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JDymax | Jamaica


Jameion Hibberts stage name JDymax is a 31-year-old Reggae/Dancehall Artist from Jamaica who enjoys making beats and writing songs, spitting rhymes, Facebooking, Instagram, and blogging. He is exciting and creative, but can also be a person's worst enemy lyrically.
He is an artist who defines himself as Explicit. He didn't finish school, but still well learned more than most that had completed University, Physically, JDymax is of slender built. He is average in height with chocolate skin, black hair and brown eyes. He was born on the 25 of December 1988 to a poor family in the country, his mother had him at a young age, and had to leave him with his Grandmother, while she went in search of jobs in the city. After his Grandmother died, he went to live with is mother in 2003, and there was were his musical journey begins because the music was his source of strength that give him joy, and keep him going everyday, and that drive to make a difference in his family.