is a great read regarding emerging artists within the pop realm. 

That Grape Juice

Top Music Blogs

That Grape Juice is based in London and Los Angeles. It is one of the premier Urban Pop Culture websites out there. Their daily readership is in the high thousands as they are an internationally established source for Urban news, music, entertainment, celebrity interviews, reviews and more.

The brainchild of Sam A, That Grape Juice officially launched in February 2007. After becoming well-acquainted with the proliferation of Urban Entertainment websites and blogs, the Londoner (then just 18) decided to create his own at the beginning of 2007. 

Born out of his love for all things ‘Urban’, Sam simply sought to share his thoughts and opinions on the latest happenings in the crazy world of Urban entertainment.

XS Noize 

Top Music Blogs

XS Noize is an independent and international consortium of opinionated music lovers founded in 2014 and run by Mark Millar. Their main headquarters is based in Belfast, Northern Ireland with satellites in America, Scotland, England and Russia. 

Since XS Noize’s inception, it has grown massively in popularity among music enthusiasts.  They say that their aim is to provide insightful musical reviews, interviews, timely news and opinion.

Their writers come from various backgrounds, countries, age groups. Therefore, there is content for absolutely everyone out there since their musical interests span a wide array of music genres.   


Top Music Blogs

GoldFlakePaint is a music journal and blog that was founded in 2010.

They showcase writers from across the globe. Additionally, GFP offer a ‘heartfelt’ and in-depth look at their favourite new music. Their blog includes a combination of reviews, conversations, and unique mixes. 

They say that their aim has always been to try and discover those special artists and albums. The company believes that discovering new artists can change the shape of your day. They want to celebrate the pieces of music that have changed their lives and share them with the world.

In 2018, they launched our printed publication, A Music Journal. The magazine is beautifully designed and curated. It offers more than 100 pages of in-depth and independent music coverage. A Music Journal is entirely independent, made in Glasgow, Scotland, and ships to over 20 countries worldwide. It won ‘Launch of the Year’ at the 2019 Scottish Magazine Awards.

A&R Factory

Top Music Blogs

Established in 2012, A&R Factory has grown into one of the most respected artist and repertoire (A&R) blogs. They aid music industry professionals to discover new independent music from across the world.

Their readership includes record labels, publishers, management companies, radio stations, PR and sync companies from across the world.  These industry professionals use their website as a resource to discover and sign acts.

They cover a wide variety of genres, from pop to electronic dance music to hip hop and everything in between. This means there is something for everyone on this site!


Top Music Blogs

CLOUT are a UK music blog who are one of the newer companies on this list. Their site includes a wide array of articles and are specifically dedicated to upcoming artists. 

They have a great section called ‘Who TF’. This is essentially a section where they talk entirely about relatively unknown artists. In these articles, they follow a question an answer structure. They ask a little background questions about the artist and where they exist in their chosen genre. Additionally they ask about any EPs or albums the artist has and any shows coming up. 

Furthermore, their site includes a ‘Best Of’ section. Here, CLOUT includes articles such as album reviews under ‘Albums of the Decade’, ‘Best Tracks’ and more. They also cover topics such as ‘Ones to Watch’ every year.

Dats Muzik

Top Music Blogs

Dats Muzik is a music blog that provides specialist EPK’s. They also promote emerging talent, DJs, support festivals, music businesses, and creative professionals.

The blog is run by Founder, Creator & Editor-In-Chief Francetta Evans-Anfom. She is the face of this Award Nominated and Vuelio ‘Blogger Spotlight’ music blog.

Francetta supports Afrobeat, HipHop, Dance / House/ Electro, Funk and Reggaeton / Latin music by emerging musicians to DJs and writes about fashion and music units.

She has a ‘Songs of The Moment’ Spotify Playlist and a bi-monthly online Afrobeat magazine.

Dats Muzik’s ethos is “diversity, individuality, acceptance and inclusion”. 

Top Music Blogs – Things To Remember

Top Music Blogs

If you plan on using music blogs to get the word out about your latest release, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Always Do Your Research

Make sure that you have an idea of what the blogs like to hear and see.

Don’t waste their time by sending music that doesn’t fit their musical tastes. 

Hype Machine 

A great tool that will help you streamline the research process, so make sure to use it!

Respect Music Submission Guidelines

Blogs receive hundreds of submissions a day. Make their job easy by giving them everything they ask for.

Bloggers don’t want to be chasing for information. 

Use SubmitHub Or Мusic Gateway’s Submission Page

It is now a standard way for Indie artists to find and submit music to blogs.

You can also submit your music to labels, influencers and playlisters.

Have Your EPK Ready

Really helpful for bloggers if they want more information from you.

Blogs work to publishing schedules, so you want to include promo pictures, links and an artist biography.

Start With The Best Blogs

Not only do these blogs have their main blogging site that attracts thousands of enthusiastic music lovers, but they also have larger followings on their Spotify playlists, Soundcloud playlists and social media platforms.

Summary – Top Music Blogs

Top Music Blogs

Using top music blogs to promote your latest release is very effective in creating hype, and should be a part of all your music promotion campaigns. 

The more consistent you are in reaching out to relevant blogs, the easier it gets to have your music reviewed and placed on their playlists.

The reason behind this is that blogs will get to know you as an artist over time, and you will form a natural relationship with them.

With every music submission, blogs become more familiar with your music, and will notice your growth as an artist with every new track, and pay more attention to your submissions!

Consistency breeds familiarity, and once they know you and your music, they are more likely to feature you.

The most important thing to remember is that music blogs are staffed by people who love music and who have individual music tastes.

Their decision to feature you on their platforms is largely based on whether they like your music in the first place – your music might not be everybody’s cup of tea, remember.

Stay patient, send to as many relevant blogs as you can and keep cultivating strong relationships that can help you with future releases!


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