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Who Are Adaptr?

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Are you a startup and looking for a technology company to aid you with a gaining music license? Therefore your users can stream tracks on your app? You have come to the right place and Adaptr is just the company to see you through the process. We’re going to explore the company and what exactly they provide. So you can come to a decision about whether to use their services or not. 

Who Are Adaptr?

Adaptr is a music technology company that provides AI-powered solutions for music creation, production, and licensing. They aim to revolutionize the music industry by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to enhance the creative process and improve the efficiency of music production. If you have an app or digital experience that you need to integrate music into, Adaptr is here to help.  

SDK Documentation & Adaptr

SDK documentation is a set of instructions and guidelines that developers use to integrate software development kits (SDKs) into their applications. Adaptr uses SDK documentation in their business model by providing detailed documentation for their SDKs, which allows developers to easily integrate Adaptr’s technology into their own applications. This helps Adaptr to expand their reach and increase adoption of their technology.

APIs & Adaptr

Adaptr uses APIs to integrate with various music streaming services and provide a unified interface for developers to access music content and metadata. The APIs allow Adaptr to retrieve information about songs, albums, artists, and playlists, as well as control playback and user authentication. Adaptr also uses APIs to collect data and analytics on user behavior and preferences.

What Is Music Licensing? 

Music licensing is the process of obtaining permission to use copyrighted music for various purposes, such as in films, TV shows, commercials, video games, and other media. This involves paying royalties to the owner of the music rights in exchange for the right to use the music.


Adaptr provides cloud infrastructure and DevOps services to their clients. If you are startup, and want to integrate music into your app so your users can stream this, then Adaptr will look into paying the labels and publishers and also tracking use etc. With ease and efficiency, you will be able to go live in a matter of hours. 

Who Qualifies For Adaptr?

There are certain criteria to qualify for Adaptr. If you have raised less than $7.5m in funding and your app is earning less than $4.5m in revenue, then you can use their services. Their sales team will be happy for you to reach out to them using this email address – [email protected] 

Free Trial?

To access Adaptr and have use of the catalog is free, so there is no free trial. You only start to pay when you are ready to stream music to your users. 


Adaptr was launched in 2021, by B2B firm Feed Media Group, in a bid to make music licensing easier for startups. Partners such as Warner Music Group, BMG Records, Equal Vision Records, Vio Mobile and A-Train Distribution were involved in this venture. 


There is no physical location for the company, but you can learn more about them on their main website

Adaptr Playlists

The curated Adaptr playlists are pre-made playlists that are carefully selected and organized by Adaptr’s team of music experts to provide users with a high-quality listening experience. These playlists feature a wide range of genres and moods, and are updated regularly to ensure that users always have access to fresh and exciting music.



Adaptr delivers three pricing tiers. 

Starter – a ‘starter’ package costs $69 a month, and covers one app and up to 500 song stream.

Developer – the ‘developer’ tier costs $249 a month for up to three apps and 2,000 song streams

Teams – a ‘teams’ package is $549 a month for up to five apps and 5,000 song streams.

What Do I Do Next?

Use this link to build your playlists and create a connector. This connector will have a set of credentials (a token and secret) that you must provide to the SDK when initializing it.

Music Licensing Opportunities 

Would you like to get in touch with Music Gateway to see how we can help you? Then please use this link to get in touch with us to discuss any opportunities such as Sync Licensing, Music Licensing, Music Clearance, Sync Libraries or Music Libraries, etc., you may want to take further. 

You can book a call with Sam – Head of Sync Licensing – as a potential lead. We are always happy to talk to musicians like you. Please do get in touch.

Conclusion – Adaptr

Have we inspired you as a startup to use the services of Adaptr? Their intention is to make it easy to create playlists to stream from your app and we do feel like they have delivered on that promise. But the best way to understand something is to try it yourself. We would love to hear your feedback. 


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