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The Definitive Guide to Spotify

Photograph of the blog post author, Sebastian Wolf

Sebastian Wolf


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We live in an era where the rhythm of our lives is a soundtrack of our own curation, and Spotify has emerged as the maestro. The world-class audio streaming platform has revolutionised how we listen to music and podcasts. But are you using it to its full potential? 

Get ready for the ultimate tour of Spotify, the world’s favourite streaming platform. This deep-diving article will help you navigate Spotify’s vast ocean of features. We’ll explore it all – from expert-curated playlists and audiobooks to personalised recommendations and social sharing. You’re in for an exciting journey!

We’ll also take a closer look at the history of the now iconic streaming service, examine its corporate structure, and discover fun third-party services that can further enhance your streaming sessions. 

Whether you’re a casual listener or a dedicated audiophile, there’s always something new to discover. So, sit back, get comfy, press play, and let’s dive into the musical universe that is Spotify.

Table of Contents

What Is Spotify?

User Interface

Spotify is a global digital service provider (DSP) that offers access to millions of songs, podcasts, and videos. Founded in 2006 and launched in 2008, the platform has grown to become one of the world’s most popular streaming services. 

It works on a freemium model. This means basic features are free, with advertisements, while additional features, such as ad-free listening, are available with a paid subscription.

The beauty of Spotify lies in its accessibility and variety. With it, you can discover new music, play your favourite songs, and create playlists to suit your mood or activity. The platform has it all, whether you’re into pop, EDM, metal, jazz, or any other genre.

Following nearly two decades of exponential growth, the service has become more than just a music app. It connects artists and listeners, providing a space for music discovery, appreciation, and sharing. 

Spotify Features

Aside from offering access to millions of songs from around the world, the platform provides a comprehensive range of content and features to enhance the user’s auditory experience.


The service has set the standard for personalisation in the streaming industry by creating a uniquely tailored experience for each user. With powerful machine learning algorithms to analyse listening habits, including a user’s most played songs, artists, and genres, it provides personalised recommendations and playlists that align with the individual’s musical preferences.

One of Spotify’s most lauded personalisation features is its ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist, which is refreshed every Monday. This playlist offers users a curated list of songs that they are likely to enjoy based on their listening patterns. 

Similarly, ‘Daily Mixes’ provide users with several playlists that blend their favourite tracks with new discoveries. During playback, users also can customise audio dynamics by changing settings in the Spotify Equalizer.


Spotify Playlists

Playlists are an essential part of any streaming service. They allow users to create, share, and listen to customised lists of songs. As a result, users can curate their music experience in a powerful and personalised way.

Users can create their own playlists by selecting individual tracks. Alternatively, they can browse through a vast number of playlists curated by members, guest experts, or the platform’s own algorithm.

Spotify playlists are incredibly versatile. They can be created based on moods, genres, artists, themes, or even specific activities such as working out or studying. Additionally, the platform creates custom playlists for its users, tailored to your unique musical taste. These provide a constant stream of new music matched to your listening preferences.

Playlists have also become a significant platform for musicians and producers. They provide ample opportunities for exposure and can be an effective way for emerging artists to reach new listeners. 

User-Friendly Interface

The platform receives plaudits for its user-friendly interface, meticulously designed to ensure an intuitive experience. It’s streamlined and simple, making it easy for users to navigate and explore the vast library. Spotify offers a seamless experience, whether the user is creating playlists, searching for new music, or exploring curated recommendations.

The design choice is visually appealing, with a clean and uncluttered layout, clear icons, and easy-to-read text. This reduces cognitive load, making it easier to focus on the task at hand – enjoying your favourite music or discovering new tracks. Moreover, the interface is pretty consistent across different devices. Whether using a desktop, mobile, or tablet, users will be welcomed with a familiar experience wherever they listen.


Spotify Podcasts

Spotify podcasts cover many interests, from news and politics to health, technology, business, and entertainment. No matter what topic you fancy, browsing and selecting content from the vast library is easy. In addition to hosting well-known podcast series, the platform also produces original podcasts. 

These exclusive series include shows like the Joe Rogan Spotify podcast, often voted one of the best podcasts on Spotify. This strategy of offering unique, engaging, and exclusive content helps to attract new users and retain existing ones.

Algorithms are also hard at work in podcasts, allowing users to receive podcast recommendations based on their listening habits. This increases listener engagement and ensures that users can continually access content that aligns with their interests.

The Top Ten Spotify Podcasts

With over five million podcast titles available on Spotify, listeners have a practically endless choice of shows to enjoy. That said, diving into the world of podcasts for the first time, it can be tricky to know where to start! To help you get on your way, here’s our pick of ten essential Spotify podcasts available right now.

1. The Louis Theroux Podcast

In this Spotify-exclusive podcast, the British documentarian, journalist, and broadcaster engages in a series of fascinating in-depth conversations with prominent figures from around the world, including musicians, actors, and fellow commentators.

2. The Joe Rogan Experience

‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ is a long-form conversation hosted by comedian Joe Rogan with a wide array of guests. The podcast covers an expansive list of topics, including comedy, MMA fighters and their battles, psychedelic experiences, pop culture, and political discourse. With over 1500 episodes, the Joe Rogan Experience has developed an extensive following worldwide, gaining recognition for its insightful content, candid conversations, and thought-provoking ideas.

3. This American Life

‘This American Life’ offers listeners an in-depth and unique perspective on everyday life and experiences. It delves into various themes, from personal stories to investigative journalism, all aimed at providing a true representation of American life. Produced by WBEZ Chicago and presented by Ira Glass, the podcast has become popular among enthusiasts for its ability to weave compelling, thought-provoking, and emotionally engaging narratives.

4. Stuff You Should Know

‘Stuff You Should Know’ is an informative and enlightening program that delves into a wide array of topics, from the esoteric to the everyday. Whether exploring the intricacies of quantum physics or the history of blue jeans, the podcast’s engaging blend of humour and knowledge offers an accessible gateway to better understanding our world.

5. Call Her Daddy

Hosted by Alex Cooper, ‘Call Her Daddy’ is a popular production that has gained significant attention in the online community. The show delves into explicit and intimate details of her life, often focusing on relationships, social encounters, and personal experiences. The podcast has earned a substantial following and sparked numerous discussions for its candid approach to often taboo subjects.

6. Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’ is a weekly podcast hosted by the renowned television host and comedian Conan O’Brien. The show features engaging and humorous conversations with celebrities and friends from the entertainment industry. Guests share personal stories, insights, and experiences for a rare glimpse into their real lives behind their public personas.

7. Crime Junkie

The ‘Crime Junkie’ podcast is a renowned and captivating series that delves into the world of true crime. Hosted by Ashley Flowers, it has built an enormous following thanks to its stimulating storytelling style, with each episode taking an in-depth look at different crime cases, ranging from unsolved mysteries to well-known criminal events. The podcast’s structured narrative and detailed research make it an alluring choice for individuals fascinated by crime investigations.

8. Office Ladies

‘Office Ladies’ is a unique digital platform that takes listeners behind the scenes of one of the most popular television shows of recent times, ‘The Office’. Hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, two of the show’s central cast members, the podcast offers an insider’s perspective, sharing anecdotes, trivia, and exclusive behind-the-scenes details about each episode.

9. The Always Sunny Podcast

‘The Always Sunny Podcast’ is dedicated to the hilarious and highly irreverent show, ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’. Presented by the show’s creators, Rob McElhenny, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton, along with show writer Megan Ganz, the podcast takes a look back at the show’s 16 and counting seasons, with the hosts sharing their memories of writing and filming the show.

10. TED Talks Daily

The ‘TED Talks Daily’ podcast features talks from experts spanning a wide range of fields – from science and business to literature and art. Each episode is a carefully curated presentation designed to encourage listeners to expand their knowledge, ignite their curiosity, and gain a deeper understanding of the world around them.

