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James “JDS” Sewell is an upcoming Music Producer from Birmingham with the passion to help support female artists to gain more exposure and recognition in the music industry.

James owns and manages his own production company called ‘Its Not Over Entertainment Ltd’ and set to make his first release in the next few months. Yes, the QUEENDOM Album is on its way - Set for an early 2020 Release! This is very much a collaborative effort by several amazing female artists that have come together to deliver a project that showcases the great talent that women have to offer in the music industry, as well as encouraging and empowering other women to do the same.

This truly is the first all female “Album for Women, By Women.” Featuring many upcoming artists, including some who have already gained recognition and have been supported by the BBC Radio.

This Queendom Album is truly an introduction to James ‘JDS’ Sewell vision for music and for what he has to offer to the Music Industry!