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Recording Studios

What’s The Best Recording Studio Miami Has To Offer?

Photograph of the blog post author, Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson


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Are you looking for a professional and accessible recording studio in Miami? In previous years it was reported that Miami has 57 studios, the fifth-highest in the United States. 


With so many to choose from, we can understand why it may feel daunting when looking to hire a music recording studio in Miami, especially for the first time.

Don’t panic, whether you are looking for famous recording studios in Miami or the cheap recording studios Miami, South Florida, has to offer, we’re here to give you some top-hire tips.

Get all the information you need to get started in your search and get some inspiration with our favorite Miami recording studios for hire.

Here Are Our Top Picks For The Best Recording Studio Miami

RoofTop Recording Studios

RoofTop Recording Studios is a new studio that is taking the Miami Music Scene by storm. This innovative space offers an unparalleled experience that combines a breathtaking facility, with state-of-the-art analog and digital recording technology.

This 5-Star rated studio offers tangible benefits to recording artists and music professionals alike. The first is inspiration. The profound sound and energy of this studio’s environment can fuel creativity in ways that traditional studios simply cannot match. CEO and head audio engineer Johnny Jrama has over 25 years of experience in the field of sound and is an expert at his craft.

RoofTop provides an exclusive and private space within the concrete walls of their 3000 sq ft facility, which is located on the rooftop of the Village Flea Market and Mall in Miami. Away from the distractions of the ground level, artists, producers, sound engineers, and videographers alike, can really get the creative juices flowing and focus entirely on music and video productions.

This highly recognized recording studio offers an abundance of professional services including vocal recording, audio mixing and mastering, artist development and management, photoshoots, music video shoots, and worldwide digital distribution, all under one roof.

Whether you’re a recording artist seeking a unique space to create your next masterpiece, or a producer or videographer looking to offer something different to your clients, RoofTop Recording Studios represents an exciting new frontier in music production.


RoofTop Recording Studios is equipped with top-tier recording equipment, ensuring that the quality of sound they provide matches the quality of the music released by industry record labels and mainstream artists on a regular basis. They have 2 different recording studio rooms to choose from, each offering their own unique level of sound and equipment.

The SSL Room (Studio A)

Their spacious SSL Room was designed for serious artists who are looking for premium productions.

SSL Room Features:

  • Recording, Mixing, & Mastering
  • Spacious 384 SqFt Room
  • Studio One 6 Professional DAW
  • Pro Tools Ultimate DAW
  • SSL Audio Interface
  • SSL Soundboard
  • SSL, Waves, iZotope Plugins + more
  • Rhodes NT2-A Large Condenser Mic
  • Yamaha HS8 Monitors
  • Genelec Loudspeakers
  • Steven Slate Audio VSX Mixing System
  • Newer Model Mac Studio Computer
  • Specialized Honeycomb Ceilings

The Exposure Room (Studio B)

Their Intimate Exposure Room was designed for up-and-coming artists who record over 2-tracks and want to be heard.

Exposure Room Features:

  • Recording & Mastering
  • Intimate 120 SqFt Room
  • Studio One 6 Professional DAW
  • Presonus Audio Interface
  • Waves Plugins
  • Apex 460 Large Condenser Tube Mic
  • Clarity HD Model One Monitors
  • Mac Mini i7 Computer
  • Specialized Honeycomb Ceilings

Notable Artists and Clients

Industry insiders such as Alpoko Don (Dondada), Desloc Piccalo, Mike Smiff, and Mr. ‘”My Projects'” himself Coo Coo Cal have all collaborated on projects with RoofTop Recording Studios.

RoofTop Recording Studios also works closely with iHeart Radio and DJ Stichiz of 103.5 The Beat Miami, sponsoring the Teen Open Mic events held every 3rd Thursday of the month. They also have worked with contestants for TV Shows such as The Voice, and MTV.


Phone: (305) 697-5252


[email protected]


7900 NW 27th Ave

Suite R-6

Miami, FL 33147

Noise Match Studios

Noise Match Studios

Look no further than Noise Match Studios. The studio has been making music since 2012. It is currently one of the best music recording studios Miami has to offer, with some of the best creative facilities in the world.

The studio is set in the heart of Wynwood (Miami’s creative hub also known as Hipster’s Paradise). They secured their first Gold Record with Alejandro Sanz’s 2013 Grammy-winning album ‘La Música No Se Toca.’

Admittedly this is not the cheapest but they are considered the best recording studio in Miami.

What To Expect

Noise Match Studios is one of the finest rooms America has with cutting-edge tools ensuring you can turn your next masterpiece into a reality.

There is no limit to your creativity at this recording studio in Miami, the spaces are large yet comfortable. They have various spaces from the fully-loaded control room to the amazing live room. The live room features a big space and is home to a Yamaha C7 Piano, 3 isolation booths for a huge multi-tracking setup. 

You can record your drumset, stereo guitars or even a full string section. Their control room has an abundance of gear with a Solid-State Logic Duality SE 48, a set of ATC SCM25A and a pair of Yamaha NS-10s.

