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Growy App: The eLearning App You Didn’t Know You Needed

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Increasing knowledge, cultivating curiosity, and learning new skills are important because they help individuals stay relevant and adaptable in an ever-changing world. It can lead to personal growth, career advancement, and improved problem-solving abilities. Additionally, it can increase confidence and open up new opportunities for personal and professional development. So what better way is there than to use something like the Growy app to succeed? Let’s discover what exactly you can expect from using this e-learning app.

Growy App

What Is The Growy App?

Growy App is an eLearning mobile application that offers a wide range of courses on various topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, and more. The app provides users with access to high-quality educational content in the form of videos, articles, and quizzes. 

It also offers personalized learning paths and progress tracking to help users achieve their learning goals. Additionally, Growy App features a community where users can interact with each other and share their knowledge and experiences.

By using the Growy App,  you can upskill in 10 mins per day. The Growy app specializes in bite-sized learning. The app provides content designed to fit your schedule and help you achieve your career, hobby, and life goals.

Growy App

Growy’s Vision 🚀

A company vision is important for transparency and longevity, so we thought we would share with you Growy’s vision below. 

“We envision a world where learning is accessible, engaging, and personalized. At Growy, we aspire to transform traditional learning methods by offering microlearning solutions that cater to the individual’s pace and preferences. Our goal is to empower people to achieve their targets in their career, passions, and life. We believe in the power of learning to unlock human potential, drive personal growth, and inspire lifelong curiosity.”

Learning Snipts

Learning snipts are short, one-minute video tips on various topics such as productivity, time management, communication skills, and more, that are available on the Growy app. These snipts are designed to provide quick and actionable insights to help individuals improve their personal and professional lives. The Growy app is a learning platform that offers a variety of courses and resources to help users develop new skills and achieve their goals.


I’m sure there are plenty of questions you need answering about this e-learning app, so we thought we would give you some answers from Growy themselves. 

As a learner how do I use Growy?

‘As a learner, you will experience an app where you get inspired and learn every day. This app blends the most advantageous features of social media and e-learning platforms, resulting in a fresh and exceptional learning encounter. You can browse through learning snippets shared by experts, follow them, and learn from their micro-courses instantly. You can share knowledge with fellow learners in global discussions and test your knowledge with tailored quizzes. The app will track your progress and guide you through the learning journey with interactive gamification.’

What does Social Learning Mean?

‘Learning is accelerated through interaction and the exchange of knowledge. For these reasons, in social environments, we have the opportunity to upskill faster. Growy encourages passionate individuals to share their skills, creating a community where progress, tips, and knowledge are freely exchanged. It’s a social network that focuses on educational-related topics, enhancing the entire learning experience and transforming the negative social behaviour.’

What are the benefits of Growy’s Upskilling journey?

‘On Growy you will experience the freedom to learn at your own pace and convenience with KoolStories. Its mobile-friendly platform lets you access educational content anytime, anywhere, right from your pocket. Engage in a supportive social learning space that encourages effortless learning and collaboration with like-minded individuals. Choose from a variety of learning options, including learning snippets, micro-courses, and live consultations, for a comprehensive and well-rounded growth.’

What features are included in Growy’s mobile App?

‘The app boasts a user-friendly and uncluttered UI that makes navigation a breeze. The main page is packed with informative and engaging learning snippets that will catch your interest and direct you to a related mini-courses. Each course has a discussion where learners and experts can share advice and ideas with one another. Finally, the experience also offers gamified quizzes that will help you retain information, keep you engaged and test your knowledge.’

What are mini-courses?

‘Mini-courses are conveniently-sized and easily digestible learning contents that have been proven to unlock higher levels of focus and engagement. These lessons consist of 15 to 20 videos, divided into 3-minute episodes that focus on specific skills. After completing a course you will earn the official certificate.’

What is the price of Growy?

‘On Growy you can access discussions, chats, and quizzes completely for free. On top of this will also get 3mins of Free learning content each day (no card required). To access all of the courses with no daily limit there is a convenient 7.99$/month subscription. If you have never used Growy before, create your account now and enjoy one month of free subscription (no card required).’

How do I create an account on Growy?

‘To create an account on Growy, simply download the app and complete the registration process, which should take less than 30 seconds.’

You can download the app via Apple Store or Google Play

Growy App


They also have a lifestyle blog, which covers anything from Design, Learning, Food and Drink and Beauty and Fashion etc. There are articles about movie composers, and how to be a better singer at home

Summary – Growy App

We have seen how crucial apps are to learning and development now in our society because they provide convenient and accessible ways to access educational resources, offer personalized learning experiences, and can enhance engagement and motivation for learners. Additionally, they can provide real-time feedback and assessment, track progress, and offer opportunities for collaborative learning. So, why not give the Growy app a go and see where it can take you? 

You can learn more about the company and the courses they provide on their website, or get in touch with them via this address [email protected]


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