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Sync music licensing is when you get your music placed to media such as a TV shows, video games, films, trailers, interactive media and even theatre. Getting a sync placement can come with huge exposure for your music as well as high sync license fees and royalties. Working with a sync agent who will represent your music and use their knowledge and trusted relationships to get you the best deal possible can be a Game Changer.

Paramount pictures company logo. The company is a vivacom company based in Los Angeles. They are a major film studio in Hollywood
Dreamworks annimation company logo. Dreamworks are based in Los Angeles, studio city.
Universal pictures company logo. Major hollywood studios based in Los Angeles
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MTV company logo. MTV is an American cable and satellite television channel owned by Viacom Media Networks and headquartered in New York City.

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Earn more money

Keep 80% of the license fees on an exclusive basis, or 75% non-exclusive, you decide.

Global Representation

We work closely with clients, broadcasters, filmmakers & music supervisors based in Europe, USA, Asia & the rest of the world.

Focus On Creativity

Let us do the heavy lifting, including complex licensing paperwork and clearance, whilst you create music.


If you can find someone who will represent you with all your rights for a better deal and with a better track record, we want to hear about it!

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Very happy that my original song was chosen to be featured on the popular Netflix series, Bloodline. The song was only released a few months ago. Thank you Music Gateway for making this happen."

Mike Goudreau, Musician
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Success music sync licensing placement in bloodline TV series, broadcast on Netflix and produced by Sony Pictures based in Los Angeles

Get Paid, Get Exposure, Get Representation

Stay on trend

Whether you’re a music composer, music producer, rights holder or artist, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest tips, tricks, guides and trends so that you can keep your music and the way you’re working current and fresh.

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Increase your success

Metadata is the key when it comes to being successful with music licensing. Our system allows you to keep all your mp3 files and ID3 tag metadata up to date and professional so whether you're pitching music or we are on your behalf, you don’t miss out on any creative opportunities.

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High Level Sync Briefs

The whole sync licensing market works to extremely tight deadlines, especially in advertising. That's why you must upload and submit your music to us, continaing all rights holder information, ready to be placed and cleared with our clients. We give you the tools to streamline this process, saving you time, whilst we pitch your music on your behalf.

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Recent Sync Placements

“I’m over the moon. I’m a massive fan of the show so it’s an even sweeter prize. It’s my first TV placement and it feels fantastic.”

Harry Seaton


“It's so important to encourage and nurture new talent. Who knows - we could find the new Adele or Stormzy”

Andrea Madden

Music Supervisor

“I feel more in control and I get more money in my pocket because the percentages aren't as much as the majority of sync companies, publishers, or song pluggers.”

Tyler Shamy


“It’s a refreshing avenue to authentic music for my shows and films. There is some real gritty, raw and even tasty vintage music to be found.”

David Hayman

Music Supervisor

“It was an easy deal, I had just to find the thing in my catalog. Great working with them as well.”

Sandy McKnight

Music Publisher

“Music Gateway make what you think is impossible, possible. A tricky project is made that bit easier through every member of the team's expertise, graft and relentless attention to detail.”

Will Smith

Music Supervisor