At Noise Match you can tailor your sound with the utmost precision. They also offer daily lockout minimums for video or private events and whether you have a small or big budget they are happy to discuss your needs. This Miami Studio has everything you need to create your perfect sound. 

Notable Recordings & Clients

The studio has been finely crafted to support major label artists as well as professional independents. 

Chart hit ‘Despacito’ from Luis Fonsi FT. Daddy Yankee was recently recorded in the Miami studio. Other notable names include Natalie Cole, with ‘En Español’ and Miami’s own Aaron Lebos Reality who recently finished their ‘Turning Point’ album at the Miami Studio.

The studio has also catered for some well-known clients from CNN, Dreamworks, The Recording Academy to Universal Music Group.


The studio welcomes you with open arms so give them a call and book a tour. We highly recommend you check this one out! 

Noisematch Studios, 4306 NW, 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33127 [email protected] +1 786-334-5382

Bay Eight Recording Studios

Bay Eight Recording Studios

One of the best recording studios in Miami gifts to us, Bay Eight is a Grammy Award-Winning,

Multi-Platinum recording studio located in the heart of Miami FL’s world-renowned Studio City.

Formerly known as Midnight Blue Studios, it was the vision of Award-winning producer Fabio ‘Estefano’ Sagaldo alongside world-class acoustician John Arthur and award-winning mastering engineer Brent Lambert in 2000. 

Matthew DeFretias bought the three-studio facility in 2015 from the previous owner, Grammy Award-winning producer Marco “Infamous” Rodriguez-Diaz, renaming it Bay Eight Recording Studios.

Situated in Miami and in the neighbourhood known as ‘Studio City’ the area has copious historical recording facilities. This famous recording studio has three recording spaces acoustically isolated and it also features specialised custom construction techniques. 

Their space is welcoming with eccentric art throughout courtesy of local Miami visual artists.

What To Expect

Bay Eight has three recording spaces to choose from see the key features below:

The SSL Room:

  • SSL AWS900 SuperAnalouge Recording/Mixing Console
  • AVID HD i/0 Class A Converters
  • Antelope Isochrone Word Clock
  • Pro Tools HD 24 Inputs 24 Outputs
  • Flush Mounted Custom Speakers W/ Dual Sub

Apollo Room:

  • Control 24 (24 Channel Digital Console)
  • Barefoot MircoMain27 Speakers
  • Apollo Converters

Whisper Room:

  • 4ft Ceilings
  • Modern style workspace
  • Iso booth in the room

Notable Clients & Artists

Bay Eight has a broad array of clients from local artists to global superstars. Some notable artists have recorded here including Jennifer Lopez, Lil Wayne, BeBe Rexha, and Flo Rida.


15421 W Dixie Hwy Bay, 8 Miami, FL 33162 [email protected] +1 (305) 705-2405

Classic Recording Studio Miami

Studio 26

studio 26

Studio 26 provides clients with an amazing music production experience, including mixed and mastered tracks. The Miami recording studio offers production, recording, and engineering services.

You can find the upscale studio in a prime location near Miami, artists can look forward to producing music at Studio 26 as it combines art with science. Additional resources are available to meet client’s needs from musical instruments, to the latest audio recording and video equipment.

There are also technical personnel to make sure the production comes together.

Studio 26 also offers an outstanding performance stage and rehearsal room for hire. You’ll get complete privacy in the professional working space. Production offices with phone, fax and high-speed Internet services are also available upon request.

What To Expect

Studio 26 has the ability to provide solutions for events of all sizes:

  • Pre-tour production
  • Recording rehearsals
  • Band/label showcases
  • Album listening and release parties
  • Corporate or wedding band rehearsals & showcases
  • Product demonstrations and workshops
  • Photo/video shoots
  • Auditions

Notable Clients & Artists

The likes of Pharrell Williams, N*E*R*D, Wyclef, Big Sean, and Pitbull have all recorded at the studio.


3078 SW 38th Court Miami, FL 33134 +1 (305) 505-7956 / + 1 (785) 766-1604 

[email protected] /  [email protected]  / [email protected] 

Recording Studio Miami With Vintage Equipment

Audio Vision Studios

audio vision studios

Audio Vision (Miami’s premier SSL-equipped recording studio) is one of the longest-standing professional recording studios Miami.

Experience along with state-of-the-art equipment has allowed them to create a strong following which is still relevant in today’s digital recording era. Audio Vision founders Howard Albert and his brother Ron Albert, forged a record production/engineering career over 40 years. 

The Albert brothers have achieved over 40 gold records and about 30 or so platinum records.

Whether you are a folk, country, rock, or R&B artist Audio Vision is a Miami recording studio with a broad and well-documented discography. An acoustically correct room, state-of-the-art microphones, and a full-size mixing console will ensure you are ready to take your recording to an international level. 

Their producers and engineers will assist with your requirements from production to mixing.

