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Best Singing Lessons Available In The US

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Are you based in the US? Want to find a teacher that will take your singing to the next level? What are the techniques taught in singing lessons that every singer needs to know? Want to strengthen your voice and properly warm up before every performance? We all know what happens when we do not warm up or don’t use vocal techniques. We will take you through the list of the best singing teachers around the US – maybe you already use them? 

Why Are Singing Lessons Important? 

Singing lessons are important for singers. They help to develop and improve their vocal technique, range, breath control, tone, pitch accuracy, and overall performance skills. Singing lessons can also help singers to overcome vocal problems such as strain, hoarseness, and vocal fatigue. 

Additionally, singing lessons can provide guidance on proper warm-up and cool-down techniques. As well as tips on how to care for the voice and prevent vocal injuries. Ultimately, singing lessons can help singers to reach their full potential and become confident, skilled performers.

Everything mentioned above would be covered in any lesson that these singing teachers gave you. 

Best Singing Lessons In The US

Linda Lewellyn

Singing Lessons

Her voice lessons are based on 10 years of classical Bel Canto vocal study. 

Bel Canto vocal study is a technique that emphasizes the beauty and purity of the voice. It was developed in Italy during the 18th and 19th centuries. It is characterized by a focus on breath control, vocal agility, and the use of a clear, bright tone. The technique is designed to produce a smooth and seamless sound throughout the singer’s range, with particular attention paid to the upper register. The study typically involves a combination of vocal exercises, such as scales and arpeggios, and the performance of arias and songs from the classical repertoire.

She also has 30+ years of pop/rock/jazz performance and she really inspires those who want to take up singing lessons from scratch or those who have been singing for years. 

Structure Of The Singing Lesson

A typical lesson is 50 minutes per week, or every other week.  She starts with a 10 minute stretch and warm-up, work your voice for about 30 minutes, then 10 minutes for a song. This can always be adapted to the singer and their goals, ability. 


Voice Lessons

Voice Lesson (Initial/A La Carte Student on Zoom)

50 minutes @ $85.00

Voice Lesson (Initial/A La Carte Student in person)

50 minutes @ $95.00

Video Courses

Singing Simply from the Soul (1.75 hr pre-recorded video download) – $18.00 

Singing Simply from the Soul – Deep Dive! (Three 1.25 hr pre-recorded video downloads) – $28.00

“Linda is one of the few voice coaches that I recommend. She inspires shy beginners, and redirects professionals to a more streamlined way of singing without changing their vocal personalities.” – Rebecca Folsom, singer/songwriter

Contact Details

Linda Lewellyn (303) 443-9490

1419 Pine St. Boulder, CO 80301

You can find out more using this link here

30 Day Singer

Singing Lessons

30 Day Singer is an online singing program that offers structured and comprehensive lessons to help singers improve their vocal skills in just 30 days. The program is designed for singers of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and covers a wide range of topics including breathing techniques, vocal warm-ups, pitch control, tone quality, and more.

30 Day Singer features high-quality video lessons taught by professional singers and vocal coaches, as well as interactive exercises and practice sessions. 

The lessons are easy to follow and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, making it a flexible and convenient option for singers with busy schedules.30 Day Singer also provides personalized feedback and support from vocal coaches, who are available to answer questions and provide guidance throughout the program. 

This feedback helps singers identify areas for improvement and make progress more quickly.Overall, 30 Day Singer is an effective and affordable way for singers to improve their vocal skills, gain confidence, and achieve their singing goals.

The course is designed for singers with no experience or want to go back and study the basics.


There are three different types of subscription. You can always start with a 14 day free trial, to see if these type of singing lessons work for you. If you chose to start paying monthly, then you can upgrade to a monthly subscription of $29.95 or an annual membership, which works out as $10.75 per month, which includes four bonus gifts. 

You can find out more using this link here


Singing Lessons

Singeo is a comprehensive vocal training and coaching app designed to help singers improve their vocal skills and technique. It offers a variety of features and tools such as pitch detection, voice analysis, and personalized exercises to help singers develop their range, tone, and control. 

