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7Digital Review

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This article review will explore 7Digital, a digital music and radio streaming service. 7Digital provides users with access to an extensive library of music, radio stations, and podcasts.

We will examine the features and benefits of the service, as well as its overall ease of use. Additionally, we will discuss the user experience and pricing. Finally, we will offer our overall opinion of 7Digital and provide a recommendation.

Who are 7Digital?

With over sixteen years in the hi-res music download industry, 7digital stands out from its competitors. Its website is intuitively designed and straightforward to use, boasting minimal fuss and featuring a few highlighted albums with editorial context. Additionally, it offers a variety of music collections such as the week’s newest hits, genre highlights, and artist best-ofs.

What do they offer?

7digital offers an accurate and useful search function, which brings up artists, albums, and tracks that may be of interest. Hi-res recordings can be easily identified with the “24-bit FLAC” badge featured on each album or song thumbnail. Additionally, there is a dedicated hi-res section for those seeking higher-quality recordings.

Using 7Digital as an artist

7Digital is a great platform for artists to promote their music. It allows you to upload your tracks and create a profile, where you can share your music with your fans. You can also set up a store on the platform, where you can sell your music and merchandise.

The digital streaming platform also has a built-in radio feature, which allows you to stream your music to listeners around the world. Additionally, 7Digital offers a range of analytics and insights, which allow you to track your performance and see how your music is being received.

Finally, 7Digital also has a range of promotional tools, such as social media integration, that allow you to reach out to new fans and build a larger fanbase.

However, 7digital only allows for FLAC downloads – WAV and AIFF fans will have to look elsewhere to find their preferred file format. This may be a limitation for some users but overall should not cause too much disruption.


7Digital – Jazz and Classical music

If 7digital’s design wasn’t enough to draw music downloaders in, its extensive catalogue certainly will. With the four major record labels on board, hi-res music is no longer reserved for jazz and classical; pop and rap are also available. While we found that current music is more likely to be in 24-bit/44.1kHz or 24-bit/96kHz than 192kHz, this is due to the record labels rather than 7digital itself. 

Overall, we believe this catalogue would satisfy most needs; however, if you are looking for jazz or classical music specifically, you may find a deeper selection at a specialized store.


7digital offers competitive pricing, usually the same or cheaper than its competitors. Every week, there are discounts on popular records and individual tracks for sale as well as full albums – with 30-second previews to help you decide.

After paying for your purchases, they can be found in the Your Music section of the website. To save time when downloading multiple tracks, it is recommended to use a download manager – though this can also be done one at a time.


7digital is a leader in the industry, having provided download services to other companies. It’s no surprise then that its own music service is top-notch. With a vast selection of high-quality songs from all genres and an intuitive website for purchasing music, 7digital stands out as one of the best options for downloading music.


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