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Music Review: ZØYA – Outrageous

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Independent alternative-pop artist ZØYA is a force to be reckoned with. Her distinctive voice and experimental production have garnered her rightful attention since the release of her EP ‘Journey’ last year. ‘Outrageous’ is its lead single; a powerful alt-pop anthem dedicated to liberation from a toxic relationship.  


Based out of Los Angeles, California, ZØYA is the pseudonym of Zoya Naumchik – a Belarus-born music veteran. She started writing songs at six years old, immigrated to the USA at eleven, and subsequently recorded her first album at only thirteen. Afterwards, her music would find attention across America, the UK, Belarus, and Russia; quite an incredible feat for a single independent artist. 

Rebranding herself under the name ZØYA, this alt-pop phenomenon went on to record her debut 2017 EP ‘Veracious Heart’. She released ‘Journey’, her second EP, last year – receiving thousands of organic plays. ZØYA is ever-improving; ‘Journey’ demonstrated that her sound had matured, with songwriting more sophisticated, intriguing, and catchy. 


‘Outrageous’ is the lead single off ZØYA’s ‘Journey’ EP – no wonder fans became enticed, because this track is dripping with ZØYA’s infectious charisma. Even among the myriad alt-pop artists currently making waves, her unique – and now iconic – raspy singing voice puts her a step above the rest. There’s something truly satisfying about her vocals. Perhaps it’s simply that she oozes confidence and power, without becoming overbearing – an important trait for this track’s subject matter. 

‘You’ve been outrageous to me / And I know I can’t let it be’. ZØYA makes it clear that she uses music to empower others, and ‘Outrageous’ is the perfect example of that. Drawing from her own experience, this track is an anthem to anyone seeking the power to sever themselves from abuse or manipulation. Paired with her experimental production – which has the catchiness of a pop anthem, but the edginess to remain threatening – ZØYA has absolutely perfected her message.

Additionally, the music video for ‘Outrageous’ (which ZØYA produced herself) purveys the quality of a label-funded big-budget operation; let us remind you, though, that she is an independent artist! Beautifully shot and intelligently edited, you’d be surprised to learn that ZØYA isn’t a household name yet. 

And we emphasise yet!

You can check out ‘Outrageous’ on Spotify now:

To keep up to date with ZØYA, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  

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