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Music Week Magazine Review

Photograph of the blog post author, Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson


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Music Week is a subscription magazine in the UK music industry trade. Created in 1959 as Record Retailer, the subscription-only publication was initially read for decades only by industry insiders.

music week logo

It is the No. 1 weekly trade magazine for anyone who needs to understand the business of music. 

However, with the decline in circulation in 1997-98, they decided to take the bold step to redesign the magazine with a picture cover. They also decided to make it available to newsagents. 

The magazine now runs articles that are more accessible to the public and less like a publication. Endeavoring to inform the industry about trends and what is currently selling.

All these years later the magazine is still a crucial news source in the industry. Which is why we have decided to talk about it today. 

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about Music Week!

What Is Music Week?

music week magazine

It is known as the leading trade media brand for the UK’s music industry. 

Available for more than 50 years, it is vital reading for anyone who wants to understand the music business.

In addition to covering industry news as and when it occurs, the editorial team also creates exclusive content. Which goes deeper into the key issues of the industry.

Music Week has unparalleled access to the most influential business executives. Within the UK and around the world. 

Their exceptional relationships with various trade bodies and chart providers include the UK’s Official Charts Company. This means they can analyze the data and trends behind the modern music industry.

In 2003, the magazine relaunched its website to incorporate daily news and features. They also included record release listings and UK sales, airplay, and club charts.

A few years later, a separate free-to-access site for the Music Week Directory listed 10,000 contacts in the UK music industry.

In 2011, the magazine was sold to Intent Media. In the first edition under new ownership, it was proclaimed that the title would alter its day of publication from Monday to Thursday.

NewBay Media acquired Intent Media in 2012. Then Future acquired NewBay Media in 2018.

What Does Music Week Do?

They distribute all the latest music industry news, hard-hitting opinion as well as in-depth features, profiles, and analyses.

They also bring readers award ceremonies, events, and specialist coverage for bands. As well as coverage for charts, labels, management, publishing and sync, media, retail, and talent.

Music Week is vital reading for all top industry executives. They use their coverage to help shape strategy. And to also make decisions and network with peers, colleagues, and industry experts.

The publication aims to champion new music and showcases the newest upcoming talent and detail all the latest key releases.

This happens through their Playlist, Tastemakers, and On the Radar sections. As well as the quarterly live event RADAR.

Their range of reputable awards ceremonies deliver a plethora of exclusive opportunities for face-to-face networking, discussion, and discovery.

Music Week Awards


The year begins with the Music Week Awards. It is one of the biggest nights in the UK music industry calendar. 

This is then followed by the Music Week Sync Awards. As well as the Women in Music Awards, which happens later in the season.

These ceremonies provide the industry with plenty of tailored opportunities to acknowledge talent. As well as individual and team achievements.  

The Awards ceremony for 2021 is due to take place in June at Battersea Evolution in London. The Music Week Awards are the UK’s only awards that recognize all areas of the music industry, so this will be a huge event!

Each year these prestigious awards are voted by peers and judged by an independent panel of professional judges.

Firmly established as the unparalleled badge of excellence for the sector, the awards were created to promote standards across the industry. By showcasing top-class performance and innovation.

Music Week Upfront Club Chart

The sales chart section of Music Week offers not only the main Official Charts Company UK Singles and Albums sales charts. But exclusive Midweek chart data, as well as a wide range of specialist listings.

Chart breakdown includes Singles and Albums – The Official UK chart, Airplay, and Club. The Midweek Chart is available Monday between 5:45 pm-midnight and Wednesday between 5:45 pm-midnight.

Where Can I Buy Music Week Magazine?

music week logo

You can buy a single copy or a subscription to Music Week Magazine from various newsagents.

The magazine’s back issues and additional copies are also available to buy via their back issues service. 

All you need to do is to email them or contact them by phone. Alternatively, you can visit to search for your local stockist.

  • Music subscription reference number (located on your invoice, address label with your magazine and renewal notices)
  • Company name and address details
  • Payment details

Lastly, Music Week subscribers have access to all available back issues from their archives. For the duration of their subscription via the app. Once the music magazine subscription has expired they will no longer have access to the archive.

