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Music Production

A Beginners Guide To Live Streaming Music

Photograph of the blog post author, Sebastian Watzinger

Sebastian Watzinger


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These unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures and ideas on how to stay connected to your audience and fans. Most of us have probably experienced some measure of trouble and are affected by the current situation. There are no live concerts and you can’t play in your favourite bar anymore. But we all still want to stay connected to our fans, keep them happy, and even help them through these uncertain times. How can we do that? Live streaming music on Youtube, on Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitch has become popular and helpful for many artists. But I know from my own experience that setting up a live stream with good audio and no technical hiccups repeatedly is challenging, and even seems scary. If you want to learn about live streaming concerts and make the experience exciting and attractive, this guide is for you.

girl playing guitar live stream music

What Is Live Streaming? 

Live streaming is the simultaneous recording and broadcasting of content in real-time – much like a live TV event. You broadcast live video out to viewers on the internet. The most popular platforms to stream live content are Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, and Tik Tok. These days, almost everything gets livestreamed: events, tutorials, interviews, behind the scenes and concerts. Even colleges have had to pivot to full online live streaming classes to keep their programs afloat. 

As many of you have experienced firsthand, the ability to live stream concerts is almost essential to be able to survive as an artist and musician at the moment. Due to the restrictions that arose worldwide, all concerts, concert tours, and gatherings were cancelled. That means a huge financial and relational loss for many artists. This goes to show that being able to livestream music concerts in such a time as this is not only a nice to have anymore, it is essential.

The cool thing is that technology allows artists to perform from the comfort of your own living room, studio, or backyard (and we know that monetisation is a huge factor). We all need to make money to live. Most of the platforms have or recently added some kind of possibility to get paid for live streaming events. Facebook, just a couple of weeks ago announced that they will offer a solution, where fans and followers can buy stars and “pay” them to whatever artists they watch on a stream. 

How To Live Stream  Music

headphones music for live stream

Streaming Equipment 

The first question that you probably ask is “what kind of equipment do I need?” With all that is happening around us, new streaming platforms, equipment, and live streaming tutorials virtually shoot from the ground almost every day. This vast variety of choices doesn’t make it easier to pick what you would need for your music live streaming setup. What you actually need on the other hand might surprise you.

It is not that complicated. You only need a computer or phone, a webcam, your music equipment, and potentially a streaming app like OBS or Ecamm Live. You can even start doinglive-streamingg concerts with just an idea and your phone. 


A rule of thumb is, the better the computer, the smoother the live stream. If you have a decent home music production Mac or PC, that should all be fine. Even a newer phone can be used for a good live stream. 


Most computers and phones have a webcam built-in. I would go ahead and invest in a camera upgrade, though. A webcam with a 1080p HD resolution is a great way to look more professional for your fans. 

Music Equipment 

Whether you do live-streaming concerts or DJ sets, you just need the same equipment setup that you would normally use. Think about your instruments, vocal mics, and mics to capture the whole set and send it to your computer through a mixer

Streaming App 

A great free solution is OBS. Open Broadcaster Software was used primarily by gamers in the last years. It has vastly improved since it started, and is available for every platform. 

I personally use Ecamm Live. It is Mac only, but if you have a Mac, it is well worth the investment and an awesome piece of live streaming software. 

Streaming Platforms

Streaming platforms are the channels on which you set up your stream, and where your audience can watch your live stream music concerts. There are a lot of opportunities in all of them. To make the choice a bit easier for you, these four streaming platforms are your best bet when it comes to music live streaming. For a successful event, I would go with the platform on which you have the biggest following. That way, your followers will be notified when you go live and can watch it directly on the platform they hang out on anyway. 

How To Live Stream On YouTube

laptop with youtube stream logo

Before you can start your live stream, you need to make sure that you enable live streaming on your channel. On new YouTube channels, it is disabled by default. Here is how to enable it: 

  • Verify your YouTube account. Select your country, and preferred verification code delivery method. Punch in the six-digit verification code to verify your account
  • Enable live streaming via the channel features page
  • After 24 hours, live streaming is now activated on your account

You can choose from four options to live stream from. From a desktop computer, phone, or either software or hardware encoder. For the sake of simplicity, I will explain the easiest option: streaming from a desktop computer. On a desktop, you can simply stream from the web browser using your built-in webcam. A higher-quality USB webcam, as mentioned above, is a great way to enhance the look for your audience tremendously. The process is the same, you just need to choose the USB camera instead of the built-in one. 

