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The Best Gaming Keyboards: Our Top Picks

Photograph of the blog post author, Tom Steel

Tom Steel


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When it comes to having the ultimate gaming PC setup & the best gaming experience, components such as the keyboard are often considered secondary or simply not as important as the computer itself. 

While that can certainly be true to an extent, the perfect setup needs an efficient keyboard at the very least. In this article we will look at what is the best gaming keyboard, looking at the basic selling points and possible cons of the 10 best keyboards in the process.

This should give you an idea of how each keyboard’s price reflects its personality and unique features before you go out and buy one for yourself.

  1. What Is The Best Gaming Keyboard? Our Top 10

For those wanting to know what the best gaming keyboard in the world is, here is our top 10 for gaming keyboards to consider. We have included options of varying price ranges, wireless and wired connections, additional wrist support, and there are some that may appeal more to your creative side.

  1. Roccat Vulkan TKL Pro

The Roccat Vulkan TKL Pro, generally priced at anything between £100 and £200, can keep up with other keyboards of the same ilk and price range, offering that fast and accurate performance, but with satisfyingly quiet delivery. 

The low volume of its key performance can not be understated, and alongside the robust and durable design, it eliminates those distractions and worries, allowing the user to simply focus on gaming. 

The design is certainly unique, but with the customizable key lighting, it looks like the complete package without being generic in the slightest. It may be wired but with fully programmable keys, this could well be the underdog of the list.

  1. Razer Cynosa Chroma

The Razer Cynosa Chroma is one of the cheapest Keyboards that you can pick that still tick a number of the necessary boxes.  At £40-£60, it is considerably cheaper than various other Razer keyboards but its affordability may make it more desirable. 

It can certainly be considered to be the best budget gaming keyboard and the best gaming keyboard under £100. The keys themselves have great feeling unlike other keyboards of a similar cheaper price and they each have individual background lighting. 

The Cynoza Chroma finds a way to deliver a simple enough keyboard while still making it look higher-end than it actually is. For someone wanting the basics from a gaming keyboard while also having a nice and colourful look to it, then this is the one for you.

  1. HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

Nestling in the middle of the market, the HyperX Alloy Elite RGB (RGB Lighting) can usually be picked up for less than £200, with Amazon selling it for around £165. 

HyperX keyboards tend to have more of a pro-game look about them and the Alloy Elite is no different. It ticks many boxes that any potential buyer is looking for: affordability considering the quality on offer, great design both in terms of look and its generally durable build.

The main cons are that it doesn’t come with any form of wrist rest or any extra keycaps, although these are often the case with HyperX models. 

The HyperX Alloy Elite is also a possible alternative, with it costing almost half the price and being a slightly more lively design, but still having the same cons as its predecessor.

  1. Corsair K100 RGB

For the price of around £200, you could get yourself a Corsair K100 RGB. This is one of the best keyboards in terms of its build and structure, with it being especially rigid thanks to a metal top plate. 

The feet of the keyboard is also sturdy and grip well enough to ensure stability, even when moving the keyboard. The low pre-travel distance of the Cherry MX brown speed switches may make more of a lighter and more responsive feel for the keys, but you may also find yourself accidentally pressing other keys until you get used to the keyboard. 

However, in terms of performance, The Corsair K100 is right up there with some of the best and arguably justifies its price.

  1. Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

The Kinesis Freestyle Edge is certainly unique in design and is likely to divide opinion. The modern style of this model sees it effectively split into two halves. 

While the new layout would arguably be hard to get used to, it does also allow for a sense of customization in terms of hand placement. Keeping the two halves far apart, for example, could actually benefit posture and by keeping it at shoulder width, reduce any back, neck or shoulder strain. 

With both halves having their own wrist rests and the possibility of using lift kits, Kinesis has a knack for giving the user an unprecedented amount of freedom, with it also being fully programmable without the use of any additional software. 

This does come at a price, however, the actual price itself. You would be looking at paying £400 at the very least, so you would really have to weigh up the pros and cons when considering this innovative design.

  1. DAS Keyboard X50Q RGB

For less than £200, you can get yourself the DAS X50Q. While it isn’t raised at much of an angle, this can easily be worked around and altered at your own leisure if you so desire. It isn’t necessarily ground-breaking or entirely unique in terms of general design at a first glance, but considering it is a premium, aluminium build for less than £200, around £180 on Amazon, it can still grab your attention. 

It is certainly a satisfying keyboard to use in terms of the key weight, response and sound, with it being perfectly suitable for gaming. 

However, it is Windows-only and connects via a USB-A cable and port, with it offering no wireless options. This is hardly too much of a negative thought as this nullifies the chance of lag while gaming.

  1. Logitech G915 TKL

The Logitech G915 TKL takes the consistently dependable Logitech models and takes the efficiency and performance, condensing it all into a smaller more compact keyboard. The G915 TKL is sturdy and structurally sound, in addition to its slim build and it is easily portable. It provides an easy optical switch between wireless dongle or Bluetooth connections. 

It may not come with a wrist rest, but honestly, this model from Logitech has done so much to pack the necessities in a more affordable bundle that this doesn’t even matter too much. The Logitech G915 TKL can be picked up for just under £200, with it currently being about £180 on Amazon. It is arguably one of the best wireless gaming keyboards out there.

  1. SteelSeries Apex Pro

The SteelSeries Apex Pro can be picked up for anything between £100 and £250. What this keyboard lacks in wrist rest and macro keys, it tries to make up for with its potential for vast customization, thanks to its per-key actuation. 

If you need convincing when it comes to customizable key actuation, consider you are playing a game that requires some good old key-spamming, like an MMO or a MOBA. You would be able to set the actuation higher to allow for quicker and easier results, while alternatively setting a deeper actuation would suit typing. The inclusion of this helps to eliminate accidentally pressing a wrong button that may have consequences, obviously depending on the set actuation.

  1. Razer Huntsman Elite

The Razer Huntsman Elite can be picked up for anything between £140-£200. The background lighting adds to its beautiful design, even if it isn’t as in-your-face modern as some other keyboards. 

The full board is more durable than most, and in terms of the structure of its overall design, it is efficient too. It comes with a comfortable yet also detachable magnetic wrist rest, and also has capabilities to not only alter the PC’s volume but also monitor and customize the lighting.

  1. Mountain Everest Max

Perhaps one of the more expensive options out there, the Mountain Everest Max keyboard prices at around £300. However, for your money, you would be getting a fully modular keyboard, with one of the best designs out there in an elegant but simple style. The Numpad module, everything to the right of the arrow keys on a conventional keyboard, is attached magnetically, so can be detached and moved if the user so desires.

 This allows for complete flexibility when gaming, especially if the user prefers to have their gaming mouse hand closer to the hand that is operating the other keys. The point is, with this feature, the choice is there

That Was Our Review Of The Best Gaming Keyboards

There we have it, our top 10 gaming keyboards. There is no doubt that there will be even more innovation within the industry in the coming years, but we have included and briefly discussed 10 of the finest that are currently available to purchase. 

Don’t always be put off by the more expensive options, as the price usually suggests its overall usefulness, efficiency and potential longevity. Weighing up the price against its pros and cons is the best way of finding the best keyboard for you. 

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