What To Expect

  • With 4 rooms available the main SSL is fully equipped with the following features:
  • SSL 4000 G-Series Console
  • 2 Tannoy Speakers Set
  • Yamaha NS10 Speaker Set
  • Vintech 1073
  • Avalon 737sp
  • Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor
  • Universal Audio 1176
  • Vintage Teletronix LA-2A

Notable Clients & Artists

Some Gold and Platinum artists include Future, Travis Scott, Trey Songz, P Diddy, Jason Derulo, and Jamie Foxx. The studio has also supported VH1, BBC Radio, Epic, and Motown.


Audio Vision Studios, 13385 West Dixie Hwy, North Miami Fl, 33161 +1 305-893-9191

Miami Recording Studios

recording studio miami

Whether you are an A-List Hip Hop, Latin, or Pop artist looking for simple overdubbing, or have an entire album to record Miami recording studios can cater to you. 

What To Expect

The Miami Recording Studio has 2 Iso-Booths, a Live Room, and a professionally-designed, lounge-like control room where artists, producers, and sound engineers can feel at ease as they work. 


4467 SW 21st St Miami, FL 33155 +1 (305) 788 2693 [email protected] 


In general, hiring a studio in Miami can cost from $25 per hour to $3,000 per hour, on average one costs around $100 per hour.

If you are after cheap recording studios in Miami then Miami Recording Studios could be the one for you:

  • One-Offs – Minimum 4 hours $50/hr min. 4hr. booking
  • Lock-Out 12-hour block $500. 12-hour block
  • Anytime Hours $1000. 25 hrs. min 4hrs. per booking

Before you part with your money there are some things you should consider.

House Of Hits Recording Studio

house of hits recording studio miami

House of Hits is where music meets art. The House of Hits is Miami’s premier luxury recording facility home to 180 times platinum and two times Grammy Award-Winning mixing engineers/production team who prides themselves on the city’s best audio quality.

The studio is centrally located just north of the Miami Design District with a gated facility and plenty of parking. House of Hits caters to both celebrity and independent artists.

What To Expect

House of Hits boasts 4 world-class studios and common areas featuring a high-end art gallery throughout the facility. 

Their rooms are equipped with the finest analog and digital gear available. The studios and common areas are top-of-the-line, with a clean work environment and no one hanging out during your session.

Their vibe is focused on creating hits only and catering to all of their client’s needs. 

Notable Recordings & Clients

House of Hits has worked with artists in the last few months such as Offset, Kodak Black, Daddy Yankee, Anuel, Karol G, Maluma, Ozuna, and Lil Pump, along with many other celebrity clients. 



[email protected]

What Should You Do Before Booking Your First Recording Session?

Recording Studio Miami

There are so many things to consider when you are booking a studio so it is important to set clear goals about what you want.

In reality, hit songs can take hundreds of hours to complete a strong work ethic is a must alongside good producers, engineers, and programmers who are just a few that play a part in creating a hit record. 

Tips On Going To The Recording Studios In Miami

  • Plan Ahead – A plan will help when finding the right tools to accomplish your desired effect.
  • Be Prepared – Money and time are usually an issue when it comes to making a record. For a smoother studio experience make sure you come prepared. It all starts with performance. So practice beforehand to give the studio performance of a lifetime.
  • Set a budget – Talk with your producer/engineer about what you are able to spend then come to an agreement.
  • Bring References – If you have made some awesome demos in advance of your session take them with you. They can be used as either a reference or even to include on your album.
  • Have Fun – It can be daunting stepping into a famous recording studio in Miami. Remember, everyone started off in the same position. Try not to overthink and relax. Enjoy playing music and chances are you will come out with a great-sounding record.
  • Choosing the Right Producer – Once you have decided on your Miami Studio it’s time to think about your producer. Every creative has a different musical style and approach, so finding the right studio collaborator for you can be difficult. Producers play an important role for artists so it’s important you find the right one for you.

When Working On Music In Recording Studios In Miami

  • Know What You Want – You’ll want your personality to come out in your music no matter what genre. The studio enables you to be flexible in a multi-genre project. As you step into the studio be clear about what you want out of each song as some may sound poppier or come out bluesy, a producer is there to help you discover the possibilities while still maintaining ‘your sound’.
  • Know Who You Are as a Musician – Know ‘your sound’ and be confident with your own style. It helps when you know who you are as a musician and gives your producer guidance to know exactly what they are working with.
  • Listen to Other Artists – It is beneficial to research by listening to artists you admire as well as discovering what you don’t like. Look for producers who have worked with comparable artists, don’t go for a producer who specializes in heavy metal music if you are wanting to create a pop album.
  • Don’t Forget Chemistry – You may find you really admire someone’s work but you should strive to work with producers who you are compatible with on a personality level. In order to create the album you desire you need to be comfortable.
  • ResearchUnsigned artists may need to work harder to build up connections but don’t be afraid to spend some time researching the internet and get in touch with your dream collaborator anyway.

Summary of The Best Recording Studios in Miami

Recording Studio Miami

It is fair to say there are many decisions to be made before picking the right Recording Studio in Miami. It is essential to get in contact with the studio to find out more and create the perfect sound you are after. 

Be confident in your decision and ultimately have fun when you get into your chosen Miami music recording studios.

I hope you enjoyed this little review and helps you find the perfect studio for your next recording.

A YouTube Video Of Recording Studios In Miami

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