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Established in September 2016, DeeVu Studios was formed out of a desire to create quality music, and ‘strives to be the perfect rural location for un-interrupted creativity’, combining high-quality production values with gold-standard gear.

DeeVu Studios is an Apple-approved Mastered For iTunes mastering house, and we pride ourselves on quality production, mixing and mastering and strive to deliver the best possible listening experience to the listener. DeeVu’s founder Lee Rose became so frustrated with poor quality production, substandard over compressed, limited and clipped masters, that he decided to bring everything in-house and no longer outsource to 3rd party studios or mastering houses

Lee set about building a custom studio which was acoustically designed by renowned acoustic engineer Howard Turner and endorsed by Neve Lee put the Neve Genesys at the heart of his operations providing the best of both analogue and digital worlds.

DeeVu’s mastering process consists of analog hardware only, and boasts a mixture or modern and vintage equipment, and there are no software plugins anywhere in the mastering chain, thus giving a warmer, wider and richer high end sound to the final master. For more information please email [email protected] or give us a call on 020 7043 23 24.