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Music Industry

Music Clearance Services

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Annika Hope


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Music plays a huge part in the success of visual media but is an often overlooked element of a production. From sourcing licensing quotes to full music supervision services, Music Gateway has experts in all fields of music licencing to get the best results for your project. 

Clearing well-known and major songs can be a minefield for inexperienced productions. Rights can be difficult to track down and fee negotiations are complicated, however, the team at Music Gateway has many years under its belt to help make the process of clearing music much easier. We’re able to discuss the process with you and delve into your music requirements before we research rights, prepare terms, and approach rights holders for licensing quotes. To complete the process, our team is well-trained in negotiating the best deals for tracks and can take care of all paperwork needed to confirm the usage allowing you to focus on the creative elements of the project. 

Music Clearance Services

If productions are seeking more affordable music options then Music Gateway’s own music catalogue is full of easy-to-licence commercial and production music. From current commercial pop tunes to era and world-specific releases, our team is well-equipped to deep dive into the catalogue to suggest the most appropriate music options for you to consider. Our easy licensing process means you’re kept informed every step of the way with the ability to chat with a sync manager whenever you need. 

Music Clearance In Film

Music Gateway also has a team of experienced Music Supervisors around the world with years of experience in full music supervision across advertising, TV, and Film. For productions needing help from the ground up, our music supervisors can work to turn an idea into reality offering guidance around creative decisions, budgeting, legal advice, and ultimately licensing for the desired music into the production.  

Music clearance for film is the process of obtaining the legal rights to use a song or piece of music in a film or other visual media. It involves obtaining permission from the copyright owners of the music, which could include the composer, lyricist, publisher, and/or the artist who recorded the song. It also involves paying any necessary fees for the use of the music.

Music clearance is important in film because it ensures that the filmmakers have obtained the appropriate rights to use the music in their film. Without clearance, the filmmakers could be liable for copyright infringement and legal action. Music clearance also helps to protect the rights of the music’s creators, ensuring that they are compensated for their work.

Music Gateway also has a sizable roster of composers and producers with the ability to create custom music and underscores for films and brands. Consulting with the creative team enables us to source the most fitting composer for the project before they take control of your project.

Music Gateway’s aim is to achieve the best results for productions and we strive to be as helpful and as flexible as possible to cater for small and large productions.  

How It Works At Music Gateway

Depending on the type of use, the fees may be a one-time fee or a percentage of the film’s profits. The process of music clearance can be complex, and it is important to make sure all the necessary permissions and fees are taken care of in order to avoid any potential legal issues.

Our expansive catalogue of independent artists and tracks allows us to provide options for almost any brief and has given us the pleasure of licensing music to some of the most exciting productions across TV and Film.

  • Create your account, upload your music and submit your songs to our creative licensing team.
  • Our in-house creative team in London & LA we work directly with music supervisors placing music to media daily.
  • For Non-Exclusive Agreements, you receive 75% of the sync fee (our cut is 25%) and it’s 80% if you’ve signed an Exclusive Agreement (We retain 20%). You keep 100% of all backend royalties & rights.

Get in touch to find out more about music clearance services or to discuss it with one of the team.


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