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We've spent some time crafting useful tools for creatives in the music industry, designed to save you time and effort. With both fun and practical tools, you can now work out your streaming royalties, convert files and more. We are always looking to add helpful resources for creators, and hope that these music tools will solve some common issues that artists have.

Band Name Generator

Does everybody in the band have a different opinion? Have you been listing names so long that everything sounds weird? Pull a Childish Gambino and try out our band name generator to find a name that is unique and memorable.

Streaming Royalty Calculator

Every penny counts, so why not check exactly how much revenue is coming your way? Our Streaming Royalty Calculator allows you to enter the number of streams your music is currently at, and tells you how much revenue this equals on various platforms. From Spotify to SoundCloud, you’ll no longer be in the dark, wondering how much you’ve earned.

Free File Transfer

If you are trying to collaborate with a long-distance artist but keep having issues transferring large files, we’ve got a solution. Our Large File Transfer tool allows you to send large files to an email address instantly, without the hassle of having to download various apps. Best of all – it’s totally free.

Lyric Rhyme Tool

We’ve all been there – racking your brains over and over for the perfect rhyming lyric, and driving yourself crazy trying to make the words fit and sound great. Enter our lyric rhymer! All you need to do is type in the word you are trying to rhyme, and we’ll show you suggestions.

WAV To MP3 Converter

So much precious time is wasted on seemingly small tasks like converting your audio files. Skip the fuss and use our converter to change your WAV or AIFF files to MP3 format at 320k resolution. Simple!

We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have. Let us know if there are any tools you think would help you in your music career. Who knows, perhaps we can make it a reality! Get in touch with us at

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