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Rutkowski | Warszawa PL


Master Degree (at Warsaw School of Economics) in International Relations.

Poet & prose writer, painter (oil paintings, ink & water-color works), creative musician, and video artist. He is keen on psychology & philosophy topics. His works are unconventional and there is a print of constant experimenting with both: the contents and the form they are given when turned into artistic works. Vegan person.

He debuted in high-school with a story published in one of the major newspapers in Warsaw. During his studies he published aphorisms (using a pen-name) in a student’s magazine focusing on psychology and sociology.

In the year 2015 there were 3 books of his published in Poland: two of them are philosophic novels - "WYNALAZCA SZCĘŚCIA" (INVENTOR OF HAPPINESS) & "PŁOMYK ŚWIECY" (CANDLE'S FLAME), the third one is a book of poetry titled "19 DNI NA SCENIE" (NINETEEN DAYS ON THE STAGE).

​IN 2017 the DEMO AUDIOBOOK titled the "Vacuum Book" WAS published . It WAs the first book in English language from the Author.

He debuted (as a student) selling oil & tempera works in the Arka gallery in Warsaw.

Solo exhibitions (title/town/year):
Retrospective Exhibition/ Galeria Inspiracje, Warsaw/ 2009
Dynamic & Energetic Painting/ Galeria Inspiracje, Warsaw/ 2011
Paint me a bliss/ Galeria Schody, Warsaw/ 2014
​the Small Retrospective/Bielanian Libraries, Warsaw/2016
HUMANITY/ Galeria Schody, Warsaw/ 2018

​Michał also cooperated with Gallery-Store​ /Poznań.

Painter’s signature: „R”.

​"​UNDERSTAND" 2016/2018. duration: 8:36
"HEART WILL LINGER" 2011/2018.
+ short films (including music videos)

His musical activity can be traced back to early childhood. As a teenager he played the guitar in a rock band, which recorded a 6-songs demo & made it to perform live in a quite big club of that times. This is the period of life, when his composing and lyrics' writing skills arose. The band split up when the members started to study at different universities.

DEMO Solo albums:
Starting with "OUR AWESOME BUZZ" many singles have been released between 2015-2017.

"ORIENT" - LP, 2016/ philosophic music album /2016.
​"FIREBALL" concept-music LP album /2017.

IN THE YEAR 2018 THERE ARRIVED THE OFFICIAL ALBUMS TITLED "VACUUM" & "STARZ AIN'T NEONS", WHICH REPLACED THE PREVIOUS DEMO ALBUMS ON THE MARKET. The albums include copyrighted & recorded invention of a few 21st Century music genres: MUSIC BOOKS (stories on the "Vacuum" LP-album) and POWER-JAZZ (the whole album "Starz Ain't Neons").

​​His music has been aired on different radio stations, mostly in ITALY, FRANCE, BELGIUM, & IN THE USA, also plenty other places worldwide, and on DIGITAL RADIOSTATIONS, which take Michał's HD-surround music by priority due to the recordings' enourmous sound. From the French company AirplayBuzz it has given more than 4.5 thousand radio airplays (FM & on-line) until 2019, plus around 15 thousand airplays with digital radiostations; Vittek Records has added the double airplays' numer, cooperating with the Artist since the year 2017.

In the year 2016 the artist has been nominated for the 2nd Annual Radio Music Award (USA). Up to NUMBER 3 (2017-2018) and to NUMBER 1 (in 2020) on REVERBNATION CHARTS for Polish ROCK MUSIC, keeping the 4th-5th position the last all the time. With the song "Flowy Wind" he's been ranking in the European TOP 20-Indecouvertes Charts in French language speaking countries, and on the EURO 200 CHART list with multiple songs plus the video "Understand". His VIDEOS have been aired TV stations in EUROPE, including Fjorton TV (Sweden) & multiple ITALIAN TV Channels; in the USA on SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT TV /ROKU platform/, and other TV channels worldwide that have purchased these music videos in the French AirplayBuzz hub.