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Music Theory

How To Draw Music Notes – Step By Step Guide

Photograph of the blog post author, Georgia Carter

Georgia Carter


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Do you want to write that perfect song and need help with the music notes for the track? Are you new to music theory and need a hand to draw music notes? You have come to the right place and we will teach you how to draw each and explore which is the easiest one to tackle. You will be a pro by the end of this article, we assure you. So let’s get started. 

Draw Music Notes

Why Is It Important You Learn How To Draw Music Notes?

Learning how to draw music notes is important for musicians because it allows them to accurately communicate musical ideas and instructions to others, such as performers or fellow composers. It also helps with reading and understanding sheet music.

How To Draw Music Notes – Step By Step

To draw music notes, you can always start by sketching the basic shape of the note head, which can be circular or oval. Then, add the stem and flag (if necessary) to complete the note. The easiest notes to draw are quarter notes, half notes, and whole notes.

Further Info – How To Draw Music Notes

To draw a music note, follow these steps:

1. Draw a small oval shape for the notehead.

2. Add a stem to the notehead, either going up or down depending on the pitch of the note.

3. If the note is a quarter note or longer, add a flag to the stem. The number of flags corresponds to the duration of the note.

4. If the note is a half note or longer, add a line through the stem to indicate that it is a “dotted” note.

5. If the note is a whole note or longer, draw an additional line above or below the stem to indicate that it is a “double” note.

These steps can be modified depending on the specific type of note you are drawing, but they provide a general guideline for drawing most music notes.

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Music Notation Software

Once you know how to draw music notes, you can always move onto create, view and print music notation online. There are plenty of software packages you can download, so here are just a few to get you started. 

Crescendo Music Notation Software

You can compose, play, and print your own sheet music with Crescendo Music Notation Software. 

With this software, you can download it for free or pay £24.01 for a Home Edition License Purchase. You will have unlimited use but only licensed for non-business use.


Noteflight is a web-based music notation software that allows users to create, edit, print, and share sheet music. It features a user-friendly interface and a wide range of tools for composing, arranging, and transcribing music. Noteflight also offers a library of musical symbols and a MIDI keyboard for inputting notes. 

Additionally, it allows users to collaborate in real-time with other musicians. This makes it a popular choice for music educators and students. Noteflight is available in both a free and paid version. With the paid version offering additional features such as audio recording and custom templates.

There is a Noteflight Premium free trial that you can try first if you are not sure if this is the right platform for you. But if you choose to take your music notation further, then you would start paying a subscription at $7.95/month, yearly at $49, or you can buy a lifetime notation supply for $299.  


Flat is an online music notation editor that allows users to create, edit, and share sheet music in real-time. It offers a user-friendly interface with a wide range of music notation symbols and tools, making it easy for both beginners and professionals to create high-quality scores. Flat also has a built-in playback feature that allows users to listen to their compositions as they work on them. 

Additionally, Flat has collaborative features that allow multiple users to work on the same score simultaneously, making it an ideal tool for music teachers and students. Flat is accessible on any device with an internet connection and offers both free and paid subscription plans with varying levels of features and storage.

You can with a free trial, before moving on to 3 types of payment. 

  • Flat Power Per Month – £8.99/month
  • Flat Power Per Year – £3.67/month (Yearly subscription Save 60% – total £44/year)
  • Flat Power Lifetime – £175 (One-time purchase)

Music Gateway & Music Publishing

Now you know how to draw music notes and are creating some epic music, then Music Gateway is here for your next steps. We are talking about publishing your music and we have the most professional and efficient team to support you in every step of the process.

Without publishing, you’re missing out on 50% of your potential earnings. Free set-up, earn more, keep 100% of your copyrights and pay as little as 0% commission. 

Summary – How To Draw Music Notes

Have you enjoyed our article about how to draw music notes and where it can lead you in terms of writing music? There are endless possibilities once you know the basic music notes. Practice makes perfect, so if you follow the step by step guide we have given you today, then you can go wrong. We can’t wait to hear what you create next. Happy note drawing!


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