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is a much-anticipated year-end tradition. It offers users a comprehensive review of their listening habits over the course of a year. The innovative feature expertly blends Spotify analytics data and user engagement. In doing so, Wrapped highlights the top songs, artists, genres, and podcasts a user has indulged in. It also presents several interesting Spotify statistics, such as total listening time for a particular artist and overall listening time.

Not only does Wrapped provide a wealth of fascinating data, but it also includes an interesting analysis of your listening habits. The Listening Personality feature examines your listening habits and assigns you one of 16 different personality types. Your personality type details your penchant for new or classic music, your artist loyalty, and your tendencies to explore new sounds or stick to familiar favourites.

The Audio Day interactive story observes how your listening patterns evolve throughout an average day, picking up on particular moods during your mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Spotify’s Wrapped is an inherently shareable feature, with countless social media timelines and walls proudly displaying the end-of-year listening stats of users from around the world. But beyond simple sharing, Spotify has added an ever-extending range of supported social media options, including Snapchat filters, Wrapped cards for WhatsApp and Line, Custom GIFs, and even a special island in Roblox.

The Wrapped feature extends to artists, giving them an overview of their performance on the platform throughout the year. It details their total number of streams, where their listeners are based, and their music’s total play hours. This data-driven feedback allows artists to understand their audience better and strategise for the future.

Spotify Audiobooks


Alongside podcasts, there’s a great selection of audiobooks on Spotify, offering a convenient and easy-to-consume medium. These are especially popular with busy individuals who can listen to them while multitasking. The audiobook library includes a rich selection of titles. Everything from classic literature to contemporary bestsellers is available with a one-time purchase on the Spotify Web Player. 

Users can easily search for their favourite titles, authors, or genres, just like they would for music. And again, Spotify’s algorithm provides personalised recommendations to enhance the user’s experience.

Top Ten Audio Books on Spotify

Whether you’re a seasoned audiobook enthusiast or new to the genre, there’s always something new to discover. Here’s our guide to ten of the most popular audiobooks currently available on Spotify.

1. Mark Manson – ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

The audiobook version of Mark Manson’s ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life’ is a thought-provoking exploration of personal values and life’s purpose. Through his candid narration, Manson challenges traditional concepts of positivity, urging listeners to find meaning in the mundane and confront the realities of life. An enlightening guide for personal growth, this audiobook is a compelling call to redefine our approach towards happiness and success.

2. Michelle Obama – ‘Becoming

‘Becoming’ is an insightful audiobook narrated by Michelle Obama herself, providing listeners with an intimate look into her life. From her childhood in Chicago to her years at the White House as First Lady, Obama’s compelling narration captures the experiences that have shaped her. The audiobook is distinguished by her earnest and forthright narrative style, offering a deep understanding of her personal and professional journey.

3. Neil DeGrasse Tyson – ‘Astrophysics for People in a Hurry

Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s ‘Astrophysics for People in a Hurry’ is a brilliant audiobook that aims to explain complex astrophysical concepts in an easily comprehensible manner. Tyson, a world-renowned astrophysicist and science communicator, masterfully simplifies the vast universe into bite-sized pieces of knowledge, providing a swift and enlightening journey through the mysteries of the universe.

4. Prince Harry – ‘Spare

‘Spare’ meticulously captures the intriguing life of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex. With a blend of history, royal politics, and personal anecdotes, the audiobook presents a comprehensive narrative of his transition from being the ‘spare’ in the royal lineage to a globally celebrated personality. It delves into Prince Harry’s early life, military service, marriage to Meghan Markle, and their controversial decision to step back from royal duties. Providing an intimate look into his life, the audiobook gives listeners an opportunity to understand the prince beyond tabloid headlines.

5. Trevor Noah – ‘Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

‘Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood’ is an insightful memoir by comedian, political commentator, actor, and television host Trevor Noah. The autobiographical audiobook offers a deeply personal narrative of Noah’s tumultuous early life in South Africa during the final years of apartheid and the ensuing period of freedom. Narrated by Noah himself, the audiobook is a fascinating exploration of race, class, and power dynamics. Noah’s blend of humour and resilience in the face of adversity offers a unique perspective on systemic oppression and the daily realities of living in a racially divided society.

6. Billie Eilish – ‘Billie Eilish: In Her Words

‘Billie Eilish: In Her Words’ offers an intimate look into the life and creative process of the Grammy-winning artist. Providing an unparalleled insight into Eilish’s journey to stardom, this audio narration delves into her early influences, her unique approach to songwriting, and the experiences that have shaped her music and persona. A must-listen for fans and admirers, this audiobook encapsulates the essence of one of the most influential young artists of our time, narrated in her own candid and unfiltered words.

7. Oprah Winfrey – ‘The Path Made Clear: Discovering Your Life’s Direction and Purpose

Known for her wisdom and ability to inspire, Oprah uses ‘The Path Made Clear’ to guide listeners on a journey of self-discovery to find their purpose and direction in life. The audiobook features valuable insights and lessons from Oprah’s own life, as well as interviews with a variety of accomplished individuals. It serves as a source of inspiration and a practical guide for those seeking clarity about their life’s path.

8. Frank Herbert – ‘Dune

The audiobook of Frank Herbert’s iconic science fiction novel ‘Dune’ is a gripping auditory experience, offering listeners an immersive journey into Herbert’s intricate universe. Dune is widely acclaimed for its rich world-building, complex politics, and exploration of themes such as power, religion, and ecology.

The audiobook version brings these elements to life with expressive narration and soundscapes, enhancing the listener’s understanding and appreciation of Herbert’s vision. Clocking in at over 21 hours, the ‘Dune’ audiobook is a captivating experience for die-hard fans of the saga and newcomers alike.

9. Dave Grohl – ‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music

‘The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music’, by Dave Grohl, is a fascinating exploration into the life and career of one of rock music’s most influential figures. Grohl’s narration offers a personal connection, adding depth to the tales of his journey through the music industry. From his beginnings in Nirvana to his success with Foo Fighters, the audiobook provides an intimate look at Grohl’s experiences. The audiobook also delves into his personal life, revealing a side of Grohl that fans may not be familiar with.

10. Fearne Cotton – ‘Speak Your Truth

In the immersive ‘Speak Your Truth’ audiobook, Fearne Cotton’s soothing voice guides listeners on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. The narrative is deeply personal yet universally relatable, making it an engaging listen for those seeking to understand their own truth and find their voice. The audiobook goes beyond the traditional self-help genre, offering valuable insights into mental health, personal growth and the power of authenticity.


Top 50 Charts

Spotify Charts are a dynamic billboard for the most popular songs and albums that users are currently streaming. The charts are updated daily, reflecting real-time trends and the preferences of millions of users from across the globe. 

The charts provide invaluable insight into current music trends, revealing what listeners worldwide are currently tuning into. They’re a finger on the pulse of popular music, often predicting breakout artists and tracks before they gain mainstream recognition. A high chart ranking can significantly boost an artist’s profile. In turn, this can lead to increased visibility and opportunities within the industry.

The charts include categories such as the Global Top 50, Viral 50, country-specific, and even city-specific charts. With these lists, users can discover the latest movers and shakers, globally and within their region.

Social Features

The integrated social features allow users to share playlists with friends and see what others are listening to. With Spotify Blend, for instance, you can access a shared playlist that combines the music you and your friends enjoy and updates each day according to your listening habits. Using Blend is simple.

To add friends to a Blend playlist, you only need to open your playlist, tap Blend, and then tap the add person button. You can then select ‘Invite more’ to add your friends to your playlist. Moreover, you can also choose to blend with one of your favourite artists and see how your music tastes compare.

After creating your Blend story, you can share it quickly and easily on all popular social media platforms by opening your Blend, tapping the three dots, and then following ‘View Blend story’ > ‘Share this story’.

