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Music News

Universal Publishing Production Music Provides A Streamlined Project Management Solution

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Universal Publishing Production Music (UPPM), the world’s leading music production company, is bringing its composers advanced tools through a new relationship with Мusic Gateway, a B2B platform designed to allow creative and music industry professionals to work together in a global capacity.

All UPPM composers of production music worldwide will now be able to access Мusic Gateway’s Private Network Solution, a niche project management tool built specifically for the music industry and the creative process between producers and composers submitting their music for review.  

Since developing Private Network Solution in December 2014, Мusic Gateway has been working closely with UPPM to customize the service to create the most advanced system to support UPPM composers’ needs.  

With a customisable set-up, the solution works for record labels, publishers, music supervisors and education, all of whom securely manage sync briefs, A&R projects and various creative processes. In order to provide UPPM composers with the highest level of security, the website also includes SSL encryption and is independently verified as cyber security.

Gary Gross, Worldwide President of UPPM, said:

“Centralizing the way our music is curated and managed along the production process brings us significant organizational efficiency. It also allows us to share our global pool of composers across the creative territories and redirect valuable resource back to serving our clients. Through the use of Мusic Gateway’s solution there is a clearer communication and a greater collaboration across the management teams.”

Мusic Gateway CEO & Founder, Jon Skinner spoke fondly about the new working relationship between the two companies:

“UPPM lead the market for high quality production music and it’s a pleasure to be working with them on improving their working processes. It speaks volumes about our solution and the value it provides their management team on a global scale.”

About Universal Publishing Production Music:

Part of the Universal Music Publishing Group, Universal Publishing Production Music is the world’s leading music production company featuring a music catalogue of unrivalled breadth and depth, crafted specifically for media use.

Covering all genres, moods, emotions and project types, UPPM’s ever-expanding library is created by a roster of top artists and composers from around the globe. UPPM produces imaginative music and builds creative partnerships to form a suite of labels that add depth and individuality to our catalogue – each with its own unique style and heritage.

Dedicated to helping clients create emotional and memorable audiovisual experiences, UPPM offers full music supervision services including free music searches, bespoke music edits, re-versioning and commissioned music.


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