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Who Are eMusic?

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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There are so many music streaming platforms now available now. So how do you find the best one for your music palette? We are going to explore further eMusic, where you can download and stream independent music. We will also discuss the other music platforms that are similar to this one. Where you can download and use the platform. 


eMusic – Who Are They?

eMusic is a music platform that offers a subscription-based service for downloading and streaming independent music. It was founded in 1998, by Gene Hoffman, Bob Khon. It has since become a popular destination for music lovers who want access to a wide range of independent music.

The platform offers a vast library of over 26 million tracks. These include a variety of genres such as rock, jazz, electronic, classical, and world music. 


eMusic Blockchain Platform

eMusic’s Blockchain platform can help artists by providing a transparent and fair royalty distribution system. This ensures that they receive proper compensation for their work. It also allows for direct communication and engagement with fans. Additionally, they have the ability to monetize their content through various means such as NFTs and fan tokens. Overall, it can provide greater autonomy and control for artists in the digital music industry.

eMusic’s Business Model

eMusic’s business model is unique in that it operates on a credit system. Subscribers receive a certain number of credits each month. They can then use them to purchase and download tracks from the platform. 

The number of credits required to download a track varies based on its popularity and length. So newer and more popular tracks typically requiring more credits. 

eMusic token

eMusic’s token system allows artists to earn revenue directly from fans who purchase and stream their music on the platform. This provides a more direct and transparent revenue stream for artists. As they can earn a percentage of the tokens spent by fans on their music. Additionally, the token system allows for more flexibility in pricing and distribution. Since artists can set their own prices and release their music independently.

You can read more about the Token Generation Event (TGE) Summary and Progress in the ‘Token‘ Section. Read more about our project and the eMusic token (eMU) here

So, the public token sale begins. Participants will have access to bonuses of up to 25% for the first two weeks. Then 20% for the next two weeks, and 15% for the final two weeks. 

What Else Does eMusic Provide?

In addition to its extensive music library, eMusic also offers a number of features to enhance the user experience. These include personalized recommendations based on listening history, curated playlists, and exclusive content from independent artists. 

Music Services

‘Our mission is to build a music distribution platform that achieves balance in the supply and rewards flowing between fans, artists and music service providers.’

eMusic helps independent artists succeed by providing a platform for them to distribute and sell their music directly to fans. They also offer tools and resources to help artists promote their music and connect with new fans. Additionally, eMusic has a fair compensation model that ensures artists receive a higher percentage of revenue from their music sales compared to other streaming services.

Royalty Payouts

eMusic helps artists by offering a higher royalty payout compared to other music streaming services. This is because eMusic operates on a subscription-based model and pays out a portion of the subscription revenue to artists based on the number of streams they receive.

Where Can I Download/Purchase eMusic?

The platform is available on both desktop and mobile devices, with apps for iOS and Android.

eMusic Live

Live Performances

eMusic Live is a live streaming platform that allows music fans to watch and interact with their favorite artists in real-time. It works by providing a virtual stage for artists to perform and engage with their fans through live chat, Q&A sessions, and exclusive content. Fans can purchase tickets to access the live stream and watch the performance from anywhere in the world.

What Are The Pros & Cons Of eMusic?

As with any streaming platform, there are always going to be advantages and disadvantages, so we thought it best to share them with you below. 


– eMusic offers a large selection of independent and niche music genres that are hard to find on other platforms.

– The platform has a simple and easy-to-use interface, making it easy to navigate and discover new music.

– eMusic offers DRM-free music downloads, which means users can download and own their music without any restrictions.

– The platform offers affordable subscription plans, which can save users money compared to other music streaming services.

– eMusic has a strong focus on supporting independent artists and labels, which can be appealing to users who want to support the music industry.


– eMusic’s music library is not as extensive as other music streaming services, which means users may not find all the music they are looking for.

– The platform does not offer popular mainstream music, which can be a turn-off for some users.

– eMusic’s subscription plans are limited in terms of the number of downloads and streaming options, which may not be ideal for heavy music users.

– The platform does not offer a mobile app, which can be inconvenient for users who primarily listen to music on their mobile devices.

– eMusic’s customer support is reportedly lacking, which can be frustrating for users who experience issues with the platform.


You can contact eMusic by filling out a customer request form here or submit your email, to find out more & stay in the know. 

You can try eMusic here on their main website. 

eMusic Blog

If you are on their main website, then they also have an eMusic blog. And even though it hasn;t been updated since 2020, it is still a valuable source of knowledge and advice for any musician trying to make it in the music industry. 

Other Music Streaming Platforms For Independent Artists

Some popular music streaming platforms for independent artists include Bandcamp, SoundCloud, Audiomack, and DistroKid. Let’s take a closer look at these. 


Bandcamp is an online music platform that allows artists to sell and distribute their music directly to fans. It offers a variety of features, including customizable artist pages, the ability to set your own prices for music and merchandise, and the option to offer free downloads. Bandcamp also has a robust discovery system, allowing users to browse and discover new music based on genre, tags, and recommendations. Additionally, the platform has a social component, allowing users to follow and interact with their favorite artists and other fans.


SoundCloud is a music streaming platform that allows users to upload, share and promote their own music tracks, as well as discover and listen to tracks from other artists. It features a vast library of user-generated content, including music, podcasts, and other audio recordings. The platform offers both free and paid subscription plans, with the latter providing additional features such as ad-free listening and offline playback. SoundCloud also offers tools for artists to connect with their fans, build their audience, and monetize their music.


Audiomack is a music streaming platform that offers free access to millions of songs, albums, and playlists from emerging and established artists around the world. It allows users to discover new music, create and share playlists, follow their favorite artists, and download songs for offline listening. Audiomack also offers features such as personalized recommendations, trending charts, and exclusive content from popular artists. The platform is available on the web and as a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.


DistroKid is a music distribution service that allows independent musicians to upload and distribute their music to various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music. It also offers features such as customizable artist profiles, music monetization options, and detailed analytics to track streaming and sales data. DistroKid operates on a subscription-based model with various pricing tiers depending on the number of releases and features desired by the artist.

Summary – eMusic

Overall, eMusic is a great option for music lovers who want access to a vast library of independent music and are willing to pay a monthly subscription fee for the privilege. With its unique credit system and personalized features, eMusic offers a compelling alternative to more mainstream music platforms. 

I would say that it needs some improvement, in terms of offering a mobile app for its customers, as so many of us now listen to music on our phones. Perhaps they will address this issue soon. 

However, the way they champion independent artists and they have live streaming performances are just some of the ways they have demonstrated that they truly care about the longevity of the music industry. 


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