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Creating a Spotify pre-save campaign is the best way to make sure your fans listen to your music as soon as it drops. It all starts with a Spotify pre-save link which allows your fans to pre-save your music before it even comes out! Once you have the link, you can start sending it out to your listeners and watch the chances of your release being successful increase. At this point you must be wondering how to set up a pre-save on Spotify - and you’ve come to the right place. All you need to do is fill in the details below and your link will be ready to go!

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Do you have some new music with an upcoming release on Spotify? If so, it’s necessary for you to promote your new work and encourage some hype using a Spotify pre-save!

Creating a buzz in the lead up to a release of a new track or album is the perfect way to ensure you’re launching to a fanbase. The more people are aware of the launch encourages more people to listen right from the get-go, enabling your new music to make a connection and gain some noise when your new music is released on Spotify.

There are many options to promote your upcoming Spotify releases, but the most effective is by running a pre-save campaign.

What Is A Spotify Pre-Save Link?

Spotify pre-saves are ultimately the digital streaming equivalent of pre-ordering an album. When a Spotify user pre-saves a song or album, when that song or album is released it will automatically appear in their Songs or Albums list. 

Similarly, to pre-sales downloads on iTunes and Amazon, Spotify pre-save allows a window of opportunity for fans to save your song/album to their queue before it’s released and allows them to hear it straight away when it is.

It’s pointless sharing about your upcoming release if fans are unable to click to buy, save or hear it. A pre add save acts as an incentive for your audience to do something during your promotional stage on Spotify in the lead up to a release day. 

You can run a contest or offer exclusive access to ensure your song makes a huge impact from day one and it will also help with the algorithmic performance of your release.

Benefits of Having a Spotify Pre-save Campaign

Spotify pre-saves are a great way to build pre-release momentum and also entice people to hear your music once released.

Encourage More Listeners

An obvious benefit of getting users to pre-save your music is to increase the likelihood of them listening after release. As soon as your music goes live, when it appears on your audience’s lists it will prompt them regarding the release and eliminate any barriers to listening, ultimately meaning more people will. 

It should also help to drive future listens because if listeners enjoy your new release they are going to want to listen to it again. Users can also drive followers and playlist inclusion if they like your song which will help you in the long run on Spotify.

Actionable Promotion

Whenever you have a new release it is essential to engage in some promotional activity, especially if you are an up and coming artist. Not only is it important to create awareness but it is also a great way to encourage a tangible action in the buildup to the release, which is why Spotify pre-saves are very effective. 

With Spotify pre-save you can generate awareness and enthusiasm for your new music and drive fans to listen once your music is released. It is more effective to incentivise pre-saves as once people have access to your music they are likely to listen time and time again.

Increase Spotify Presence

Enabling Spotify users to hear your new music the moment it’s released has a great effect on your overall presence on Spotify. When a new release has a high stream count, Spotify uses this as an indication to how successful it is and whether it is worth sharing. 

It helps to find your way on Spotify’s algorithmic playlists e.g. Discover Weekly, and also curate playlists. This will inevitably give your music a huge boost.

How To Set Up A Pre-save On Spotify And How To Get A Spotify Pre-save Link?

You will need to set up a Spotify pre-save link. With our free easy to use tool you can set up a Spotify pre-save link. All you need to do is submit your artist and release details which will create a link.  

To Launch A Pre-save Link Via Music Gateway:

  • Scroll up to the free tool
  • Fill in your artist details including Name, Spotify ID
  • Upload artist image
  • Fill in your release details: Date, Name and Spotify Product ID (read on to find out how to get your Spotify Product ID)
  • Include a release image
  • Create your link, now you’re good to go!

It’s very simple, once you have a link you can copy the Spotify pre-save link and send it out to your mailing list, post it on your website, or your social media pages. The link essentially acts as a basic info landing page with your cover art and release date listed but can also be a great way to attain beneficial listener data such as marketable email addresses.

If you’d like a checklist and tips of what to do before your release date, make sure to check out this guide to releasing your music. We’ll cover a few of the basics below:

Get Your Music Ready

Get your new music ready by uploading your song/album to Spotify and set a release date for a time in the future. When you begin a pre-save campaign allow yourself enough time and set it up at least a few weeks maybe even months in advance. This will help you attract a wider audience without losing momentum. When your music release date is set start work on your pre-save campaign.

Find The Hook

Try to find an emotional appeal when attracting new listeners. A couple examples are: “Hear the song that got us kicked off stage.” Or “Hear the song that made me move 500 miles from home.” This is an enticing way to get people to pre-save your music.

Distribute Your Music

Distribute your music via a distributor like CD Baby or ourselves and follow the signup process your music will then be ready to be released through Spotify & Apple Music.

Create A Pre-save Campaign

Spotify pre-save campaign involves giving users some form of incentive to pre-save an upcoming song or album on Spotify, so that as soon as it’s released it will automatically appear on these user’s lists. This can take the form of a competition with a prize or running a rewards campaign.

Work Backwards From Your Set Release Date

When you have decided on a release date you will need to think of the length of time you want your pre-save to be available. For example, when you make your music available for pre-save a month prior to its release, you need to get things ready beforehand to implement your campaign. 

So, if you want your music live on Spotify by 1st December, you should make sure your pre-save campaign starts from 1st November, but it is beneficial to get everything ready with your distributor by mid-October.

Promote The Pre-save

Once your campaign is ready, it is time for you to promote it. Don’t forget to share it on your social channels.  Include a link to the pre-save page any time you post anything about your new single or album. You might be happy for your fans to be the first to hear your song, however, if you want to engage more people, have a think about boosting interest. 

Consider options to make people pre-save such as a backstage pass or access to private SoundCloud tracks. When someone clicks ‘pre-save,’ you can direct them wherever you want whether that is to unlock a file or experience and if you’re doing a giveaway, you’ll gain more contact information as well.

Learn more about how to build a successful pre-save campaign in our guide to pre-save campaigns here.

What Is A Spotify Product ID?

For your upcoming release, you can create a free Spotify pre-save page using Spotify Product ID.

  1. Once you’ve scheduled your release for distribution, contact your aggregator and request a Spotify ID for your release. The Spotify ID is not the same as a Spotify Link; it’s Spotify’s unique code which determines the identity of different tracks and albums.
  2. Your release’s Spotify URI should look like this: spotify:track:3X0O7CiCqe5iPfWCVXSkkq or spotify:album:4sW5cFk6bYvfNIt1FxhX
  3. Once you receive your Spotify ID from your aggregator, head over to Music Gateway to create your Spotify pre-save link.
  4. Enter your Spotify ID and complete the rest of the form to set up your pre-save page. You’ll see a preview of your pre-save page as you scroll down the form; you can customise your page if you want to.

Now Go Work On Your Spotify Pre-save Campaign!

It’s fair to say that creating a successful pre-save does take some extra planning and organisation, but it’s well worth doing if you want your new release to make the biggest impact possible on Spotify. It also increases your chances to get noticed by the Spotify algorithm and the potential to be included in their discovery playlists. Good luck with your campaign and release!

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