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Whether you're a recording studio, record label, music publishing or music licensing company, our music submissions tool will streamline the way you work and save you time looking for the needle in the haystack whether it's demos for artists, expanding your roster or a music search for TV and Film.


Create a project / brief

Create custom branded external landing pages and outline your need, requirements and submission criteria. Embed reference files, images, video content and tag with specific music genres.

Easy to submit music

Each project brief you create has a unique website URL link, simply provide this to your clients or collaborators or add to your website, social media or email signature. Our solution will capture their details with the files submitted for your review.

Streamable online audio and video files

Our platform automatically creates mp3 and mp4 streamable versions of uploaded submissions, meaning you can audition high-resolution file types in your browser with ease. Manage, review, download and save files to your cloud file storage system or create branded playlists to send to colleagues or clients.

Manage Demo Submissions

Collect contact & metadata information

People submitting files to each project will provide their name and email details, along with an optional message, which can be viewed within each project workspace. We know how important it is to have the correct information on file submissions, so you can view file metadata & edit any information as desired. Our workflow and tools allow you to handle volumes of media files, whilst your inbox stays decluttered, saving you bundles of time.

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The companies doing business

“It has all of the features you’d need with options to folder tracks according to your preference and download directly from the system. An invaluable tool and one that I’ll be making use of for the foreseeable.”

Ramin Bostan

Head of A&R, Ostereo

“It’s a great hub to help us manage new music submissions from a wide range of artists across all genres. It’s a big time saver.”

Mark Garfield

Director, Pop-Up Music

“No other tech has the same potential to change how our business works; by making things easier, removing frictions and increasing connections between creators, owners and users of music.”

Daniel Jackson

CEO, Cord Worldwide

“I put some music up and waited for artists to contact me, it didn’t take long before artists got in touch with me”

Dean Facey

A&R at Cyber Entertainment

“I was pleasantly surprised that behind all the beautifully fluid interfacing and professional communication, that there is some real gritty, raw and even, tasty vintage music to be found.”

David Hayman

Music Supervisor, Supergroup

“Not only are the features simple, intuitive and most importantly effective, but the amount of time it has save us has been invaluable.”

Ken Nelson

SVP Executive Producer, FirstCom

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We have hundreds of creative companies and individual professionals using our solution to manage their demos and music submissions. This includes record labels, music supervisors, booking agents, creative directors, advertising agents, filmmakers, artist management, DJs and radio stations.

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