Chillio-Willio | Michigan


Chillio Willio is an African American Rapper born in Michigan. After back to back albums releasing within a close to a year the artist Chillio Willio has chosen to step up his performance quality and go Professional.
First releasing his debut independent LP “This What the Bottom Sound Like 1” in 2016. The album ended up moving over 1,200 physical copies independently and still under 100 sales digitally up to this point.
In March of 2017, Chillio Willio made his second independent LP release “This What the Bottom Sound Like 2”. With streaming on the rise physical sales took a decline, leaving physical sales at 497 units sold and only 3 physical disc left in inventory. It is rumored to be said that the artist wants to auction them off later on for figures in the four to six-digit range.
Good news for Chillio Willio streaming did take off on the rise in 2017 pushing his streaming sales and plays nearly 4xs the previous. Check him out now on various streaming services under artist search (Chillio Willio)
2018 is sought to be the artist’s best year as a rapper due mainly to the new superior studio sound production quality he has jumped into. It is set to believe his production team has re-manufactured the sound of rap music.
Releasing his first single of the year February 13, 2018 titled “Ballin for the Weekend” featuring his new young and sexy protégé Ms. Diamond Diva hailing from Florida. This song is an instant upbeat feel good club banger that will get the blood pumping. For more of the latest updates check out more at
With the break of the weather beginning to shift, Chillio Willio has put into action a new formula for releasing music. May, 19th release of "What's Good Wit Cha" produced by Dizzee on the beat (single). May 22nd he release of The Smash " They Don't Really Love Me" (single) produced by Twanmadethebeat. On June 7th he release of "Pushing Big Blocks" (single) produced by foreign made the beat. These are all summertime grind music that will have the streets buzzing as long as it can get into their hands.