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8 Video Ideas For Tik Tok

Photograph of the blog post author, Cristian Poow

Cristian Poow


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Remember those old days when we were seeking attention just by posting doubtful quality pictures on Blogs and Profile Pages like Fotolog or MySpace?  Well, as the years have gone by, social media has blown up and we have been challenged to start posting better images and videos. Videos have taken social media by storm, so there was no question. We had to dedicate an article to video ideas for Tik Tok

video ideas for tik tok

Many artists and companies have jumped into video marketing and started a new era that I will dare to call right-here-right-now. Everything is going so fast. Millions of ideas are being put into place every minute around the world, but what’s with that? 

TikTok is not Facebook Watch or YouTube in the sense of you upload long videos of interviews or extracts from music videos. This is more of an advertisement of an idea or a message based on a trend. Thousands of videos are being uploaded every couple of hours. So the content may be infinite!

But, the algorithm helps you find the right videos by knowing you and your behavior. Thanks to the like and favorite buttons. Machine learning combined with AI will know for sure what videos you might want to watch next. And believe it or not, it never fails. 

That being said, let’s get rid of any cluster of timidity and social phobia by being creative with these super useful video ideas for TikTok. This article is bound to inspire you – let’s get started!

1. Dancing Videos

man dancing

Everyone loves an excuse to dance. But, what has now become popular is that almost everyone wants to be seen doing simple dances, without having to prepare professionally. 

It is not about doing the perfect dance on Tik Tok either, but about showing attitude and a bit of sass. Something that is sometimes far superior to the choreography itself!

The important thing here is that we want to show off some skills and it’s those very skills that could make us go viral. Helping us to enhance our profile and even create or improve business!

2. Video Ideas For Tik Tok – Follow The Trend Videos

TikTok trends

If you ever feel like boosting your account, trends will help you get attention among all of the cool video ideas for Tik Tok.

When you tap the search button on the app, trends of the moment will always show up in the form of hashtags and music. Whether they were generated by users or those promoted by the platform

This way you can interact with users who are trending. As well as obtain enough information about what to do and which hashtags to use in your video. 

As said above, machines will know when and to whom should your videos be shown. That is another reason for uploading 3-5 videos a day, so people are aware of your presence. 

What we are interested in is them looking at our profile and potentially following us. So perhaps it is even necessary to make several trends a week. Upload funny Tik Toks with friends or repeat the same since every successful profile has many videos. 

Why? Because it is all about keeping followers attentive to our news. Maybe what went viral last week isn’t so popular anymore. Or what is not viral yet, maybe in a week it will be. The algorithm works just like that and it is very beneficial in the short and medium term. 

3. Motivational Videos

motivational videos

If you are wondering what to post on Tik Tok when it comes to motivational situations, the best way to engage with users is to attract them by coincidence. Do this in the attitude of improving some aspect of life or getting over something… or someone.

Many motivational videos go viral because they have the strength to make us think over something within the 60 seconds that Tik Tok allows. Which saves us from long auditorium talks, or even hours of therapy!  

The interesting thing about this is that we interact as we put our emotions out and try to meditate in some way. Finding ourselves in other people’s stories and not allowing our bad feelings to take over our life. Changing it for something totally different and satisfying. 

If you enter the hashtag #motivational you will find optimistic speeches and also funny videos coming from people who have gone through really hard times but as life goes on, they do as well. Do not be afraid of sharing part of your life story with people. They will be sympathetic enough to make you feel safe and secure.

4. Video Ideas For Tik Tok – Satisfaction Videos

satisfaction videos

From a bit of ASMR to relaxing sounds or mechanical presses destroying the most unusual objects, there are tons of cool video ideas for Tik Tok in a satisfying mood. They try to lead us to a state of perception of the senses in which we feel amazing. Enjoying something that makes us want to repeat it. A feature in which TikTok helps us automatically.

There are also artistic videos. Such as spreading watercolors or others from companies that show us their mechanical or pneumatic processes. Putting together these types of videos if we have the tools, even musical ones, can become very viral.

A tip with this idea is to use machine learning to prepare the profile in order to be shown specific videos of what we like or what to work with. So we get to connect with the most valuable ideas out there. And also find a way to start engaging with others who upload the same content.