Pet Playlists

As we navigate the trials and tribulations of the modern world, many of us choose to do so in the company of pets. And following the release of pet-related stats by Spotify, it’s clear that most pet parents see their charge as more than a mouth to feed.

Spotify for Pets Playlist

In an online survey conducted by the streaming platform, 71% of respondees admitted to playing music specifically for their pets, while 80% believe that their pet enjoys the music that they play. Adorably, 69% of owners confessed to singing to their pet, while only a slightly smaller number owned up to boogying with their furry/feathery/scaly friend while listening to music.

If you feel like you would fit into one of the above demographics and you’re looking for tunes to amuse your faithful companion, try out the fun Spotify for Pets mini-feature. Provide a few details about your pet’s personality, upload a photo, and you’ll be rewarded with a special Spotify pet playlist. Honestly, I don’t know if my cats enjoy the post-hardcore stylings of Brutus or the goth metal of Type O Negative quite as much as I do. But now that they have their own playlists, we can find out!

Ways To Enjoy Spotify

No matter whether you enjoy listening to music while you’re working out, driving, or from the comfort of your home, Spotify offers a variety of platforms from which you can access your library. Moreover, the streaming service offers support on a number of devices and doesn’t discriminate between operating systems. Apple advocates, Windows aficionados, and Android fans can all make the most of Spotify’s fantastic offerings. Here are the top ways to access Spotify’s wonderful offerings:

Spotify Web Player

Spotify Web App

The web-based Spotify player is highly user-friendly, providing an accessible platform for individuals to explore audio content. Being a web-based application, you can enjoy Spotify online without requiring any software download or installation.

You can stream your favourite tracks, create playlists, and discover new music and podcasts from the comfort of your browser.

Spotify App

Spotify App

The iOS and Android-compatible mobile app is the most popular way to access the service. The app brings your music library to your smartphone and tablet so you can enjoy it wherever you are.


Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect allows users to play music across multiple devices seamlessly. Whether it’s your smartphone, desktop PC, smart TV, or your car, you can switch between devices without interrupting your music flow. Accessing Connect is simple. Start playing music and click the Connect icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, just select the device you want to play music through.

Car Thing

The Spotify Car Thing was designed to improve the experience of using the platform while in your vehicle. After connecting the device to your smartphone’s Wi-Fi or mobile data, you could access your content using the Car Thing’s oversized touchscreen buttons and voice commands.

Despite being hyped by the company as late as Spring 2022, the Car Thing was discontinued in July 2022.

Third-Party Tools

As the platform has developed over the years, an increasing number of third-party tools have appeared that can integrate into it using the Spotify API. These services can further enhance the user experience and provide additional stats.

Spotify Pie

Similar to Wrapped, Spotify Pie Charts offer a visual representation of your listening habits. However, unlike the annual Wrapped feature, your Spotify Pie Chart is updated monthly. As a result, you can see how your listening habits evolve throughout the year. 

The results can be weird and wonderful, depending on how eclectic your tastes are. This writer’s Spotify pie currently includes a healthy mix of Norwegian black metal, German pop rap, and goth rock. And Norah Jones, obviously.

Spotify Pie Chart



The third-party Instafest uses Spotify data to generate your dream festival lineup. The result is similar to the third-party Pie Chart. However, your Instafest Spotify festival lineup poster includes up to 35 of your most-played artists. 

Creating your Instafest poster is a doddle. After visiting the website, click “Sign in with Spotify” and follow the steps to connect your Spotify account data to the Instafest service. You can then choose to customise your poster, with a choice of styles and the option to include data from the previous four weeks, six months, or all-time.

After creating and customising your poster, you can see your festival headliners and a stacked support card for a hypothetical three-day event. Additionally, your results will include a ‘Basic Score’, showing exactly how niche your music tastes are.

Spotify Iceberg


If you’ve ever wanted to know how mainstream or underground your musical preferences are, Icebergify is the app for you. After connecting to your account, it will show your top artists based on your play history. The prominent, mainstream artists you like are at the top of the iceberg.

As you move down the iceberg and beneath the water level, your favourite artists are listed in descending popularity. When you reach the bottom, you’ll find the truly obscure acts that you listen to!

Judge My Spotify

How Bad Is Your Streaming Music

How bad is your Spotify history? Well, using How Bad Is Your Streaming Music, a popular third-party ‘Judge My Spotify’ service by The Pudding, you’re about to find out! The site uses a simple AI program to analyse your listening habits. But rather than display the results in a pleasing graphic, the service will mercilessly mock your music taste.

Receiptify Spotify Receipt


Spotify Receiptify is an excellent third-party service created by Michelle Liu and hosted by Heroku. It lets you create a mock-up receipt detailing all your listening habits in the form of a listening shopping spree. After linking your Spotify data, you can generate receipts for your most played artists and the tracks you’ve been spinning the most over the last month, the previous six months, and your all-time stats.

But interestingly, Receiptify goes even deeper than that. You can generate a receipt detailing your top genres, along with a fascinating stats receipt that goes deeper than most to give you an even greater insight into the music you like. On the stats receipt, you can view how popular your top songs and artists are and a range of curious details about your favourite tracks, including average age, tempo, happiness, energy, and danceability.



MusixMatch, the world’s leading music data company, is on a mission to empower music fans and businesses worldwide. With their enriching data, cutting-edge tools, and comprehensive services, they strive to create a more vibrant and immersive music experience across the globe. Boasting a library of lyrics for over 8 million tracks, with translations in 80 languages, MusixMatch ensures that music lovers can connect with their favourite songs regardless of their native language. Moreover, their time-synced lines and words feature allows for a visually captivating exploration of songs, enhancing the overall music listening experience.

But MusixMatch goes beyond just lyrics and translations. They provide an extensive range of enriched metadata, including information about moods, genres, tempo, and instruments, among others. This wealth of data enables users to dive deeper into the music they love and discover new tracks that resonate with their preferences.

Notably, MusixMatch has forged partnerships with renowned names in the industry, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Amazon Music, Facebook, Tidal, Shazam, Vevo, Google, and a host of popular lyrics websites. These collaborations further amplify the reach and impact of MusixMatch’s services, ensuring that their offerings are seamlessly integrated into the platforms that music enthusiasts already use and love.

With an active user base of 80 million, MusixMatch has already made a significant impact in revolutionising how people explore, discover, share, enjoy, create, and consume music worldwide. Their vision is to become an integral part of global musical culture, transcending boundaries of location and language. Whether you’re in London or Tokyo, whether you speak English or Swahili, MusixMatch is committed to providing an exceptional music experience that transcends language barriers and fosters cultural exchange.

MusixMatch for Creators

MusixMatch also provides a dedicated platform for artists, songwriters, and lyricists to share their creative work with a diverse global audience. The platform empowers creators by providing them with all the tools they need to promote their lyrics:

Adding, Editing, and Syncing Lyrics: With MusixMatch, you can effortlessly add or edit lyrics to your tracks, making it convenient for your fans to sing along. Not only that, but you can also synchronise your lyrics with the music in real time. It’s akin to conducting your very own orchestra but with words!

Distributing Lyrics to DSPs: Do you wish to share your lyrical genius far and wide? MusixMatch distributes your lyrics to top Digital Service Providers (DSPs) such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, along with popular social media networks like Instagram and Facebook. This makes it easier for fans to access your work, allowing you to reach larger audiences and cultivate fan engagement.

Creating Lyric Videos: With their excellent lyric video tool, you can add motion to your words with just a few clicks. Within seconds of choosing a template and loading your lyrics and background image, you’ll receive an automatically generated lyric video that’s perfect for sharing on social media.

