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Press On Vinyl: Making Vinyl Pressing Easy

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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About Press On Vinyl

Press On Vinyl is a State-of-the-art vinyl record manufacturing facility in Middlesbrough UK.

With the full disc manufacturing in-house from lacquer cutting to stamper production and finally the pressing, they treat every release they work on with equal care and attention.

Press On offers a wide range of colours and special effects from splatter, colour in colour and marble to their own unique designs.

With an in-house customer service and graphics proofing team, they can help guide every customer through the entire process whether it be a run of 100 or a run of 10,000.

They are committed to not overselling their capacity and their lead times will never exceed 12 weeks.

Check out the video to see the vinyl pressing process

Ecovin – Eco-Friendly Records

ECOVIN has a reduction of over 92% in product carbon footprint compared to the industry standard record compound. Press On Vinyl is 20 miles from the site which produces this raw compound so will be the greenest plant in the UK to offer this revolutionary alternative.

They have been a test centre for this innovative compound and can confirm the audio and visual quality of records pressed using this new ECOVIN compound are on par with anything pressed in standard PVC. 


FairSound is an e-commerce platform enabling artists and labels to fan-fund their vinyl record releases, visioned by its parent company, Press On Vinyl.

With no upfront cost to the artist/label and a smaller environmental impact, the pre-orders are taken on FairSound then the records are manufactured and shipped direct-to-fan from Press On Vinyl, UK.


  • Zero upfront cost or risk to the artists and labels
  • Lowest platform fees and fulfilment charges available
  • Direct factory pricing – 100 minimum runs.
  • Gauge demand – Press the exact amount you need – eliminate excess ordering and storing surplus stock
  • Hassle-free, direct-to-fan fulfilment – lower carbon footprint whilst saving on shipping to Distributors
  • No risk re-presses and re-releases of legacy artists’ music that never made it to vinyl
  • More profits – free up cash for other projects 

The process:

  • Submit your files, choose your spec and set up your campaign
  • 30-day pre-order period to reach your Press On Point (pre-order target)
  • 10-12-week lead time
  • Pre-ordered records shipped to fans and any remainder/extras shipped direct to the artist

Closing Thoughts on Press On Vinyl

Press On Vinyl

As we can see from the facilities and quality at Press On Vinyl, the future of vinyl record pressing looks promising as vinyl continues to experience a resurgence in popularity as a distribution medium.

Press On Vinyl is a top-notch vinyl company that offers high-quality products, fast turnaround times, and exceptional customer service. They have the expertise and experience to deliver the products you need. So if you haven’t released your music on vinyl before – what are you waiting for?

Follow the Press On Vinyl Socials with their Linktree.


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