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We’ve made it easy for independent creatives to store and share their files on a secure cloud-based service – available on all our plans!


Most of us have some form of cloud storage (iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc), but whilst it’s great for uploading your treasured pictures, videos and documents – is it the right solution to store all your music and creative treasures?

MusicGateway’s ‘Files’ area is cloud storage but with so much more!

These are the reasons why it’s the perfect solution for you:

– Everything in one place

– Send files directly to opportunities

– Automatic daily consideration for Film & TV placements

– Full embedded song and rights info for payments

– Timestamped uploads for secure copyright

– Share songs and files securely which prohibit download (if preferred)

– Automatic MP3 and AAC creation from Wav uploads

– Send links to your Pro Playlists

– Feedback from our Creative Team

– Secure backed-up storage

– Accessed Anywhere

– Access via Desktop, iOS and Android

Choose the best place to store all your music and creative treasures from just £5.00 per month: Get Started


Our files transfer service is a professional and easy way to share downloadable content. Upload to your secure files area and create a unique shareable link:

Send your link to whoever you want knowing your file is safe and secure. When your link is clicked, it automatically opens up and displays the download button:

Share your music, photos, videos and other documents with a unique shareable link by activating your account from just £5.00 per month: Start a free 14-day trial

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