Expert Lyric Curation: MusixMatch goes beyond just hosting lyrics. With a diverse team of expert curators who specialise in various languages and genres, they ensure that your lyrics are presented in the highest quality possible. The dedicated curators meticulously format and verify the lyrics to provide an unparalleled experience – leaving you to focus on making music.

Spotify Top Artists

Top Spotify Artists

As the most popular streaming platform, the biggest stars in music pick up some remarkably huge streaming figures on Spotify. International megastars can comfortably earn tens of millions of monthly listeners. The Weeknd currently leads the charge, with over 100 million unique listeners each month. However, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are just a little behind, with 91 million and 83 million respective monthly listeners.

For a deeper dive, we’ve compiled a list of some of the current biggest stars on Spotify and the biggest individual songs of all time.

Ten Most Streamed Artists on Spotify

Spotify Most Streamed Artists

1. Drake – 60 Billion Streams

Drake has been a significant force in the music industry. Globally renowned for his distinctive style of integrating rap and R&B, he has been a revolutionary force in the contemporary music scene. With over 60 billion Spotify streams and counting, the Canadian has made a monumental impact on digital platforms, reflecting the widespread appeal and popularity of his music.

2. Bad Bunny – 55 Billion Streams

With his innovative blend of reggaeton and Latin trap, Bad Bunny has been one of the biggest breakout stars of recent years. Indeed, he amassed 18 billion of his streams in 2022 alone! His unique style and powerful lyrics have resonated with millions of listeners worldwide, breaking cultural and generational barriers with ease.

3. Taylor Swift – 52 Billion Streams

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has established herself as one of the most influential figures in the modern music industry. Her relatable narrative songwriting and genre-spanning music, covering everything from country to pop to indie rock, has earned massive popularity worldwide.

Swift consistently ranks among the top global artists on Spotify and can point to over 55 billion total streams on the platform.

4. The Weeknd – 45 Billion Streams

Global phenomenon The Weeknd is famous for his unique blend of pop, hip-hop, R&B, and electro. With chart-topping hits like ‘Blinding Lights’ and ‘Starboy’, the Canadian performer has 45 billion streams and counting and is undoubtedly one of the world’s biggest stars.

5. Ed Sheeran – 43 Billion Streams

From humble beginnings, Ed Sheeran’s endearing fusion of pop, folk, and even urban elements has seen him become one of the biggest stars in contemporary music. His compelling lyrics, raw sound, and authentic performances have become a cornerstone of modern music, earning the acclaimed singer-songwriter widespread plaudits – and 43 billion streams on Spotify to boot.

6. Justin Bieber – 37 Billion Streams

The third artist on our list to hail from the Great White North, Grammy-winning singer Justin Bieber has been a significant player in the industry from a young age, after signing a record deal with rap star Usher at just 13. But it was his megahit ‘Baby’, released two years later, that would firmly set Bieber on the road to stardom. Since then, he has received critical acclaim for his distinctive voice and his ability to connect with his audience. With a current 37 billion streams, Justin Bieber has entered the realm of international fame and continues to be regarded as one of pop’s biggest stars.

7. Ariana Grande – 37 Billion Streams

Almost neck-and-neck with Justin in terms of Spotify streams, Ariana Grande is another entry on our list who has been in the industry from a young age. Since appearing on Broadway and in Nickelodeon TV shows in her teens, Ariana Grande has become a global sensation, wowing crowds with her four-octave vocal range and charismatic presence. Combining pop and R&B influences, her modern sound has secured Grande a place at the top table of modern music, as evidenced by her global appeal and incredible performance on digital platforms.

8. Eminem – 36 Billion Streams

Born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, Eminem revolutionised the landscape of rap music with his unique lyrical style and storytelling abilities. Somewhat uniquely, Eminem combines brash humour and irreverence with genuinely impactful songs, addressing themes of personal struggles and societal issues. In doing so, he has become an influential figure in the music industry, earning immense popularity and resonating deeply with a diverse audience.

9. BTS – 34 Billion Streams

Recent years have seen braver and more open modern Western audiences increasingly turn to different cultures in search of exciting new forms of entertainment, and arguably the biggest winner has been the Republic of Korea. Alongside a slew of highly binge-able South Korean TV dramas, K-pop has become one of the world’s fastest-growing music genres, with acts like BTS leading the charge.

With their intriguing mix of K-pop, hip-hop, and R&B, BTS have received more than 34 billion streams from around the world, reflecting a truly global appetite for their music.

10. Post Malone – 33 Billion Streams

Blending hip-hop, pop, and rock, Post Malone has secured worldwide fame with his introspective lyrics, bold vocal style, and catchy hooks. Since breaking out in 2015, the rapper, singer, and songwriter has had a number of chart-topping hits, including ‘Rockstar’, ‘Congratulations’, and ‘Circles’. His multiple Grammy nominations reflect his status as a significant player in the modern music industry, and he can also point to 33 billion Spotify streams as evidence of his international pulling power.

Most Streamed Songs on Spotify

Spotify Most Streamed Songs

1. Ed Sheeran – ‘Shape of You’: 4 Billion Streams

Offering a compelling mix of pop, dancehall, and house music, Ed Sheeran’s 2017 hit, ‘Shape of You’, sits proudly at the top of Spotify’s most streamed songs. The track’s infectious rhythm, heartfelt narrative lyrics, and catchy melody have appealed to listeners worldwide, giving Sheeran one of his biggest commercial successes.

2. The Weeknd – ‘Blinding Lights’: 3.7 Billion Streams

With a driving synthpop beat and hooky vocal melodies, The Weeknd’s ‘Blinding Lights’ quickly became a hit following its 2019 release. Evocative lyrics and a kitschy 80s-inspired sound ensured the track would become a permanent fixture on the airwaves. Moreover, ‘Blinding Lights’ would go on to break the record for the longest run in Billboard Hot 100 history.

3. Ed Sheeran – ‘Perfect’: 3.6 Billion Streams

A second entry for Suffolk’s most famous resident, ‘Perfect’ first appeared on Sheeran’s third album, 2017’s ‘÷’. With its romantic lyrics and catchy melodies, the song’s success is built on a celebratory theme of falling in love and finding your perfect match. Whether relating to the content or finding the subject matter desirable for their own future, listeners were drawn to the song en masse, resulting in 3.6 billion streams to date.

4. Luis Fonsi – ‘Despacito’: 3.3 Billion Streams

‘Despacito’ is a chart-topping reggaeton/pop hit from Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi. Also featuring an appearance from rapper Daddy Yankee, the song’s infectious rhythm, seductive lyrics, and earworm melodies saw it take the world by storm, raising the profile of Latin music.

5. Lewis Capaldi – ‘Someone You Loved’: 3 Billion Streams

Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi released ‘Someone You Loved’ in 2018. An emotional ballad, the track was celebrated for its raw and powerful storytelling and Capaldi’s heart-wrenching vocal performance. A universally-relatable anthem to love and loss, ‘Someone You Loved’ set Lewis Capaldi on his way to fame, amassing over three billion streams so far.

6. Tones and I – ‘Dance Monkey’: 2.9 Billion Streams

With its catchy electropop melody and unique vocal delivery, Tone and I’s ‘Dance Monkey’ was an unprecedented success. First released on the Australian singer-songwriter’s debut EP, 2019’s ‘The Kids Are Coming’, the song made waves around the world and became one of the most streamed songs of all time along the way.

7. Post Malone feat. Swae Lee – ‘Sunflower’: 2.8 Billion Streams

A standout song from the soundtrack to ‘Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse’, Post Malone’s 2018 hit ‘Sunflower’ displayed a perfect blend of confident hip-hop and introspective lyrics. Despite the track’s apparent musical simplicity, its emotionally resonant themes and memorable melody propelled it to be a global success, cementing Post Malone’s position as a household name in the process.