Find out more on how to become a subscriber below! 

Music Week Directory


The music industry has been totally reformed and remodeled since 2010.

There has been an increase in streaming, a decline in the physical product as well as an expansion of the live sector.

Although the faces and formats may have altered over the years, one thing in the industry remains the same. This is the need for contacts.

The Music Week Directory remains the hard currency of the music industry and remains the go-to resource for potential opportunities.

It includes various companies and executives that could prove key for your business. It is the complete guide to discovering a variety of trusted contacts and resources within the UK music sector.

The vital directory is filled with thousands of contacts throughout all aspects of the industry. From labels, publishers, live agents, promoters, and press officers to booking agents, merchandisers, retailers, venues, studios, and van hire.

You can purchase a copy for only £50. It can be used as your starting point for forming your network of affiliates. Or, searching for new partners that may make all the difference to your career, business, or artist campaign

Music Week Pricing


Here is everything you need to know about the music week magazine subscription service. 


Firstly, the print magazine is £179 for 12 months.

You can enjoy the print magazine each Monday and set your agenda for the week ahead.

Also, you can create knowledgeable decisions with all the necessary music business information. And discover insightful opinions, analysis, and a global first look at exciting new artists.

Finally, you can get the Music Week Directory (book), worth £50 completely free

Premium (Print + Digital)

Currently with 20% off it is usually £249 but now £199.20 for 12 months!

Firstly, both Print and Digital are delivered on a Monday to enable you to set your agenda for the rest of the week. 

You can discover a wealth of news, new music coverage, and chart information in subscriber-only content.

Also, you can get in-depth journalism including Features, Magazine News, Charts, and Chart Analysis. As well as retrieve the midweek Chart Update before it’s available in the print edition. 

Lastly, you get access to unlimited online news with the daily Morning Brief newsletter. And finally, you can get the Week Directory (book), worth £50 completely free. 


With digital you get unlimited access to the Music Week website. You can discover insightful opinions, analysis, and global first-looks at exciting new artists.

You can also gain unlimited online news and stay ahead of the game with the daily Morning Briefing newsletter.

Lastly, you can also access their Directory (digital), worth £50 free. 

Similar News Sources to Music Week

As you have learned from this article, Music Week produces the latest industry news. As well as hard-hitting opinions, in-depth features, profiles, and analysis.

They also host award ceremonies and produce a music industry directory each year.

However, some other popular sources rival the company.

Let’s dive in!

Music Business Worldwide

music week subscription

Firstly, this publication is a free, in-depth news, insight, and analysis platform for the international music industry.

Music Business Worldwide is one of the main sources of up-to-date industry news and analysis.

This is because it is completely free and is a widely respected publication within the industry.

Fast Music News Podcast

music week subscription

The only music news podcast to make our top list. 

This short-form industry news podcast enables you to get a fast update on the industry headlines. 

It’s available to stream on Spotify, Apple, YouTube, and most other major podcast platforms.

Billboard Biz


The online extension of Billboard magazine.

Billboard Biz is an influential online destination for business. 

Here you can receive up-to-date business news and chat data from Billboard.

This site is updated various times a day. And is one of the best places to go for any breaking industry news.


cmu logo

CMU is another news service and website aimed at people working in the UK music business. It primarily offers news and information regarding the industry.

CMU is owned by UnLimited Media. Which also publishes the Edinburgh Festival magazine ThreeWeeks.

The publication is now best known for its daily email newsletter, the CMU Daily.

That Was Our Review of Music Week

music week subscription

There you have it, a brief overview of Music Week!

It is a great publication that compiles and publishes music entertainment weekly. As well as club charts supplied by DJs in nightclubs such as Upfront Club Top 40, Commercial Pop Top 30, and Urban Top 30. 

Music Week has been the voice of the music business for more than 50 years, and we are pleased to see it still standing!

You could also get your music into film, TV games, or adverts through our sync licensing services. Book a call with our head of sync licensing here!


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