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The Best Helix Patches & Helix Presets

Photograph of the blog post author, Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson


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As a guitarist, you are probably familiar with Helix. Helix is a new type of multi-effects guitar processor which is a tour-grade multi-effect pedal that sounds and feels authentic. Even more than that, it is also one of the most comprehensive master controllers for guitar systems ever built. Line 6 is a musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturer whose digital tech has always helped to streamline workflow during demanding deadlines and always provides solid results. In this article, we will look at what Helix Patches and Presets are, and share our recommendations!


What Are Helix Patches And Helix Presets?

Song patches are intended to imitate guitar sounds. The word ‘patch’ comes from the idea that the first mass-produced synthesisers were modular synthesisers, and these sounds are shaped by using patch cords to route signals from one module to another. A set of parameter settings, signal routings, and possibly patch cord configurations produces a particular sound on a synthesiser.

With the advent of synths with patch memory, this meaning got extended to refer to not only the internal signal routing and switching but also all of the settable and memory-stored parameters in the synth’s signal processing circuits. Each patch includes a stock Helix-ready version, which is designed to be used in ‘Snapshot’ modes, and is set up with snapshots for precise parts in a song.

A Helix preset is a patch pre-loaded into the memory of a synthesizer by the manufacturer. The patch can be loaded into RAM where you can edit or overwrite it. It can also go into the ROM, where it will always be present and you will be unable to edit it without copying it to a RAM location first.

The main purposes for the factory Helix preset are that they provide you with a starting point if you are a new user, and are a set of templates containing useful default settings for given types of patches. Another reason is that they provide a ‘wow’ factor for the user playing the synth, and help to market the synth to musicians who do not do their own programming.

The Best Helix Patches And Helix Presets

Keep reading to see our recommendations for Helix Presets and read more about each one. Download or purchase links are included for each recommendation! If you just want to get on with your project and try out the Helix presets or patches for yourself you can simply download all free patches here

man playing guitar with presets

The MF Project was put together by Marco Fanton, Italian rock guitarist, Aligi Pasqualetto (keyboardist), Nick Muneratti (Bassist), and Andrea Ruffato (drummer). Together they have created instrumental tracks composed by Fanton and arranged by the whole band. Their sound is inspired by guitarists such as Santana and Van Halen.

The Marco Fanton Pack is a collection of Patches for the Line 6 Helix. These patches represent a high level of technical ability with the melody of the songs where the guitar is the ‘main voice’.

Mandarino V2 10 €

  • Based on Mandarino Amp
  • 8 Snapshots Firmware 2.82
  • 1 x Valhallir V2 included

MF Deluxe V2 12€

  • Based on Deluxe Reverb
  • 8 Snapshots Firmware 2.82
  • 1 x Valhallir V2 included

MF Dumbyx 10€

  • Based on Litigator
  • 8 Snapshots Firmware 2.82
  • 1 x Valhallir V2 included

Shiva Tweed 10€

  • Based on Bogner Shiva and Fender Tweed
  • 8 Snapshot Firmware 2.60
  • 2 x Valhallir included

Great 10€

  • Based on Hiwatt amp Early 70 
  • Rock sound
  • 4 Snapshot Firmware 2.70
  • 1 x Valhallir included

Free & Premium Line 6 Helix Patch Downloads

Helix electric guitar

Check out our picks for free helix patches and premium patches below:

GN Line 6 Helix Ubersonic (Free)

The German Ubersonic is quite a heavy-sounding amp model and is created around the Bogner Ubershall. This patch is made for recording and sounds best in a mix.

Download For Free

GN Line 6 Helix ANGL Meteor (Free)

This free patch for the Line 6 ANGL Meteor model sounds pretty good for recording and sound best in a mix.

Download For Free

GN Line 6 Helix PV Panama 7 String (Free)

The PV Panama, this patch was made with 7-string guitars and is based on the Peavey 5150 amp.

Download For Free

GN Line 6 Helix Fatality (Free)

The Fatality is a great-sounding amp model created by Line 6. The patch is made for recording and sounds the greatest in a mix.

Download For Free

GN Line 6 Helix Premium Metal

Line 6 Helix Premium Metal – Pack 1 is available for £1.99 it features 4 different patches, 2 for guitar and 2 for bass.

The guitar patches feature the Helix German Ubersonic amp model, which are now a firm favourite for metal.

The GN Heavy Rhythm patch is created with a strong amount of ‘chunk’ to it minus being too weighted which comes from the bass. The GN Distorted Bass conveys the low end however it has some fizz to ensure it cuts through. In comparison, the GN Bite Bass is somewhat cleaner for parts where you prefer to have the bass on its own.

The GN Heavy Lead patch is a modified version of the rhythm patch. It has a BPM synced delay and the tone is transformed marginally. If you are using it without being connected to a DAW, you will have to amend the BPM setting manually.

These patches are designed to be used together. It is recommended you tweak them a bit to suit your own guitars and setup because your equipment might be different.

GN Metal Lead 1 Line 6 Helix Patches (Free)

Here is a patch for a metal lead guitar tone using the Archetype Lead model.