8. Glass Animals – ‘Heat Waves’: 2.8 Billion Streams

Seamlessly merging indie rock with psychedelic pop, ‘Heat Waves’, by British band Glass Animals, quickly developed into a smash hit soon after its release. A modern-day pop masterpiece, the track’s unforgettable melody became a fixture in many popular playlists, resulting in a not-too-shabby 2.8 billion streams and position no. 8 in our list of the top ten most streamed songs on Spotify.

9. The Weeknd – ‘Save Your Tears’: 2.8 Billion Streams

A second entry for Canada’s The Weeknd, ‘Save Your Tears’ is a profound pop/R&B number that perfectly encapsulates Abel Tesfaye’s ability to tap into diverse genres and smoothly blend the results. With an engaging rhythm and typically memorable and emotive lyrics, ‘Save Your Tears’ continues to enchant listeners and has secured a current total of 2.8 billion streams.

10. Post Malone feat. 21 Savage – ‘Rockstar’: 2.7 Billion Streams

Post Malone’s 2017 chart-topping release, ‘Rockstar’ featured powerful performances from both Malone and 21 Savage. With its catchy melody and compelling lyrics, the track would prove to be Post Malone’s international breakout release, taking him to the number-one spot in countries around the world for the first time.

Free Vs Premium

Spotify Premium Benefits

Spotify Free meets the needs of many users, with access to the same huge library of over 100 million songs. However, if you’re debating whether to make the switch to Premium, here are the top benefits of a paid subscription:

Ad-Free Listening

Perhaps the single biggest benefit of a Premium subscription is an ad-free listening experience. Not everyone minds having ads between songs. If you find ads annoying, or if you’re playing music out loud, then a premium subscription could be for you.

Audio Quality

The Free plan offers a competitive level of audio quality. There’s a maximum bit rate of 160kbps on the desktop and mobile apps and 128kbps on the web player. Meanwhile, a Premium plan offers an upgrade on these figures, with rates of 320kbps and 256kbps for noticeably better performance.

Downloads and Listening Offline

Another great benefit of Premium is the ability to download songs to your smart device or PC. Offline listening is perfect if you’re travelling and need to hit the aeroplane mode button. Furthermore, it’s a lifesaver if you’re often in an area with spotty network coverage.

Playback Control

Playback Control

Free customers can only operate the mobile app in shuffle mode. As such, there’s little control over the playback order of an album or playlist. There also isn’t any ability to rewind or repeat tracks, and you can only skip six songs each hour. However, you can say goodbye to these restrictions if you upgrade to Premium. Subscribers can fast forward, rewind, and skip songs to their heart’s content.

Playback While Abroad

Free users can listen to their content for up to 14 days while travelling abroad. Conversely, no such restrictions exist for Premium subscribers. If you only go away once or twice a year, this probably isn’t a huge concern. But for those who rack up frequent flyer miles, a Premium plan should be a consideration.

How Much Is Spotify Premium?

Premium Plans

The Spotify cost depends on your circumstances, as different plans are available to suit different people’s needs. 

How Much Is Spotify Premium Individual?

Spotify’s flagship subscription model, the Individual plan, is available for £9.99 per month. As the name suggests, it includes one account that can enjoy all the benefits of a Premium plan.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Student?

The Spotify Student plan includes everything the Individual plan has but for the lower price of £5.99 per month. To access this special rate, you’ll need to provide proof of your enrolment at an institution of higher education. 

How Much Is Spotify Premium Duo?

The Spotify Duo plan includes full Premium access for two people living under the same roof. It’s perfect for cohabiting couples who want access to their own libraries. For just £13.99 a month, you’ll each have a Premium account. This means each user can build a library and have their own personalised recommendations.

How Much Is Spotify Premium Family?

The Spotify Premium Family plan is excellent for families and larger households. The monthly price of £16.99 includes Premium access for up to six people in the same home. You’ll also be able to access the Spotify Kids app for child-friendly streaming with the ability to block explicit songs.

Creating a Spotify Account: Sign Up for Spotify

Desktop App

To start your journey, you’ll first need to create a Spotify account. Signing up for Spotify is pretty straightforward. You can sign up using your email address or through Facebook, Apple, or Google accounts. Go to Spotify’s website, click ‘Get Started’, fill in the required details, and your account will be ready to go!

One important thing to remember when creating your account is to use an email address that you regularly check. Spotify will send you updates, recommendations, and other important notifications to this email. Also, create a strong password to protect your account from potential unauthorised access.

Once you’ve signed up, you can start exploring the world of music that the platform offers. Remember, the more you listen and engage with it, the better Spotify gets to know your tastes.

Spotify Login: Accessing Your Spotify Account

Accessing your account is as easy as the signup process. Head to the login page, then enter your username or email address and your password. Now, click on ‘Log In’, and you’re in! Once logged in, you can stay logged in for easier access in the future. Just make sure to log out of your account when using public or shared devices to ensure your account’s security. You can also use the Spotify Web Player login to go straight to your music.

If you ever forget your login details, don’t worry! You can reset your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link on the Spotify login page. You’ll then receive an email with instructions to reset your password. Always keep your account login details confidential to avoid unauthorised access to your account.

You can contact Spotify’s customer service for assistance if you encounter any issues during the Spotify log in process. They’re responsive and quick to help resolve any problems you may have.

Spotify Download: How To Download Spotify on Various Platforms

Mobile App

Spotify is available on multiple operating systems, including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. To download Spotify, first visit their website from your device. Click the ‘Download’ option on the top right of the page, and follow the prompts. You can also download the Spotify app from the App Store or Google Play Store for mobile devices.

For Mac users, the Spotify download Mac process is relatively straightforward. Visit the Spotify website, click the ‘Download’ option, and choose ‘MacOS’. After allowing the download, it will start immediately, and once completed, you can install the application by following the prompts.

Similarly, Windows users must click ‘Download’ and choose ‘Windows’ before completing the installation as standard.

Navigating the Platform

Navigating through Spotify is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. You can use the Spotify Web Player or download the app on your device to listen to music. The Web Player is a browser-based player that you can access without downloading the app. Simply go to, log in, and start listening.

If you prefer using the app, you can download it on your device and access it anytime. To open Spotify, click on the app icon on your device. You’ll first see the home screen. Here, you can browse through your recently played songs, recommended playlists, popular playlists, and more.

Customising Your Spotify: From Spotify Playlist Covers to Spotify AI DJ

Custom Playlist Covers

You can customise your Spotify experience with a few little touches to suit your taste. From custom Spotify playlist covers to the Spotify AI DJ, there are many ways to make the platform yours.

Creating a playlist is easy. Click on ‘Create Playlist’ on the left side of the app, give your playlist a name, and start adding songs. You can also add a custom image and description to your playlist. 

The AI DJ is a relatively new feature for Premium subscribers. It uses artificial intelligence to mix songs seamlessly, giving you a DJ-like experience. Recently rolled out to the UK and Ireland, you can find the Spotify DJ in your music feed. After opening, you can listen to a selection of AI-curated music, with a short commentary about each song and artist.

Getting Help From Spotify Customer Service

Spotify takes its customer support very seriously. If you ever encounter any issues or have any queries, you can reach out to the customer service team for assistance. You can contact them via email, live chat, or their community forum, where users share tips and solutions.

Spotify’s customer service is responsive and focused on resolving your issues quickly. Contact them if you need help logging in, have queries about your subscription, or need help with any other features.

Spotify for Artists

Spotify for Artists

‘Spotify for Artists’ is a dedicated platform allowing artists to manage their profiles, track their performance, and interact with fans. By claiming your profile, you can customise your artist image and create an ‘Artist Pick’. Additionally, you can post concert dates and link to merchandise you have for sale.

Perhaps more importantly, it provides essential insights into your music’s performance. You can see how many people listen to your songs, where they’re from, and other music they like. You can also check your performance in playlists and discover how people find your songs. This data can be instrumental in planning your promotional strategies and better understanding your audience.

