Hi! My name is Briana Mariee, I am a rapper, and topliner living in sunny Florida, USA.

I found my love for music through performing as both a rapper, and dancer, but writing and coming up with melodies is what I always come back to.

I have been listening to Kpop music since 2009, Jpop since 2005, and I even lived in Seoul, South Korea for 6 months! It was there that I learned more about rap and songwriting, as I both performed and wrote songs for myself all while learning more about the culture and language. I am very adaptable, but also very familiar with multiple genres as well as the trends, style, and characteristics of those genres. Namely, Asian music.

I hope that with my hard work, determination, and passion, my songs can start a new trend on their own! But really, I simply want to inspire and encourage people in the same way that music has inspired me to simply live out loud every single day.

I really do believe that music is a universal language, and I hope that I can help share the beauty of that with the entire world.

Thank you,
Briana Mariee