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Broadtube Music Network was established in 2014 by the prolific songwriter Kolade Olamide Ayodeji with the main goal of connecting people and promoting music across the globe.

Broadtube Music Network covers social networking, music blogging, digital distribution, music licensing, broadcasting, promotion…

Broadtube Music Network features various analytical interviews with gifted artists/musicians across the globe.

Broadtube Music Network is a platform to uncover newly come music, discover new artists and smoke out a timeless piece of music.

Broadtube Music Distribution is an approved digital distributor that delivers songs to digital stores worldwide. Music licensing is available to the artists distributing through us.

Broadtube Music Distribution delivers music videos to TV Stations and Video pools.

Broadtube Music Network promotes artists globally online by featuring their various musical works with rich content while maintaining a high search engine optimization.

Broadtube Music Network comprises a music blog, ten online TV channels, one weekly magazine book and ten Spotify Playlists for the promotion of artists across the globe. Our Spotify Promotion Packages are very effective.