Live Streaming On Youtube (Web Browser)

Once you are all set with a camera, here is how to live stream your music on YouTube through your web browser: 

  • Log into your YouTube account and click the “Create a video or post” button in the top-right corner of the screen
  • Select “Go Live” from the drop-down menu
  • If prompted, give YouTube and your browser any required permissions for live streaming (i.e., camera, microphone)
  • In the Live Control Room, ensure “Webcam” is selected in the navigation bar at the top. 
  • Give your live stream a title, select a privacy setting (public, private, or unlisted), and choose whether you’d like to live stream now or schedule an event for later
  • Click “More options.” Select your camera and microphone from the drop-down menus if they aren’t listed already
  • Click “Advanced settings” to toggle chat, age restriction, and monetisation (YouTube Partner Program members only)
  • Press “Next” and pose for a thumbnail. Mouse over the thumbnail to bring up options to take another picture or upload a custom thumbnail from your computer
  • Hit “Go Live.”

On Facebook

laptop with facebook on screen

Facebook has been in the live-streaming game for a long time now. It actively competes with YouTube for the #1 spot in the Live streaming world. For me, it feels that Facebook has upped its game in regard to live streaming since COVID-19. It became super stable, and they recently even rolled out the Rooms feature, where you can do live, group video streams, and hang out with your fans. 

  • Click “What’s on your mind?” at the top of your News Feed
  • Click then click Live Video
  • Write something about your live video. A compelling description of what your audience can expect from the event
  • Click Go Live in the bottom left

Top tip: Google Chrome is the only web browser that supports Facebook’s live stream feature.

On Twitch 

twitch logo

If you haven’t already, create an account on For Twitch, you won’t be able to live stream unless you use a software encoder like OBS Studio. This option is much more sophisticated, and has a lot of options to choose from. You can add different video and audio sources, such as your webcam, another camera and maybe a room mic and a mic for the singer and so on. For the sake of simplicity, I describe here a minimal, basic setup with one audio and one video source. 

Here is how you do it: 

  • Download and Install OBS Studio
  • Run the auto-configuration wizard or get yourself acquainted with it by manually setting up the software encoder.
  • Go to File > Settings > Stream in OBS Studio. Choose “Twitch” as your service, then either connect your Twitch account to OBS Studio or connect Twitch using the stream key.
  • Add your audio and video sources to OBS
  • In the Sources tab, add an audio source or audio input capture
  • Choose “Create New” and give it a name, like the name of the mic or interface you are using
  • Either your USB mic or Audio Interface will show up in the dropdown menu in the next pop-up window
  • Choose the mic or interface you want to use.
  • Repeat the steps for your video source. Choose “Video Capture Device” form the Sources menu. 

On Tik Tok 

tik tok on phone

TikTok allows you, just like the platforms above, to take live stream music directly to your followers and fans. Don’t be confused, since there is no obvious choice on how to do it on the app. 

Here is the process step-by-step: 

  • If you haven’t already, download Tik Tok and register as a user
  • Open the app and log in to the account you want to live stream on
  • Press the + button, where you also create the pre-recorded Tik Toks
  • Next to the Record button, you see the “Live” option
  • Tap there, and you are ready to launch your live stream
  • It helps to add a compelling title here, as well as taking advantage of hashtags.
  • Hit the “Go Live” button. Your stream starts instantaneously.

Promoting Your Live Stream 

man on mac computer live stream music

There is probably nothing worse than playing a concert and nobody shows up, right? The same is true for concerts that you live stream. As much as we like to be spontaneous, it necessarily doesn’t work that well for concert live streaming. Therefore, the promotion of your upcoming convert is so important as you want to build momentum upfront so that people show up. 

Get creative to get people to watch it! Maybe you make it a concert where your fans can request songs that they want to hear, or you can answer questions from your live audience. Make it a special event and, the more people show up for the event, the more likely it is that you can make money from live streaming. You can earn some donations, tips, or even can sell concert tickets to your event. Promoting your live stream could look like this: 

  • Create a teaser for your live stream. This could an email, a post on social media, or even a little trailer, so people can experience what the concert would feel and be like
  • 48 hours before you go live share your streaming link to your audience
  • On your website, embed the persistent streaming link and send the URL out to blogs and your audience
  • Invite any artists that you are friends with on the live stream and have them play with you. That way you share the respective other audience.


In a time like this, it has been made very clear to all of us that live streaming is the best right now to keep in touch with our live concert audience. It has also been made clear what a huge opportunity concert live streaming is for any artist anywhere in the world. As discussed in this article, it is actually not difficult to set up, perform, and promote your very own live streaming concert. There are many different free platforms available to everyone. So, there are no more excuses to procrastinate any further. Your next concert is only one “Go Live” button click away!

So, now you can hopefully try these platforms out, and can put these tips into play in your own live-stream gig! Or, you can perform in one of our Facebook Live and Loud sessions. Allow us to also help you amplify your musichelp with music marketing, promote, collaborate with others, and even get your music in TV, film, and more. Why not try Мusic Gateway for free?


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