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Music Business

Music Collaboration Apps: The Best Music Collaboration Apps

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Music Gateway Team


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Music is all about collaboration and sharing ideas. In the modern digital age, collaboration has never been easier and you can connect with tonnes of other musicians. Additionally, in recent years, music collaboration apps have taken the world by storm and have aided the production of countless projects.

Music Collaboration Apps

In this article, we will take a closer look at 11 of the best music collaboration apps available. Be sure to stay until the very end so you don’t miss out on any of our favorite apps!

What Are Music Collaboration Apps?

Music Collaboration apps

Music collaboration apps are applications, on both computers and smartphones, which enable musicians to collaborate.

This means they can share music, communicate, and work on the same projects. Sometimes simultaneously!

Why Use Music Collaboration Apps?

Music Collaboration

Music collaboration apps allow people to work together remotely. This can come in extremely handy if you want to collaborate with someone who is very far away.

Additionally, they can be a great way to meet new musicians and extend your musical network

11 Of The Best Music Collaboration Apps

Now that we have covered what music collaboration apps are, let’s take a look at 11 of the best.

1. Bass Parlour App

Bass Parlour Music Collaboration App
Bass Parlour App

The Bass Parlour App is the most recently launched app on the list and has a unique offering. The Bass Parlour is a free mobile app that focuses on music collaboration contests for artists, musicians, and producers. Bass Parlour also hosts a monthly song collaboration contest and allows you to upload your song entry directly on the Bass Parlour App.

Bass Parlour is a great way to find new collaborators around the world, where you can hand-pick your team and then compete and win prizes for the music you create with those collaborators.

2. Avid Cloud Collaboration For Pro Tools

Avid Cloud Collaboration For Pro Tools

One of Pro Tool’s new features allows multiple users to share audio, MIDI, and track edits to mix remotely within the same Pro Tools session via the cloud. The Pro Tools software also includes a real-time text feature. This means you can easily communicate with the others working on the session.

Your projects will be available to access wherever you are. So long as you have a computer with Pro Tools on it and an internet connection.

Additionally, Pro Tools provides a backup cloud storage location for projects. These can range from 100GB to 2TB through annual subscription plans.

The collaboration feature is available with Pro Tools First however it is limited. You can access the full features with both Pro Tools ($29 per month) and Pro Tools Ultimate ($79 per month).

3. Audiomovers ListenTo

Audiomovers ListenTo

ListenTo is a plugin for PC or Mac. This particular app allows users to stream audio in real-time in high-quality uncompressed audio. It does all this with minimal latency (0.1-1 second) using a web browser or the receiver plugin. 

This plugin can be used by mixing engineers who need to listen through mixes with their clients in real-time. 

The ListenTo plugin has a 7-day free trial. After this is up, you pay $4 a week or $100 for a year subscription.

4. Bandlab – Music Collaborations Apps


Bandlab is a free online DAW and a great online music collaboration platform. You can use it either from your computer or your phone. This particular app includes over 200 instruments, guitar, and bass amp simulations. It also has the ability to import and record live audio. Bandlab enables you to connect with and collaborate with creators all over the world in a global network. 

This service also provides an algorithmic mastering engine. This will aid your recordings to sound the best they possibly could. Additionally, a great advantage of Bandlab is the unlimited storage and unlimited undo history. This means you can easily go back to the initial versions of songs.

5. Soundtrap


Another easy-to-use app for music collaboration is the Spotify-owned app, Soundtrap. Soundtrap is a modern DAW that is entirely online. It is a fantastic resource to record your own music and create beats with its extensive collection of instruments and loops. 

You could also start a podcast. Or, send and edit a track to friends from different social media platforms to collaborate on your sessions. 

The interface is a great way to get started for beginners. So, anyone could get started immediately. 

Initially, you will get a 1-month trial. After this, Soundtrap does have monthly fees depending on the level you want. On the basic version, you can work on up to five projects. Along with 210 instruments and sounds, and 900 loops. 



LANDR is a huge company that offers a bunch of different services. They are mostly known for their online algorithmic mastering engine and music distribution service. They recently launched the LANDR Network for creators. This is an app to collaborate on music and to connect with potential collaborators or clients for paid work.

You can chat to session musicians, producers, and engineers for hire. Or you can get another professional’s feedback on your work-in-progress track. Here you’ll find pros who have worked with luminary artists such as Billie Eilish, Kanye West, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The platform is free to join. Although you pay to hire engineers and musicians within the network.

Ableton Link

Ableton’s Link lets users run two devices simultaneously over both a local network and an internet connection. This means that this app unfortunately cannot be used over long distances.

Ableton Link comes in all versions of Ableton Live 9.6 and up. Ableton Live 10 comes in Intro ($99), Standard ($449), and Suite ($749) versions.

8. Sessionwire


Sessionwire is an excellent audio and video interface. This app allows users to interact with each other while working on different DAWs. Additionally, it allows users to share a screen and send audio to your collaborator’s DAW in high fidelity with minimal latency. 

On top of this, it gives you the “talkback” function which allows you to communicate with the musicians in the other studio.

9. SoundStorming


This is one of the best music collaboration apps that is aimed at more smartphones. When musicians come up with an idea, they tend to store it in their voice memos folder. However, SoundStorming offers an alternative. Instead of recording a melody or riff idea into your voice memos, SoundStorming allows you to lay the foundations for all your musical ideas on their app. 

Their aim is to make music collaborative and discoverable. It does this by letting others hear your upload on a global scale of musicians. They can then layer new ideas, melodies, and lyrics onto the original sound you uploaded. Therefore, a new song or album can be born with someone from across the world!

10. Trackd


Trackd is a great, fun free collaborative social music app. This app in particular offers fast and easy collaborative music-making. Trackd uses the idea of a global social network of creators that is easily accessible. 

You can chat in the app, nudge someone for a certain idea, and have it back in no time. All of this is on your phone.

11. Bounce Boss

bounce boss

Bounce Boss is a cloud-based service that helps artists, management, and producers keep their music projects organized. You can receive feedback about projects via email from different collaborators. 

It’s very easy to keep track of all versions of projects. This is because Bounce Boss has specific folders to separate different versions, mixes, stems, and reference tracks for your projects. 

This application allows for unlimited users to collaborate with. The price provides 100GB of storage for $36 a month.

How Мusic Gateway Can Help

music gateway logo

Here at Мusic Gateway, we are strong believers in music collaboration.

When you sign up to Мusic Gateway you can communicate with your collaborators on our platform. Additionally, you can access all the files for your project, provide timeline feedback on the music, and curate a playlist of your final work all in one space from your home, the studio, or on tour

Posting a project is the best way to build your network whether you’re seasoned or new to the music industry. So, be sure to sign up today!

Our Final Thoughts on Music Collaboration Apps

music collaboration

So there we have it! We have gone through a multitude of apps you can use to collaborate with other musicians. We’ve looked at fully functioning apps that allow you to edit project files simultaneously. As well as other, simpler mobile apps, which can be a fun way of sharing music with the world.  

Мusic Gateway is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your music collaborations in an efficient and speedy manner. Sign up today to get access to our fantastic collaboration services!


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