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Case Studies

Michaela Ptáčková Embarks On Songwriting Journey

Photograph of the blog post author, Music Gateway Team

Music Gateway Team


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Michaela Ptáčková

Developing her songwriting and conceptualising her brand with Artist Development.

With a talent for writing lyrics, Michaela Ptáčková joined Music Gateway’s Artist Development roster in October 2022. She developed her songwriting and conceptualise her brand. She has since written four songs. Now she is looking to record demos before heading to London to record her first EP.

Michaela Ptáčková, aged 22, is a pop vocalist and songwriter from the Czech Republic. Before joining Artist Development, she was unsure how to set the lyrics in her head to the music she wanted to compose. But determined to start a career in the music industry and encouraged by Music Gateway’s management and development programme that offers a springboard to work with top managers, she reached out via the website.

Michaela Ptáčková & Music Gateway

Our A&R quickly recognised Michaela Ptáčková’s talent for writing lyrics. They spent several calls strategising a plan to take her music to the next level. Michaela signed up for a 3-month package working with Artist Manager Michael C, who specialises in songwriting and branding. Together, they started working on how to set lyrics to music and honing Michaela’s performance and production skills, including using software like Logic Pro.

Following these sessions and several songs later, Michaela Ptáčková decided to continue for a further six sessions to build on her songwriting skills and develop her branding in more detail. “I feel more confident about my future and have been really pleased with the progress working with Michael. He’s a great listener!”

For Michaela, Artist Development at Music Gateway was initially a daunting investment. She now feels it has given her the facility to express her ideas through music in new ways. It has also unlocked the opportunity for her to develop a brand inspired by idols like Taylor Swift. 

Michaela tells us she has felt supported at every stage, receiving regular sessions with her Artist Manager and frequent discussions with the Music Gateway team to ensure her music is heading in the right direction.


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