Look No Further



Those who love music would be great admirers of the works of Kiiing Phresh. After all, he's a legend in the making in the music world.

But Kiiing is more than just an artist as he is also a musician/producer/writer who specializes in the creation of amazing works of all genres of music. He believes that manifesting creativity from within can fuel his imagination.

Kiiing came into the world in the year 1987 in Texas. He’s the son of entrepreneur Willie Dalcour Jr. and Patrice Hall. Kiiing felt inspired by growing up around music and idolizing the legend Michael Jackson.

For his education, Kiiing took General Business Administration at Sam Houston State University where he dropped out in order to pursue his career.

Inevitably, Kiiing launched his career as a rapper, and this started with the help of fellow group member Montana Cortez.

Since he has launched several projects throughout his career, his latest project Vanitys Secret has been the most streamed single in his catalogue so far. The video to the single will be released February 14, 2020.

Kiiing Phresh is a versatile artist whose works include all genre of music and more.