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D’Mile & Soaky Secure Successful Song Cut EEG K-Pop Artist Anda

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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We’re always pleased to see & hear song cuts secured by our members through using Мusic Gateway.

One of our clients, Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), regularly use Мusic Gateway to find hit songs for their artists and today we’d like to tell you about the recent success story with Korean artist ‘Anda’ and the song “Touch” written & produced by Dernst Emile II aka D’Mile & Rosina “Soaky” Russell.

It was pretty simple. The song was pitched to Anda through Мusic Gateway, her label EEG liked the track, secured the deal & the song was released with great success.

Currently the music video for “Touch” has amassed over 1.5 million views on YouTube as well as gaining a lot of attention nationally and internationally for the “Girl on Girl” concept.

Previously Rosina has worked with Sean Kingston, Natalie la Rose, BoB and Rita Ora so it’s safe to say she knows what she’s doing. For any aspiring songwriters out there we gained quality advice from Rosina.

“What is essential to remember is that how your music is exhibited is a direct representation of you. This is in terms of what you are like to work with, if you are a perfectionist, you’re reliability and various other traits that potential clients will want to know. However, most importantly, it may defect how good the songwriting is, which can often be clouded by the poor sound quality. This is why we encourage you to team up and find producers and vocalists/musicians at high standards that can push it to its maximum potential.”

Rosina ‘Soaky’ Russell

Teaming up with quality producers can compliment a very good songwriter. For example, previous artists D’mile have worked with include pop and R&B heavyweights Rihanna, Usher and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. Therefore putting together a team like this makes for an unstoppable songwriting duo.

Want to place your songs with established artists worldwide?

Whether you’re a songwriter just taking the first steps in your career, or a seasoned pro simply looking for another avenue for song cut opportunities, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect briefs to pitch to through Мusic Gateway.


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