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British Indie Film Trailer – Sync placement for Destination Drewsbury

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British Indie Film Trailer – Sync placement secured for Destination Drewsbury

Fantastic news and a huge congratulations to Donagh O’Leary at independent record label Bomber Music who have successfully pitched and secured a placement in the Film Trailer for a new indie film called Destination Drewbury.

Donagh at Bomber Music has been an active member of the Music Gateway community for sometime.

“It’s the best part of the job, seeing one of our rights holder secure a sync licensing placement for an indie film” states Jack Skates, Head of Sync at Music Gateway.

We shall be announcing further news and information about the film and it’s release in the near future. Once again, big shout and thank you to Will Smith, Music Supervisor and Circus Films for their amazing production of this truly british heartland film.

If you are interested in placing music into Film, TV & Trailers and seeking sync representation, you can find out more about how Music Gateway helped secure this license, learn more here.

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