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Temple Audio Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Temple Audio

What Is Temple Audio?

Temple Audio is a modular pedalboard system that allows musicians to customize their pedalboard layout and configuration. It is designed to accommodate a wide range of pedals and can be used for live performances, recording sessions, and rehearsals.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Temple Audio?

Temple Audio offers modular pedalboard systems that are customizable, lightweight, and durable. They also feature a unique quick-release pedal mounting system, allowing for easy and efficient setup and teardown of your pedalboard. Additionally, Temple Audio offers a variety of accessories and add-ons to further enhance your pedalboard setup.

So let’s dig a little deeper into what Temple Audio actually offers in terms of pedalboard systems. There are three main features; Templeboards, Modules, Quick Release and of course other accessories that you can use as well. We can go into more detail here. 


Do you want to find a lightweight, durable and configurable templeboard for your next gig?  Templeboards are modular pedalboard systems used on Temple Audio. They are made of lightweight and durable aluminum with a perforated design that allows for easy cable routing and customization. The boards can be connected together using the unique Quick Release Pedal Mounting System, which allows for quick and easy pedal swapping and rearranging.


Quick Release Pedal Mounting System

The Quick Release Pedal Mounting System, as mentioned above, is a pedalboard mounting system that allows for easy and secure attachment and removal of pedals using a quick-release mechanism.

Modular End Panels

Modular End Panels are accessories provided by Temple Audio for their modular pedalboard systems. They are used to enclose the sides of the pedalboard and create a finished look. The panels are available in different colors and materials to match the pedalboard’s design.

Every templeboard usually has two MODS as a minimum and two Micro MOD Slots. Temple Audio has 10 MODS on offer on their website and 5 MICRO MODS.

Mirco Mods

Temple Audio provides a variety of modular pedalboard components including pedal plates, risers, power supplies, and a range of micro modules such as buffer, boost, and reverb modules.

Pedal plates can be positioned anywhere on the back of a pedal and secured with a thumbscrew from underneath. The plates have been manufactured in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Pedal plates have a array of features that include; 

  • You can use them on any pedal, especially since they come in three sizes; small, medium, and large. 
  • It is easy to switch.
  • The pedal plate is reusable, with the help of replacement adhesive. 

Templeboard’s MODs take up longer slots on the end panel, and the number of MOD slots varies depending on the series.


They also provide cases, brackets, and other accessories to help you, such as the Voodoo Lab mounting bracket and RGB led. 

Where To Find A Dealer To Buy A Templeboard

You can find a templeboard with one of Temple Audio’s trusted dealers using this link. The online dealers that are on the main website are; Sweetwater, Reverb, Vision Guitar and Long & Mcquade. And then there are many more, divided up by country with the vast majority being based in the US and Canada. 

Artists Who Use Temple Audio 

There have been plenty of artists that use templeboards and you can see them for yourself here. But to name a few; Jon Button, Aaron Marshall, PVRIS, Clay Sears, One Republic and so many more!  


We thought we would have a list of FAQs from the main website, just so you know everything before deciding to purchase a templeboard, pedal plate etc., from Temple Audio.

What’s your warranty?

Most of our products carry a limited lifetime warranty. The only exceptions are Soft Cases (1 year) and Flight Cases (5 year). If the product fails under normal conditions/use we will repair or replace it. We DO NOT warranty against excessive abuse or issues caused by not following recommended installation instructions.

Can I reuse a pedal plate after I take it off another pedal? 

Yes. Pedal plates are reusable. The adhesive is only good for one use but replacement pads can be purchased for a low cost.

Is there room to mount my power supply underneath?

Yes. All sizes of boards are designed to mount your power supply underneath.

What is the clearance under my Templeboard?

The clearance under the boards is 1.25″ at the front (portion closest to guitarist) to 2.25″ at the back (logo side). On top of that; the feet hold the board .25″ off the ground – giving you roughly 1.5″ to 2.5″ clearance. This translates to an average maximum of about 2″ for mounting power supplies or pedals near the back of the board.

What should I buy for pedal plates?

There are three sizes of plates. Small, Medium, and Large. For mini pedals, use small plates. We would recommend for standard stomp boxes use medium. For larger pedals, multi effects units, etc use large plates. For volume, wah, and expression pedals, we recommend using a medium at the toe and a small at the heel. We always recommend having a few extra for those times when you just have to buy a new pedal!

Other Reviews

Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it, maybe you can check out some other reviews, like in this video. 

YouTube player

Conclusion – Temple Audio

We would recommend Temple Audio if you are looking for new templeboards and all the accessories that go with them. You may have to look around for a good dealer to find what you are looking for as there are no prices stated on the website, but all in all, they do provide efficient products for musicians in need. We hope you have enjoyed this article about pretty versatile templeboards and look forward to seeing you on stage using them soon. 

You can find out more about Temple Audio on their website here.


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