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Prophet 5 VST Review & Download

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Prophet 5 VST

The Prophet 5 is one of the most iconic and sought-after synthesizers of all time. It has been used by countless musicians and producers to create some of the most memorable music of our time. In this article review, we will look at the features of the Prophet 5 VST and how it can be used to create amazing sounds.

What is the Prophet 5?

The Prophet 5, is an analogue polyphonic synthesizer unlike the Prophet 5 VST plugin. It has 61 keys and was released in the 1980s by Sequential Circuits. Prophet 5 was the first to use microprocessors that allowed users to save and recall patch settings. It boasts a range of sound design capabilities including an oscillator mixer, amp envelope, filters, LFOs and more.

History of the Prophet 5

The Prophet 5 from Sequential was highly sought after, leading to long waitlists and months of waiting for delivery. Unfortunately, the company eventually lost the trademark to Korg and discontinued the production of the series.

However, Sequential has recently re-acquired the trademark for the Prophet 5 and is now offering brand-new hardware editions of this classic synth.

Additionally, they have released a similar series called Rev which is based on its counterpart, the Prophet ’08. These developments have sparked interest in analogue synths among producers today.

What makes it so good?

The Prophet 5 revolutionized synthesis by allowing users to sound design in real-time and save their settings for quick recall. This meant that users could go back to their exact patch without having to start again from the beginning. Additionally, the instrument was designed with incredible attention to detail, resulting in an incredibly rich sound. The Prophet 5 VST plugin is supposed to emulate the original.

Dave Smith designed an instrument utilizing the most advanced microprocessors of its time, allowing for patch saving. This versatile synth could be transformed into a vast range of sounds and switch from patch to patch with dependability. Through this, funky bass lines and bristling leads could all be accessed quickly. This paved the way for new possibilities in music production.

The Prophet 5 today

The Prophet 5, first released in the 80s, is still highly sought after today. It can be found on vintage gear websites for a minimum of $10,000 before shipping and taxes. However, there are no guarantees about the condition of this 40-year-old instrument.

Sequential has recently re-issued the classic Prophet 5 synthesizer with all the original analogue circuits, plus modern features like USB, digital MIDI and sound design options such as a “vintage” knob and larger patch banks. However, this updated version of the Prophet 5 comes at a high price—expect to pay several thousand dollars to add it to your studio. The current Rev 4 edition of the Prophet 5 is available now.

The best Prophet 5 VST plugin:

If you’re on a budget, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on hardware synths. Instead, modern DAWs allow you to install software emulations of classic synths for a fraction of the price and sometimes even for free. Several paid plugins accurately emulate the Prophet 5 synth. However, if cost is an issue some free plugins can also do a great job of recreating the sound in your DAW.

Let’s explore some Prophet 5 VST plugin options that will help you digitally re-create the synth sound.

Arturia – Prophet 5

Arturia – Prophet 5

If you’re looking for an accurate recreation of the Prophet 5 sound, Arturia’s version is the one to get. It’s easily the best plugin out there and comes in at around $74 – a small price to pay for such an impressive sound. Reviews are excellent, as it captures the fat, punchy warmth of a real analogue synth. Plus, it’s part of Arturia’s V-Collection which includes 28 classic vintage synthesizers – an incredible value!

Free Prophet 5 VST plugins:

If you’re looking for a free option right now, there are several available that can provide some of the same flavours as the Prophet-V. However, they won’t give you the same analogue warmth, fatness and punch of a real hardware unit.

Here are four free plugins we think do a good job of emulating analogue synths:

Ableton Analog

Ableton Analog

If you’re an Ableton user, you have access to a powerful analogue modelling synth. This technology has been specially designed to accurately recreate the sound of analogue circuitry. Additionally, it comes with a range of expertly designed presets which make it easy to get started with sound design. The Ableton Analog is included in advanced editions of Ableton, but if you don’t have this version then you can purchase the plugin for $119.

Tyrell N6


The Tyrell N6 from plugin maker U-He features a more hardware-inspired interface than Helm, with buttons and knobs organized into various sections for each part of the synth. It includes two oscillators with knobs to select waveform and modulation amount, as well as a dedicated oscillator modulation section for added control. Additionally, the Prophet 5 VST plugin comes with two LFO sections and an LFO matrix for sending modulation to parts of the synth-like filter and amp envelope. The mixer, filter and ADSR sections are also similar to those found in the Prophet 5. With these features in mind, it makes an excellent free option if you’re looking to emulate analogue sounds in your tracks.


Prophet 5 VST

Helm is an incredibly user-friendly Prophet 5 VST synth plugin with a visual interface that makes it easy to see what you’re doing as you make changes to its sound. It has a polyphonic capability like the Prophet 5 and includes features such as ADSR, filter knobs, waveform selectors, two oscillators, LFOs and more. Additionally, it comes preloaded with 200 presets so you can get inspired and start crafting your sounds right away.

Closing thoughts

The Prophet 5 is an iconic synth that is highly sought-after by producers. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to purchase such a costly piece of analogue gear. Fortunately, Prophet 5 VST plugins are a great substitute and can be used to achieve the same sound as Prophet 5. To get started, try out some free plugins or invest in Arturia’s stellar emulation of the classic synth.


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