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Musical Instruments

How To Get Free Guitars

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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If you have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and would love to get a free guitar to help get started then there is an easy way to get yourself a free electric guitar and or acoustic guitar.

Free Guitars

Rather than invest in something new, there are great resources out there to get you started.

Imagine strumming away on your own guitar and learning how to play your favorite songs.

It would be a great way to spend your free time and think it would be a great way to express myself. It would be great to receive a free guitar and make sure you take good care of it.

Detailed Information About Guitars

A guitar is a musical instrument that typically has six strings and is played by strumming or plucking the strings with the fingers or a pick. Guitars come in various shapes and sizes, with the most common being acoustic and electric guitars.

Acoustic guitars produce sound through the vibration of the strings, which are amplified by the body of the guitar. They are often made of wood and have a hollow body, which gives them a warm and natural sound. Acoustic guitars can be further categorized into classical, flamenco, and steel-string guitars.

Electric guitars, on the other hand, use pickups and an amplifier to produce sound. They have a solid body and are often made of wood or other materials such as metal or plastic. Electric guitars are commonly used in rock, pop, and metal music.

Guitars also come in different sizes, with the most common being the full-size or standard guitar, which is suitable for most adults. There are also smaller sizes such as the 3/4 size and the 1/2 size, which are suitable for children or players with smaller hands.

Here are some great resources to find free guitars in your local area.

Craigslist in the UK here

Craigslist in New York here

Facebook marketplace here

Gumtree in the UK here

FreeAds in London here

Advice on Cleaning a guitar may be of interest to you.

Thanks, we hope you found this of use in your search. Music Gateway team.


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