Spotify For Artists Tools & Features


Clips are brief, vertical videos of less than 30 seconds that can be uploaded straight to Spotify for Artists. Their purpose is to spotlight you and your music, allowing them to be linked to your artist profile, a specific song or album, or an impending release. 

Viewers can interact with Clips on your artist profile, album pages, and Spotify’s new Countdown Pages. The focus of Clips is on increasing streams for your music rather than accumulating likes. However, viewers can swiftly access your music after viewing the video on any platform.

Clips don’t disappear after 24 hours like stories, so you don’t need to worry about relentless content creation to keep pace with current trends. They extend the scope of video storytelling on Spotify, enabling you to weave more intricate narratives and boost stream counts. 

This feature allows you to interact with your existing and potential fans on the platform where they’re already enjoying your music. Consider it a permanent, always-available hub for videos that warrant detailed storytelling and extended visibility, rather than just fleeting viral loops.


With the Canvas feature, you can create short looping visuals to accompany your track – bringing a visual element to your music and helping you to express yourself as an artist.

When people see a Canvas, it can encourage them to keep listening. Indeed, there is data to support that users are more likely to save and share tracks with a Canvas, along with an increase in playlist adds.

A Canvas also adds another dimension when it comes to easily sharing on Instagram Stories, as it will loop in the background of your song alongside track details and a link for fans to play on Spotify.

This is your chance to get really creative and wow your fans – so we definitely recommend experimenting with the Canvas feature and incorporating it into your streaming strategy.


Marquee is a campaign tool on Spotify that recommends new music from artists you like. Upon opening the mobile app, you might have noticed these notifications guiding you straight to an artist’s latest album, EP, or single from the Home screen. Marquee is essentially a full-screen sponsored suggestion for your new release aimed at both Spotify Free and Premium users who have expressed interest in your music and are likely to listen more. 

It not only promotes awareness of your new release but also strengthens your bond with an audience poised to become more engaged listeners and dedicated fans.

Marquee is an optimal tool for attracting the right audience at the right time and helps you pinpoint your audience, based on their demonstrated interest in your music through actions such as streams or follows. These actions suggest that your reachable audience has the potential to stream more of your music. 

This group is narrower than your monthly listener count on Spotify and includes only individuals from the country you’re targeting. They are selected for your campaign due to their higher likelihood of appreciating your recommendation, which aids in achieving more effective results. If you have a large enough audience base, Marquee also allows you to target portions of this reachable audience according to how they interact with your music.

Discovery Mode

Discovery Mode is tailored for music marketers, helping to attract new listeners. With this tool, artists and labels can highlight their priority songs, which Spotify then incorporates into the algorithms that shape their personalised listening experiences. 

It’s important to note that while Discovery Mode boosts the chances of highlighted songs being suggested, it doesn’t assure it. The effectiveness of Discovery Mode also depends on fan engagement. Spotify considers listener interaction with a song, including those in Discovery Mode, to inform future recommendations. 

Eligible artists who distribute songs via participating distributors can access Discovery Mode directly through Spotify for Artists. However, labels can still use Discovery Mode via Spotify for Partners.

Countdown Pages

Countdown Pages is a fresh platform where fans can pre-save upcoming albums, preview tracklists, pre-order merchandise, view shared video clips, and watch the release countdown timer – all in one location. Renowned artists like Taylor Swift, Karol G, Florence and the Machine, Quevedo, Paramore, and more have already used Countdown Pages with remarkable results: over 80% of pre-savers typically stream the new release within its first week.

Countdowns are designed to generate excitement for a new album and boost first-week streams. When fans pre-save your album on your Countdown Page, they receive a notification upon its release, and the album is automatically added to their library for immediate streaming.

When you launch a new Countdown Page via Spotify for Artists, your top fans are automatically alerted about an upcoming release from one of their favourite artists. They can pre-save the release, preview the track list, view exclusive video content, and more. 

The three most recent Clips videos that you’ve added to your page will be visible; clicking on one allows users to delve deeper into your video feed. If there are already released tracks from the forthcoming album, these will be playable within the track list preview, allowing fans to stream your fresh music while watching the countdown.

This feature is slowly being rolled out to all artists after its initial Beta testing with high-profile artists like Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine. So hopefully, the tool will be coming your way soon – if it hasn’t already.

Promo Cards

Spotify Promo Cards

Promo Cards are readily adaptable graphics designed for sharing with your audience to publicise yourself, your music, or your features on some of Spotify’s top playlists. To begin, simply visit the Promo Cards website. There’s no login necessary, and the site currently supports English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German languages.

Search the content you wish to share, be it your artist profile, a single track, or an entire album. If one of your songs has been included in a playlist, a customised Promo Card sharing option will appear in the search results for that track. Then, decide how you want your content to appear to fans – square, landscape, or portrait. You have the freedom to select the aspect ratio and choose a background colour from a varied palette.

Finally, download your newly crafted content via the link generated by the site and upload it wherever you want! If you are a podcaster or a guest on a podcast, Spotify also offers Promo Cards through Spotify for Podcasters.

How to Upload Music to Spotify

Getting your music onto Spotify is a quick and easy process when done correctly. You’ll need to work with a music distribution service, which will send your songs to digital service providers. Pick a reputable and reliable distribution company, and consider more than just up-front costs when deciding. For instance, do the distribution company want to take a large percentage of your royalties?

How Much Does Spotify Pay Per Stream?

The actual rate at which the platform pays royalties isn’t entirely straightforward. The amount can differ according to a listener’s origin, with high-value markets resulting in a higher payment. Furthermore, whether a listener uses Spotify Free or even the type of Premium plan can affect your Spotify payment. But overall, the average amount you will earn per stream is around $0.004.

Spotify History

The streaming service dates back to 2006 and is the brainchild of two Swedish entrepreneurs. Daniel Ek, who owns Spotify, is the Spotify CEO. Alongside him is co-Spotify founder Martin Lorentzon. 

Born in 1983, Daniel Ek began his entrepreneurial journey at a young age, starting his first business venture at just 14 years of age, when he built and sold webpages. After quickly turning a profit, the young Ek began to invest in video games and servers, before trying and failing to get hired by Google at 16. Following this rejection, Daniel began a university course but quickly dropped out in favour of continuing his own tech ventures.

Ek achieved significant wealth but soon grew weary of the life money had brought him. Wishing to leave that life behind, he instead turned to music. A proficient player of guitar, bass, piano, drums, and harmonica, Daniel had been brought up in a musical family and sought solace in sound. Nevertheless, after becoming reacquainted with Martin Lorentzon, whom he had previously worked with, the pair would go on to develop plans for a platform that would change the world: Spotify.

Their mission was to combat online piracy in the music industry by providing a viable and legal alternative. The concept was to offer instant access to a vast library of songs, free and on-demand, supported by advertisements. With Lorentzon’s capital and Ek’s vision, the pair quickly got to work on realising their dream.

The Birth of Spotify

In 2008, their vision became a reality when they officially launched the platform to the public in select European countries. It quickly gained traction, offering a user-friendly and accessible way for consumers to stream music. Much of Spotify’s initial success was due to the strategic partnerships they formed with major record labels. Due to these deals, a vast array of music was readily available on the platform.

Over the years, Spotify has evolved and adapted to the music industry’s changing landscape. From introducing premium subscription plans, mobile access, and collaborative playlists to pioneering algorithm-driven personalised playlists like ‘Discover Weekly’, the company has continually strived to enhance the user experience.

Spotify Logo

The company’s memorable logo, a green circle with three curved lines, represents its identity and core values. The logo is instantly recognisable, embodying the power of effective branding. It communicates the brand’s commitment to delivering a seamless music experience. The simplicity of the design reflects the platform’s user-friendly interface, while the vibrant green colour signifies its dynamic nature.

