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Reverbnation Review: Everything You Need To Know

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ReverbNation is a platform which aims to help artists gain traction in the music industry. Artists who want to subscribe can insert their songs, logos and album covers in order to reach fans. There are also paid packages for bands and solo artists that want to use this website for more opportunities. These include things such as apps on Android and iPhone, Facebook pages, digital distribution on iTunes, and more. In this article, we will take a look at ReverbNation – including features, pricing and whether it is worth signing up!

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What Is ReverbNation?

ReverbNation was conceived for music industry connections. It was founded in 2006 in North Carolina by Michael Doernberg and Jed Carlson, Lou Plaia, Robert Hubbard, and Steve Jernigan. The platform hosts more than 2.9 million artists, managers, record labels and venues around the world. The primary intent was to give music artists audience exposure, and the promotional tools necessary to advance their careers in today’s digital music system. Driven by its mission to put artists first, the company has grown to serve nearly 4 million musicians worldwide. 

How To Sign Up

Firstly, you need to create your own profile, verify your account, and start interacting with the vast community. You can always contact the ReverbNation team via email.

From a listener standpoint, there is the chance to listen to their favourite artists’ music by clicking on the relative playlist. Also, listeners can get to know new music outside of the official channels by searching close to their location. Users can also create playlists with various artists, contact the authors, tag them, and become their fans. 

ReverbNation Features

As a dynamic platform, there is a lot of benefits to having a ReverbNation account. Let’s take a look at some of ReverbNation’s most helpful and exciting features!

Fan Reach

fan reach reverbnation

You can use ‘Fan Reach’ to design, send, and track messages through email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can share new songs, upcoming shows, videos, or a custom status update. Also you can use the Fan Collector widget to gather fan emails anywhere you go online. 

Crowd Reviews

Another ReverbNation tool for artists is the ‘Crowd Reviews’, where you can discover what people really think about your music. Crowd Reviews offer detailed feedback about your song’s market appeal from listeners in your genre. In-depth listener commentary and easy-to-understand statistics are useful for making better-informed decisions about composition, production, and promotion. Reports for songs that aren’t finished yet are also available!


For each artist, the benefits of subscribing to ReverbNation derive from a wider visibility in the vast music scenario. The basic profile and registration is free, but with limitations. For example, the EPK (Electronic Press Kit), comes with the Basic profile (not available with the ‘Free’ profile). On the platform, this is called an RPK (Reverb Press Kit).

The RPK is a digital press kit that allows you to send key information to agents, labels, managers, and venues in order to get more exposure or to help you book shows. Unlike other digital press kits, the RPK can include customisable traits and statistics regarding your band’s online presence.

RPK’s can be sent directly to venue booking contacts through a GigFinder feature, sent out to any email address you like, or used to submit to any of the Opportunities that the ReverbNation team provides on the site. The Press Kit is one of the main ReverbNation services, providing opportunities such as festivals, music licensing, and talent identification programs for labels.

Promote It

ReverbNation has a ‘Promote It’ feature that delivers target ads for artists or bands in several music hotspots across the web, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Simply provide ReverbNation with some information, and they will create ads and a custom landing page, which is viewed when viewers click on the ads. There are various campaign types, so that you can choose between promoting a song or album, a website, a gig, a music video or your social media pages. Ads are optimised so that artists get the maximum number of fan interactions as possible.

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Different Account Types: What Is The Difference?

reverbnation pricing

Essentially, there are 3 different plans. Read on to hear about the differences. This will help you think about the benefits you want to receive, and which tier may suit your needs best.

Free Profile

The Free profile provides the possibility of unlimited songs, and ability to sell your music, and set your gig finder. Gig Finder allows you to search for and contact venues near you or at your next tour stop. The free profile also provides an email with your social marketing, embedded players and Facebook app. 

Basic – $12.95

The Basic profile includes bonuses such as the RPK, an increase of email contacts in a range of 1,000 – 50,000, large song uploads (up to 100 MB), and an ad free profile. 

Premium – $19.95

The Premium platform allows you to add the digital distribution service, website with free domain, unbranded embeds, and music publishing administration service. 

Digital distribution gives you the opportunity to create a digital release for music streaming platforms including Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and dozens more. Through the website with free domain service, you can choose your template and photos. This includes a free domain of your choice. ReverbNation also offers Music Publishing administration, allowing you to earn royalties when your music is streamed, downloaded, or performed by anyone else. Premium members get 50% off the one -time setup fee of $50, and 5 free writer accounts included. 

Potential Downsides

The disadvantages of ReverbNation, in my opinion, materialise in a continuous push by the team to adhere to various offers and initiatives at a charge. 

Another potential sore point is the customer service team. ReverbNation has a consumer rating of 1.74 stars from 119 reviews. This unfortunately indicates that most consumers are generally dissatisfied with their services. That’s not to say that the entire experience is negative – it may just seem that way. It’s always worth doing your research, and trying for yourself.

Closing Thoughts

Headphones on a wall Мusic Gateway

Since its creation, ReverbNation has established itself as a platform that puts artists first. I would recommend giving it a try and utilising all of its tools to your advantage. Personally, I think that it is worth trying out the Free membership to find your footing. Later, you can always spring for the Basic profile for the RPK benefit specifically, as this can really help.

Alongside platforms such as ReverbNation, Мusic Gateway provides opportunities to amplify your music, as well as market and help get your music in TV, film and more. You can also find people to collaborate with – so, why not try Мusic Gateway for free?

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