There are 3 snapshots:

  • Lead with delay
  • Lead without delay
  • Rhythm

Download For Free

Base Patches

acoustic guitarist presets

These are some of the greatest-sounding patches for the Helix. Each patch incorporates at least two versions: one created for use with IR cabs and the other with stock Helix cabs. Selected ones also include variations for guitars with single coils and humbuckers.

All the premium patches are set up to work well for modern praise. They are intended to run in stomp box mode as well as include multiple drive settings and loads of delay and verb options. Consider it as a massive board with world-class amps while being easy to use. Check out a selected few below!

Divi13 – Line 6 Helix Patch

Line 6 Helix patch based on the Divided Duo (Divided by 13 JRT 9/15) amp model, including a premium IR cab Tone Junkie. Incorporates multiple drive, delay, reverb, and modulation options. Included is the Tone Junkie premium IR! You can find three patches included: one voiced for single coils, one for humbuckers, and one with a stock Helix cab.

Purchase: $4.99

MT Uber-Rec – Line 6 Helix Patch

Inspired by Mark Tremonti is this Line 6 Helix patch. Including the Bogner Uberschall and Mesa Dual Rectifier amp models as well as the Fender Twin for cleans.

Purchase: $3.99 (Tone Junkie IR Cab included for free)

Singer/Songwriter – Acoustic Guitar & Vocal Line 6 Helix Patch

The Line 6 Helix patch was created precisely for musicians/singer-songwriters who play acoustic and sing. The guitar and vocals are both processed individually to give a pro-sound direct out of the Helix.

For HELIX LT Users: You will be required to get a separate microphone preamp in order to use this patch. The Helix LT doesn’t contain the mic which is found on the Helix Floor and Rack models.

Purchase: $2.99

AC30 Fawn – Line 6 Helix Patch (Free)

This premium P&W Helix patch is completely free and based on the AC30 Fawn amp model. It includes a premium IR cab from Tone Junkie and is purposely dialed in and designed to be used in either stomp or snapshot mode. You get two patches: one with an IR cab or if you’d rather not use the IR one as a stock cab.

Download For Free

Artist Series Patches

The Artist series patches re-create the sounds from popular guitar players and bands.

Brian’s Patch – Artist Series Line 6 Helix Patch

This is an official Brian Wahl artist patch for the Line 6 Helix. Plus, Bradford Mitchell was involved in the creation of this patch, so it’s very good! Get two patches: one for an IR Cab by Tone Junkie and the other using stock cabs.

Purchase: $4.99 (Tone Junkie premium IR is included for nothing!)

Planetshakers – Line 6 Helix Patch $4.99

You can get rock tones with the Planetshakers artist patch if you are bored of ‘verge of breakup with moderated delay and reverb’ sounds. Referred to as the ‘Dad-Rock’ patch which is by no means a negative. 

Purchase: $4.99 (with two premium IR cabs by Tone Junkie for free)

Hillsong Artist Series Line 6 Helix Patch // Guitar Tones inspired by Hillsong Worship

Looking for a patch that re-creates the sounds made popular by Nigel Hendroff of Hillsong Church (Hillsong Worship)? Then Stereo Line 6 Helix is for you! Included are two patches: one using IR Cabs from Tone Junkie and the other using stock cabs. 

Purchase: $4.99 (the IR Cabs are included for free)

Song Patches

electric guitar on stage helix

These are designed to imitate the guitar sounds for specific songs. Every patch comes with both an IR-ready version as well as a stock Helix cab version. These are created to be used in ‘Snapshot’ modes as well as being set up with snapshots for various parts within a song.

Alive in You (Jesus Culture) – Line 6 Helix Patch

Build My Life – Passion – Line 6 Helix Patch

Do It Again – Elevation Worship – Line 6 Helix Patch

Glory to Glory – Bethel Music – Line 6 Helix Patch

Building Blocks Series (Free)

The building blocks series are patches made to give you a database of effects sounds precisely dialed in for modern music. Every patch comprises several effects within a single category – drives, reverbs, delays, and modulation. You can copy effects blocks from the patches and add them to a new or current patch to instantly create sounds that will work well each time.

Modulation – Line 6 HX Effects & Helix Patch

Modulation patch for the Line 6 HX Effects and Helix are six mod effects dialled in for modern music.

Delays – Line 6 HX Effects & Helix Patch

Delays patch for the Line 6 HX Effects and Helix are six delays precisely dialled in for modern music.

Ambient Reverbs – Line 6 HX Effects & Helix Patch

Ambient reverbs patch for the Line 6 HX Effects and Helix are six ambient reverbs methodically dialled in for modern worship music.


guitar pedals

Some of these purchases will be the best you have made and will allow you to push your music to new limits and probably discover much more. The sound and usability of using patches and presets will be worth it.

Start composing parts as soon as you plug in your guitar, tweak, and automate to your heart’s content without letting technology get in the way of creativity. We hope you enjoyed our picks for the best helix patches for sale!


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