In music streaming, a strong brand identity is crucial. Spotify’s logo stands out in a crowded market, ensuring the platform remains in users’ minds.

Spotify Corporate Growth and Key Financial Info

Spotify’s growth trajectory has been impressive. It expanded its services to the United States in 2011, quickly becoming a dominant player in the music streaming industry. The company went public in April 2018, when its stock debuted on the New York Stock Exchange.

In terms of financial performance, Spotify’s revenue has been on a consistent upward trend. In 2022 the company reported a revenue of €11.7 billion. Most of its revenue comes from premium subscriptions, accounting for 90% of total revenue in 2021.

However, profitability has been a challenge. While the company has recently narrowed its losses, it still reported a net loss of €430 million in 2022. The primary reason is the high cost of licensing music from record labels. This outlay consumes a significant portion of the company’s revenue.

Spotify Net Worth

Estimating Spotify’s net worth involves considering factors such as its market capitalisation, revenue, assets, and liabilities. As of June 2023, the company’s market capitalisation stands at approximately €30.3 billion. This figure represents an increase of over 40% in one year. 

However, market capitalisation only paints part of the picture. Despite challenges with profitability, the company has a strong balance sheet, with assets valued at €7.52 billion and liabilities of €3.45 billion as of March 2023.


The performance of Spotify stock has been a topic of interest for investors since its debut on the NYSE. The stock opened at $165.90 per share and reached an all-time high Spotify stock price of $387.44 in 2020. However, the stock’s volatile performance reflects the industry’s dynamic nature and the challenges that the company faces regarding profitability and competition.

While the platform is a leader in the music streaming industry, its future growth depends on several factors. The most important factor is continuing to expand its user base, especially premium subscribers. Furthermore, its success in new markets and capacity to negotiate favourable licensing deals with record labels will also be crucial.



Working at Spotify offers a unique opportunity to be part of a company shaping the music industry’s future. The company prides itself on its innovative and inclusive culture, which encourages creativity, collaboration, and diversity.

Spotify careers offer a range of opportunities across various functions, including engineering, product development, marketing and sales. The company has offices in several countries, providing a truly global work experience. Popular Spotify internships are also available, allowing young graduates to get a taste of working in the industry.

In addition to competitive salaries and benefits, Spotify jobs include perks like ‘Spotify for Life’, giving employees free Premium access. Moreover, the company also offers the excellent ‘Work From Anywhere’ program. With this benefit, employees can work from any company office in their continental region or choose hybrid or fully remote working.


Spotify Competitors

While the platform is a leader in the music streaming industry, it faces stiff competition from several players. Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google have all launched music streaming services. Furthermore, there are also several specialised music platforms, such as Deezer and Tidal.

Each of these competitors bring unique strengths to the table. Apple Music benefits from its integration with the broader Apple ecosystem. Additionally, Amazon Music leverages its Prime membership base, while YouTube Music capitalises on its vast user-generated content.

Despite intense competition, Spotify has maintained its position due to its superior user experience, extensive music library, and innovative features. The company’s future success hinges on its ability to continue differentiating its product and providing value to listeners and artists.

Spotify Vs Apple Music

Apple Music

They’re undoubtedly the two most popular streaming platforms, and each has a dedicated fanbase fighting their corner. But when comparing Apple Music Vs Spotify, the right choice for you could depend on your methods of use.

Apple Music, launched in 2015, is integrated with the iOS ecosystem, making it a seamless choice for Apple device users. Its Beats 1 radio feature offers exclusive interviews and shows hosted by notable artists. Apple Music provides excellent sound quality and an extensive music library. However, it lacks a free version, making it less accessible.

While both platforms offer a similar pricing structure for their premium versions, they differ in user experience and accessibility. Apple product users will appreciate the ease of integrating Apple Music with their devices. At the same time, Spotify is an excellent choice for any device you want to listen to. 

Both services have a similar price for premium features, a similar size music library, and great exclusive content. The biggest consideration is whether you are an avid Apple devotee. If all your devices are iOS, then Apple Music could be a good choice. Otherwise, Spotify is the way to go. 

Spotify Vs YouTube Music

YouTube Music

YouTube Music does offer a free version. However, the streaming quality is a little lower, with a maximum bit rate of 128kbps, compared to Spotify Free’s 160kbps.

When comparing YouTube Music Vs Spotify, it’s also important to consider the different premium options available. In terms of pricing, both services are very similar. The Individual plans are both the same price, while the Student and Family plans are closely priced. However, it’s important to note that YouTube’s Family plan covers up to five people, as opposed to Spotify’s six-person deal.

Again, one of the biggest differences in the two premium services is streaming quality. While Spotify Premium currently offers up to 320kbps, YouTube Music is capped at 256kbps, which is a noticeable difference.

Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Amazon Music

As with Apple Music, Amazon Music appeals to a particular cross-section of people – Amazon Prime subscribers. Prime users can access Amazon Prime Music as part of their subscription, which features a similar music library. However, while Prime Music is ad-free, like Spotify Premium, it’s only available in shuffle mode, as per Spotify Free. For complete control over playback, users must upgrade to Amazon Music Unlimited. This costs an additional £8.99 per month for existing Prime members, or £10.99 for non-Prime members.

A consideration when comparing Amazon Music vs Spotify is whether you use Alexa devices, which come with integrated Amazon Music. If Alexa is a big part of your life, perhaps consider Amazon Music, but Spotify works fine with Alexa too. After installing the skill, you can simply ask your device, “Hey Alexa, play Spotify”, to open the app. Furthermore, you’ll get more features for a slightly lower price with a Premium Individual plan.

Spotify Vs Tidal


Tidal sets itself apart from other streaming services by offering high-fidelity sound quality as standard. Their default HiFi plan includes bit rates of up to 1411 kbps for £9.99 per month. Audiophiles can go further than this by upgrading to the Hi-Fi Plus plan. This features master-quality audio with a massive 9216 kbps bit rate for £19.99 per month.

However, Tidal does not have a free tier. Furthermore, while both plan tiers offer higher audio quality (however, this will be addressed in the future with the release of Spotify HiFi), its premium plan is significantly more expensive than Spotify’s. In reality, few people can tell the difference between Tidal HiFi and HiFi Plus audio, which are both lossless formats. Significantly, you’ll need incredibly high-quality speakers or headphones with near-flawless transparency to make the most of the HiFi Plus plan.

Spotify Vs Deezer


Like Tidal, Deezer’s primary selling point is its high-quality audio. Its library is similar, and the premium plan also offers ad-free playback and offline listening. However, while Deezer has high-fidelity audio playback, its plans are more expensive than the comparative Spotify Premium plans.

Spotify Vs Pandora


Pandora, an American music streaming service, is best known for its radio-like feature. It allows users to create stations based on their favourite artists, songs, or genres, playing music aligning with those preferences. Pandora’s strength lies in its Music Genome Project – an initiative that analyses tracks on numerous attributes for more accurate recommendations. However, Pandora’s music library is significantly smaller. Furthermore, you can’t build your own playlists or libraries – users can only enjoy radio-like playback. And crucially, Pandora is only available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Ultimately, the choice between Pandora Vs Spotify largely depends on a user’s preferences. If you like to discover new music and create your own playlists, Spotify is your best option. However, if you prefer a radio-like experience with less effort required in curating music, Pandora could be a good choice. That said, Spotify Radio also offers a similar service. Using this feature, you can create a radio service taking inspiration from a particular artist, song, album, or playlist. The results can help you discover similar music you might also like.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Spotify is a comprehensive music platform that caters to all your music needs. From discovering new music to creating personalised playlists and interacting with a community of music lovers, it offers it all. Now you know everything there is to know about the platform, you’re ready to make the most of your streaming experience. So go ahead, sign up, log in, and dive into the platform’s immersive music world. But before you go, check out our FAQ section below for essential operating tips and helpful links.


