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Boost your discoverability on TikTok with an Artist Account

Photograph of the blog post author, Ryan Cahalin

Ryan Cahalin


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TikTok have established a world of new features for musicians on the platform with the introduction of their Artist account. The social platform owned by ByteDance emphasises that these verified accounts provide a “toolbox of features and promotional tools designed to establish a stronger connection between artists and fans on TikTok.”

These accounts are accessible to any artist or musician who has released music, serving as a “storefront” for fans to delve into the artist’s music, creative journey, and stay updated on the latest releases.

Upon activation, artists unlock a range of promotional resources, such as an artist tag prominently displayed beneath their account name. TikTok highlights that this tag “will indicate to the community and potential new fans that you are an artist.”

Here we’ll delve into TikTok’s array of artist features as part of their Artist account and how you can apply for artist certification.

Activate your music tab to promote your music

TikTok’s Music Tab will curate your catalogue for fans to easily access and discover your music on the platform. This feature will also ensure new music is automatically added, making it easier for fans to engage with your latest releases.

Pin your video to the top of the Sound Detail Page 

The ‘By Artist’ feature enhances visibility by allowing an artist to pin a preferred post to the top of the discovery page, driving awareness to your favourite TikTok video, whether it’s hyping a new release or trending clip.

Tell the world about your new releases 

This tool ensures that your new releases receive the attention they deserve, amplifying their reach on the platform. The feature allows artists to highlight a new track for up to 14 days before release, and for 30 days after release. The tag also highlights a New Release on discovery pages of catalogue sounds, allowing artists to drive further discovery of new music.

TikTok New Release

“The new artist features have helped me to connect to fans in different ways. I find that each of my songs connect with people differently on TikTok, so being able to highlight new releases makes it easier for me to introduce my newer songs to people who have followed me over the years, or who have followed me after hearing a particular song.” – Cat Burns

Behind the song

The Behind the Song feature enables artists to share the stories and inspirations behind their tracks. This product feature has already proved hugely popular with artists including the likes of Cat Burns, Fred again.. & RAYE.

TikTok Behind The Song

To get access to an artist account to access all these incredible new artist tools, head over to your Artist Hub in your creator center on TikTok or open this link on mobile.


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