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Music News

Mind Charity Event: A Huge Success

Photograph of the blog post author, Jon



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Mind Charity Event: A Huge Success

Sliding into a venue to pizza, free drinks, an exclusive music video preview and more all in the name of a great cause. Sounds like a dream right? It was for us and we hope for everyone else attending too!

Мusic Gateway Charity Event for Mind

Last night’s event was absolutely amazing and we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came along to Ticketmaster’s Imperial Bar! The event was in support of Mind, which is a charity for better mental health.

Charity Football Game

It followed a charity football game that had 11 celebs and 11 ex-professional footballers play off against one another. The game was an absolute success, and a total of £3000 was raised for Mind! Joshua Lloyd from our very own artist development roster also had the joy of playing so we’re very proud of him for getting stuck in!

Mind Football Charity event with Мusic Gateway

Last night also featured an exclusive sneak preview of his music video for his debut single ‘White Flag’. Joshua’s message of never giving up and spreading positivity is one that we think many people can get behind. It premiers today at 4 pm GMT on Music Crowns. Share it on your social media if you know anyone who could do with hearing that message.

Thank You

We’d like to say a special thank you to Gordon and Pamela for organising the football game and getting all the celebs and footballers to come together for the cause! Thanks to Ticketmaster for the amazing venue (what other venue has a slide in it?). We’d also like to say thank you to Pizza Express and especially Riz from the Islington branch for providing pizzas and dough balls for the event.

Pamela and Gordon boateng at Music gateway Mind charity event

Once again, we’re humbled by all the support and it’s great seeing people get together to support such a great cause. We took a load of photos on the night and you can find most of them here. Did you find yourself looking down our camera lens on the night? Take a look and tag yourself!

If you have an inspiring story to do with mental health, we’d love to hear about it! So get in touch with us via our social media or [email protected]


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