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Scott and Leon AKA Scott “Angry” Anderson and Leon Mc Cormack

Following on from their recent remake of the underground online, club release of “Sounds of Eden” and last summers release of the classic dance anthem "You Used to Hold Me” featuring the original classic vocals of Sylvia Mason-James.

Scott and Leon met in Bobby’s Nightclub in Tenerife in 1990 where they were both DJ’s. Scott was the promotional manager and head DJ; Leon was a young 20 year old looking for his break, Scott recognised his talent and immediately gave him a residency at the club. The pair quickly became great friends and teamed up to start to produce club music. In 2000, Scott & Leon brought their first single to the UK Garage community and before long "You Used to Hold Me" was a Top 20 hit, peaking at Number 19 on the UK Single Charts and the single went on to become one of the UK Garage scene’s biggest anthems.

"You Used to Hold Me" is still a massive dance anthem and they recently featured as party of the summer of 2019’s sold out Kisstory on the Common in London.

Recently featured on PURE GARAGE REWIND on New State Entertainment and Ministry of Sound’s GARAGE XXV both celebrating 25 years of the Garage Music genre and "You Used to Hold Me” was the most in demand classic track on the GARAGE XXV album via iTunes.

In 2001 Scott & Leon released “Shine On” which reached Number 34 in the UK Charts; then in 2003 they also had a hit as Deep Cover with Sounds of Eden (Every Time I See the Girl) which charted at Number 47 in the UK single charts. All 3 singles were hits worldwide and had their own music videos, seeing Scott and Leon playing Ibiza, Miami, Tenerife and many of the summer holiday hot spots. In 2000 Scott was heavily featured in Sky One’s documentary Tenerife Uncovered, a tale of club life in Tenerife and was aired all over the world.

Scott also won the best club DJ in Tenerife 3 consecutive years running. Leon was not new to fame as in the early ’90s he had worldwide hits with his brother Aaron in their band Brother 2 Brother. Today Scott and Leon are still great friends and in demand DJ’s, producers and remixers.