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A Guide To Standon Calling Festival

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Standon Calling is a popular music festival held annually in Hertfordshire, England. It features a diverse lineup of musicians and performers across multiple stages, as well as various activities and attractions such as comedy shows, art installations, and wellness activities. The festival also offers camping options and a range of food and drink vendors. We wanted to share with you all the necessary information about this legendary festival and we hope to see you there very soon!

Standon Calling

Standon Calling – Where & When?

Standon Calling Festival takes place from Thursday 20th – Sunday 23rd July 2023 at Standon Lordship, Hertfordshire, SG11 1EF.

Weekend admission tickets allow you to camp from Thursday 20th – Monday 24th July.

If you are driving to the festival, you can purchase car passes ahead of time, to make the process on the day much smoother. 

Each summer, Standon Calling tells a new story, bringing their garden party to life with a themed world that has included monsters, the circus, and legends of the lost sees. Across four fun-filled days, you’ll hear music from the acts you love and the very best in emerging talent. Savor incredible food, dance until the early hours, enjoy an abundance of family activities, lounge by the pool, luxuriate in a hot tub, or relax with a massage.

Standon Calling

Standon Calling Lineup 

This year, Standon Calling plays host to numerous artists, including Years & Years, Self Esteem, Bloc Party and The Human League as the headliners. In terms of the electronic headliners, if you are lucky enough to have got tickets, you will be seeing the likes of Katy B, Faithless, LF System and Groove Armada. What a line-up? And those are just the headliners. There are so many more artists for you to see. Just take a look at the 2023 poster below. 

Standon Calling

Years & Years

Years & Years is a British synth-pop band formed in London in 2010. The band consists of lead vocalist Olly Alexander, bass guitarist Mikey Goldsworthy, and keyboardist Emre Türkmen. They have gained international recognition for their catchy and danceable tracks, including “King,” “Shine,” and “If You’re Over Me.” The band’s music often explores themes of love, identity, and self-acceptance. They have been praised for their energetic live performances and their ability to blend electronic and pop music into a unique sound.

Self Esteem

Self Esteem is the solo project of British musician Rebecca Lucy Taylor, formerly of the indie pop duo Slow Club. Her music blends elements of pop, R&B, and soul with introspective lyrics that explore themes of self-discovery and empowerment. Self Esteem’s sound is characterized by lush instrumentation, powerful vocals, and infectious hooks, making her a rising star in the UK music scene.

Bloc Party

Bloc Party is a British indie rock band formed in 1999. They are known for their unique blend of post-punk revival, indie rock, and dance-punk. The band has released six studio albums, including their critically acclaimed debut album “Silent Alarm” in 2005. They are also known for their energetic live performances and politically charged lyrics. The band has undergone several lineup changes over the years, with lead singer Kele Okereke and guitarist Russell Lissack being the only consistent members.

The Human League

The Human League is an English synth-pop band formed in Sheffield in 1977. They rose to fame in the 1980s with hits like “Don’t You Want Me” and “Human”. The band’s music is characterized by its use of synthesizers and electronic instrumentation, and their early work is often associated with the post-punk and new wave movements. The Human League continues to tour and release music to this day, with a devoted fanbase around the world.

Katy B

Katy B is a British singer-songwriter known for her unique blend of electronic, garage, and dubstep music. She rose to fame in 2010 with her debut album “On a Mission” which featured hit singles like “Katy on a Mission” and “Lights On”. Since then, she has continued to release critically acclaimed albums and collaborate with a wide range of artists in the electronic music scene. Katy B is known for her powerful vocals, catchy hooks, and ability to seamlessly blend different genres of music.


Faithless is a British electronic music band formed in 1995. The group consists of Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. They are known for their fusion of electronic dance music with elements of trip-hop, house, and trance. Their most popular songs include “Insomnia,” “God Is a DJ,” and “We Come 1.” Faithless has released six studio albums and has won several awards for their music. They have also performed at numerous music festivals and concerts around the world.

LF System 

LF System are a Scottish production duo consisting of Conor Larkman and Sean Finnigan. They are from West Lothian and previously worked as a roofer and petrol station worker. They topped the UK Singles Chart in July 2022 with “Afraid to Feel”, which was also certified platinum by the British Phonographic Industry.

Groove Armada

Groove Armada is an English electronic music duo consisting of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay. They are known for their eclectic blend of electronic, house, and trip-hop music, and have released numerous albums and singles since their formation in 1996. Some of their most popular tracks include “I See You Baby”, “Superstylin'”, and “At the River”.

Standon Calling – What Can You Expect?

Just take a look at the aftermovie from last year’s festival and you can get an idea of the type of vibe at Standon Calling. 

Standon Calling

You don’t want to miss out, so I really hope you have booked your tickets. 

Standon Calling – Costume Parade & Dog Show

Every year Standon Calling goers enjoy two major annual events, on top of all the brilliant music, family entertainment, comedy, street food and so on!

On Saturday there will be the annual Costume Parade. There will be a procession from the Village Green to The Playing Fields. Don’t forget to get creative with your fancy dress, as prizes are up for grabs.

Standon Calling Partners

Partnerships are essential for festivals because they provide resources, funding, and expertise that are necessary for organizing and executing successful events. Partners can help with marketing, logistics, and programming, as well as provide access to new audiences and sponsors. Without partnerships, festivals may struggle to secure the necessary resources and support to create a memorable experience for attendees.

For Standon Calling this year, there were numerous partners that have been affiliated with the festival. These include; Rubicon, The Independent, Lucky Saint, Mudlarks, Attitude Is Everything, Isle Of Raasay Distillery, Weez Event, University Of Bedfordshire, Arts Council, ESNS Exchange, Dork and Blu.  


You can follow Standon Calling on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can also get in touch with them via their contact page on their main website.

Standon Calling – Tickets

As this festival is nearly here, most of the tickets have been sold. However, there are some Tier 5 tickets still on sale for £225 (+BFS). You can use this link to purchase tickets. 

Standon Calling
Standon Calling


There are plenty of camping options at Standon Calling, ranging from the Luxury camping and Boutique camping to the regular, run of the mill camping. 

Backstage Bar

Treat yourself to a Backstage Bar pass at Standon Calling!

Expect lots of exclusive space to relax in with a refreshing drink from your private bar, curated DJ sets to keep you entertained, delicious street food to enjoy and dedicated luxury toilet facilities.

Open from 3pm till late on Thursday, and midday Friday Saturday and Sunday – quality festival time awaits!


Standon Calling is a cashless festival. This means you load your spending money onto a smart wristband and use this as your method of payment for everything while you’re with them. 

Resale Partner

If you are looking to sell your festival tickets, Standon Calling is partnering with Tixel this year.


So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t booked your tickets already for this festival, then you better be quick as there are not many left. As you can see, it will be an incredible event that you do not want to miss. See you there!


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