Singeo also provides feedback and guidance on areas that need improvement, and allows singers to track their progress over time. Additionally, Singeo offers a library of songs and exercises to practice with, as well as the ability to record and share performances with others. Overall, Singeo can help singers of all levels improve their vocal abilities and reach their full potential.

Singeo is a good platform for beginners who want to learn how to sing. It offers a variety of exercises and lessons to help users improve their vocal skills.


You can try it out for free for the first 7 days, and then you can start paying £30 per month or pay an annual fee, which is $240 per year and $20 per month. 


You can find out more using this link here



Singorama is a comprehensive online singing course designed to help singers of all levels improve their vocal skills. It offers a range of lessons, exercises, and tools that cover everything from basic vocal techniques to advanced performance skills. The course includes modules on breathing, pitch, tone, rhythm, and more. It also provides tips on how to overcome stage fright and build confidence as a performer. 

Additionally, Singorama offers a variety of bonuses, including software for recording and mixing songs, a guide to songwriting, and a set of warm-up exercises. Overall, Singorama is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their singing abilities and take their performance to the next level.


There is a one off fee of $67.00.

You can find out more using this link here

School Of Rock

School of Rock

School of Rock offers singing lessons for students of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced performers. Experienced vocal coaches work with each student to develop their unique voice, build confidence, and improve their technique. Lessons are tailored to each student’s individual goals and interests, whether they want to improve their range, prepare for an audition, or simply enjoy singing as a hobby. 

Coaches use a variety of techniques to help students improve their singing skills, including warm-ups, breathing exercises, and vocal exercises. In addition to individual lessons, students have the opportunity to participate in group rehearsals and performances, where they can apply their skills in a supportive and collaborative environment. 

The performance-based approach helps students develop their stage presence and build their confidence as performers. At School of Rock, anyone can learn to sing, regardless of their age or skill level. 

Singing lessons are designed to be fun, engaging, and effective, helping students achieve their goals and reach their full potential as singers.

Lessons are offered from preschoolers all the way up to adults. 


You can schedule a free trial. If you choose to take your singing lessons further, then depending on the program, School of Rock’s singing lessons can cost from around $275 to $450 or more per month.

You can find out more using this link here

The Roger Love Singing Academy

Singing Lessons

So many people, not just singers, need a voice coach. The human voice is an instrument that you need to take care of. And Roger allows you to do just that. 

The Roger Love Singing Academy is an online platform that provides singing lessons and vocal coaching to individuals of all skill levels. It was founded by renowned vocal coach Roger Love, who has worked with numerous high-profile clients in the music and entertainment industry. These include Selena Gomez, John Mayer and Gwen Stefani. 

The academy offers a variety of courses, including a beginner’s course, advanced courses, and specialized courses such as singing for actors and public speakers. The lessons are designed to help students improve their vocal range, tone, and control, as well as their overall performance skills. 

This academy also provides personalized feedback and coaching to help students achieve their individual goals. In addition to the online courses, the academy also offers live events, workshops, and private coaching sessions. Overall, the Roger Love Singing Academy is a comprehensive resource for anyone looking to improve their singing abilities and enhance their overall performance skills.


There are 3 levels as Roger calls them on his website, at varying prices. 

Learn Roger’s Technique; including the basics of mastering all three of your voices: Head, Chest & Middle Voice – $197

Apply Roger’s Technique; you will learn how to sing 6 new styles of music as Roger teaches you online singing techniques to take your voice to another level – $297

Performance Magic; The most comprehensive vocal instruction available, where you develop stage presence, microphone techniques, connecting with an audience and focus on you & your originality – $497

You can find out more using this link here

Singing Techniques & Warm Ups

Singing techniques and warm-ups as we have learnt are essential for improving vocal range, tone, and control. Some common techniques include breath control, proper posture, vocal resonance, and articulation. 

Warm-ups typically involve exercises that gradually increase in intensity and range, such as lip trills, humming, and scales. It’s important to warm up before singing to prevent vocal strain and injury.

Conclusion – Singing Lessons

There are many singing lessons available in the USA, offered by private instructors, music schools, and online platforms. It’s important to research and compare options to find the best fit for your needs and budget. 


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