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Makichi | Strasbourg, France


Im Ash, from the Makichi. Ma/Ki/Chi is three words together and the translation is Us/Who/What. and our motto is "Never stay quiet".
and i should tell you that we decided to mostly work on english lyrics. and Bi-lingual lyrics.
I was born in Iran and currently live in Strasbourg, France. Iran Conservatory graduate. also BA in digital film making from London SAE. because my father is a well-known Iranian composer, i started learning music and playing instrument since i was 10. at the age of 18 i started to play with several bands as a bass player. until several years later at the age of 26 i started to write my own musics. writing music for other singers, for short films and advertisements. until age of 29 that i released my first album which was an Instrumental album. after that 5 years ago i met Sonia (Currently my wife) French singer, songwriter and musician. and since then we started our band Makichi. we release our first album with the great Iranian film maker and artist, Abbas Kiarostami's poetries.
our latest EP titled "Error" won the Global Music Awards silver trophy for best EP.
and at the moment it's also nominated at IMA (Independent Music Awards) including our new single "Celebration"
Our Contact : [email protected]
Instagram : Bakterixaan_Makichi
whatsapp : +33668942676