Is Spotify Free?

With the Free account, Yes! There are no hidden costs for Free plan accounts, although there are ads in between playback. You’ll also have less control over what you play. However, you will need to pay a monthly fee if you decide to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Can I Get Free Spotify Premium?

The length fluctuates depending on the time of year and the plan type, but there’s always a Spotify free trial available. Generally the trial will be for two or three months. The Spotify Premium free trial is fully functional, perfect if you’re trying to decide if Premium is suitable for you.

How Much Does Spotify Premium Cost?

For individual subscriptions, Premium costs £9.99 per month. A Duo account for two people in the same household runs at £13.99 per month. Meanwhile, the six-account Family plan cost is £16.99 per month. Finally, the Spotify for Students Premium plan is £5.99 per month and offers all the Individual plan benefits. Remember, you’ll need to prove that you’re currently a higher education student to access this rate. 

Is There a Spotify Student Discount?

Rather than offering a student discount, the platform provides the special Spotify Student Premium plan outlined above. No other student discount is available.

How Do I Download Spotify App?

Download Spotify

The steps to follow for accessing the Spotify app download differ slightly depending on your device and operating system. But whatever your device situation, it’s a simple process that will have you listening to music in minutes.

Spotify App

To access the platform on your smart device, visit the App Store on iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android. Search for the app and install it as you would any other app.

Spotify Windows Download

For Windows PCs and laptops, head for the Spotify Desktop app page in your browser. Next, click the ‘Download Now’ button underneath the ‘PC & Windows App’ section.

Spotify Mac Download

To download Spotify for Mac, simply visit the same Spotify Desktop app page on your MacBook. First, click the ‘Download’ button underneath the ‘Apple & Mac App’ section. You’ll then need to click the ‘Allow’ button on the pop-up to authorise the MacBook Spotify download from the website. Your download should then begin. 

Is There a Spotify APK?

Finding a Spotify Premium APK mod online might be possible, but we strongly advise against their use. Such downloads either modify the service against the terms of use or attempt to crack the Premium subscription. In either case, it isn’t a legal usage of the platform. Furthermore, Spotify mod APK downloads from unreliable sources often contain malware, risking your device’s health.

How To Sign Up to Spotify Premium

The Spotify sign up process is quick and easy, letting you start enjoying music immediately. Visit to view the available plans before clicking ‘Get Started’ to complete the registration process.

How To Upgrade to Spotify Premium

If you already use the Free plan, click ‘Available Plans’ to upgrade to Premium. Here, you can choose the subscription plan that best suits you.

How To Cancel Spotify Premium

If you need to know how to cancel Premium on Spotify, don’t worry – it isn’t a complicated process. First, visit to access your account. 

On the ‘Account Overview’, head for the ‘Your Plan’ section before choosing ‘Change Plan’. You’ll find the ‘Cancel Premium’ option beneath information about the available Premium plans. If you can’t see this button, your Premium subscription might be through a third party, like your phone provider. In this case, you’ll need to access your account with the third-party company to cancel your Premium plan.

Cancel Spotify Premium

However, cancelling Premium doesn’t mean you have to lose access to all of the platform’s amazing content. You can always switch your account to the Free plan. Doing so means you retain access to over 100 million songs and a great choice of podcasts and audiobooks. However, your experience will include ads and less playback control.

How To Delete Spotify Account

You can close and delete your account anytime by visiting the ‘Closing Your Account’ page on the Spotify website. Once you request to delete your account, you’ll have seven days to change your mind. After that time, your account will be permanently deleted.

How To Pair Devices

Pairing devices is a handy feature, especially if you want to connect to devices like smart TVs. To pair your devices, visit on your device and enter the Spotify code displayed on your screen.

How Can I Find My Spotify Stats?

Aside from the popular Wrapped, available at, several third-party services can provide stats for Spotify. Great picks include the Pie Chart and Instafest. However, you can access some details from the platform at any time too. When using the Spotify Webplayer or desktop app, click ‘Profile’ in the drop-down menu in the top right corner. There, you can see all your most played artists and tracks from the last month.

Can I Buy a Spotify Gift Card?

Yes! Spotify gift cards are a great gift idea for the music lover in your life. They can use the card to pay towards a Premium subscription. They’re available to buy in increments of 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. 

After receiving a Spotify Premium gift card, you can activate it at Just scratch off the card’s pin cover, enter the revealed code, and click ‘Redeem’. You’ll now have full access to Premium for a period equal to the gift card’s value.

Spotify Redeem Gift Card

How To Change Username on Spotify

If you want to perform a Spotify username change, the bad news is that, essentially, you can’t. But, on the bright side, you don’t really need to either. Your username is only to identify your account on the platform. You don’t need it to log in; you can use your email address. Furthermore, no one else will see your username because your public profile uses your display name instead.

If you need to change your display name, you absolutely can do that! Head to ‘Home’ on the mobile app and tap ‘Settings’. After selecting ‘View Profile’, you can tap ‘Edit’ before tapping your display name to change it.

On the desktop app, you simply need to click on your profile picture and select ‘Profile’. You can then click on your profile name and change it as required before saving.

How to Change Spotify Password 

Changing your password on Spotify is a quick and easy task. However, you can only do it on the web app. From your browser or the desktop app, click on your profile picture and select ‘Account’. You can then choose ‘Change password’ from the side menu and amend as required.

Spotify Change Password

Is Spotify Down?

Is your Spotify not working? Don’t panic! There are several reasons why the platform might be inaccessible, most of which are temporary short outages or hardware related. Try restarting the app first. If you still have no joy, try restarting your device as well. If it isn’t your app or device, then it could be your network. Check your router or signal for any problems, resetting if necessary. 

After you’ve eliminated all possible issues at your end, it’s time to check if there is a Spotify outage. Sites such as Downdetector can help you find out the current Spotify status. The website’s graph shows how many people have had difficulties accessing services over the previous 24 hours. If this isn’t highlighting any problems, you should get in touch with Spotify Customer Service. You’ll then be able to work through troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue.

How To Download Music from Spotify

If you need to know how to download songs on Spotify, there are a couple of ways to try. If you want access to a particular album, you can click the download button underneath the album artwork thumbnail:

Download Music

To pick a selection of songs for offline listening, it’s easiest to add all the tracks to a new playlist. You can then click the download button on the playlist as described above.

How To Listen to Spotify Offline

To access your music library offline, follow the above steps to download songs while you have internet access. You can then enjoy all your favourite tracks without Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage.

When Does Spotify Wrapped Come Out?

There’s yet to be an exact date for the Spotify Wrapped release. In recent years, the Spotify Wrapped 2021 and Spotify Wrapped 2022 release date was in the first week of December. It’s safe to assume that Spotify Wrapped 2023 will follow a similar schedule.

How To Find Spotify Wrapped

If you’re wondering how to see your Spotify Wrapped data, don’t worry – when it’s available, you won’t miss it! After logging in, you’ll see a large banner announcing that Wrapped is out. Click on the banner to begin your experience.

Where Is the Spotify for Artists login?

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to visit the Artists home page and click ‘Get Access’. First, you’ll need to choose whether you are an artist, manager, or label team member. You can then proceed with providing the necessary information to claim your artist page. 

In the future, you can then log in using your normal account.

Spotify Help

If you run into any problems while using the platform, don’t hesitate to contact the customer service department. At ‘Spotify Support’, you can access several help topics, including sections dedicated to app help, payment help, and account help. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, you can seek help from expert fans on the Spotify Community.

Finally, you can also contact Spotify directly. The website doesn’t list a Spotify Customer Service number to ring. Still, you can get help via social media or Spotify live chat, which usually offers instant assistance.


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