5. Reply Videos

video ideas for tik tok

One of the most surprising actions is the responses that users give to others’ videos. Sometimes responding to challenges and others just because they want to comment, improve or copy, for example, a choreography or a message. It can be thoughtful but unexpected. 

In these types of videos, we can generate a type of engagement with the followers of the other user (to whom we respond). This benefits us a lot from the algorithm point-of-view since we increase the chances that our video will be shared. Therefore, more content will be shown.

It serves a lot to measure impact when we contact certain people. Whether they are famous or not, the important thing here is the attitude of engagement. As well as the humility of being able to show what others do and in turn add value. A top move when being a content creator.

Want to get in touch with companies? Respond to their videos of products to show interest, or even buy one and use it. Your influencing style can leave a mark and you could be offered brand-new products for free. 

Want to get in touch with musicians/producers? Respond to their videos of music creation or remix their stuff. They will certainly hear everything and you’ll be potentially chosen to work with them. 

Want to grow your account? Get involved with challenges. When you watch a video that catches your eye, respond to it by repeating the challenge but in a different form. Chains of replies are a way of getting known fast and easily.

6. Pet Videos

pet video ideas for tik tok

Wondering where to go and how to make cute Tik Tok videos? Pets are attractive always and everywhere no matter what. 

Videos of responses to challenges made with pets are very funny. Yes, they take time. But you have a very big chance of going viral because no one can resist a cute animal.

Pets and farm animals are always cute. Even the most hostile person will fall in love with them. Do not underestimate the power of a dog staring at a camera!  

7. Travel Videos

travel video ideas for tik tok

Something that will never stop captivating me is travel videos. Landscapes, routes, attractions, whatever it is to be shown. It will get some serious attention. 

Nowadays with ultra HD or 4K cameras, we can capture unforgettable cinematic moments even with the use of drones. Or simply show our humble vacations at sea or in the mountains.

It is a nice way to exchange experiences with users or share our chosen destination so that they can perhaps give us tips. If you are going on vacation, creating a video to collect information about the city you are going to spend a few days would not be bad at all.

Do not forget that you can also reply to videos using your creativity to add value or engage with travelers and what is more important: agencies. You could be offered some free trips!

8. Funny Ideas For Tik Tok Videos

funny videos

If you are one of those people who makes everyone laugh at big family gatherings, this may be helpful. 

You can achieve the most satisfactory milestones on Tik Tok by getting thousands of followers with just 1 or 2 videos. If you think it through, the human being is always in need of feeling good. If you are the right person that makes them smile, that will most likely turn into followers and job offers. 

Imagine the number of stand-up comedians that are working on live streams after being discovered doing funny videos for Tik Tok.  

But now let’s talk about some useful ideas. Most of the fun videos are lip-synced conversations, which means a recreation of another’s activity. It can lead to some of the biggest viral videos ever.  

In several countries, influencers have their families involved in acting videos as well. The “never have I ever” confessions mixed with responses tend to be very hilarious. As many people start engaging and sharing superb life experiences from the past.  

Other funny creative Tik Tok ideas containing funny stuff can be shuffle dances no matter how good or bad you are at it. People’s reactions are always surprisingly fair. You can also make a funny sketch out of other users’  dance or just copy the choreography. You could even invent one to catch up with the others. Infinite ideas!

TikTok comes with a wide variety of filters and effects that you can combine to create a funny story or a little sci-fi scene that makes people laugh in the end. Remember to use the right caption not to spoil them but to lead them on.

YouTube player

Video Ideas For Tik Tok: Our Final Thoughts


Among these easy Tik Tok ideas you will be led to other ones as the platform moves forward with trends or the updates include more filters and tools to work with. 

You have a lot to learn on the inside before thinking of new ways to reach the public or have good Tik Tok video ideas. But these are the most important ones to start playing with the algorithm!

As expressed at the beginning of this article, it is about losing your shyness and trying different tactics to be accepted in the community. 

Artists always have an extra benefit since they are creative by nature. They will know how to take advantage of their skills to create the funniest or most serious videos, why not, of all Tik Tok?

We hope that you enjoyed these super easy video ideas for Tik Tok! Whilst you’re here, why not check out some more articles on our blog such as, How To Promote Your Music On Tik Tok or How To Get Famous On Tik Tok?


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