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Мusic Gateway Success Stories – Adonye Banigo

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Music Gateway Team


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“There are so many services available on Мusic Gateway and I feel like I have only scratched the surface!”

Adonye Banigo

Мusic Gateway has always been proud to showcase our talented artists, especially those who show such promise in their commitment and drive to work with our team to make their dreams a reality. 

Emerging artists have the ability through our site to contact our team and discuss in detail what it is they are looking to achieve within their music careers, even if at first they are unsure themselves. Artists such as Adonye Banigo came to us through our recently acquired company Future Music ran the international Open Mic competition, in which Adonye won Showcase Winner for the regional finals, an award given for those with real potential as a rising star within the music industry. 

“I certainly didn’t have the confidence to audition for a show like X-factor or The Voice, but I heard about Open Mic UK, a competition looking for original songs, and I was like “I’m in”!  I got through to the Regional Finals and the feedback I got from the judges was “a very confident, self-assured performance with a super silky vocal and nice vibrato”. I couldn’t believe it.”

Adonye Banigo

Мusic Gateway’s acquisition of Future Music and subsequently Open Mic created another platform in which emerging artists had a real chance to have their voices and stories heard. Collaborating and getting feedback from industry-leading professionals who guide raw talent in such a saturated industry, feeds into Мusic Gateway’s ethics and core beliefs in providing one central place to guide, advise, teach and direct those who are serious about their careers, giving them everything they need to make it in such a difficult and competitive business. 

We’ve slowly learnt that as we look to change the industry for the better it’s less about experience and more about attitude.

Мusic Gateway

Мusic Gateway provides a hub in which artists can network, build, learn, create and sell their music giving our members the tools and knowledge they need to excel. Adonye, after learning about our company, knew that with our values and following on from his success with Open Mic, where he could find what he needed to build on what is progressively becoming a huge career for him. 

Adonye has a degree in science and currently works in healthcare, until his success in becoming a regional winner with Open Mic, he never considered Music as a serious career in which he would become an established artist. With no training and little background in music education, he had nothing more than a cassette radio as a child and empty tapes to record the tracks he loved listening to the most. 

“It’s a very cliché story but I grew up in church and I was always enthralled by the music and the singing. I was about 9 when I managed to convince my parents to give me an old radio with an in-built CD and cassette player that no one wanted…Growing up I loved artists like Otis Redding, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, and they had and still have a lot of influence on me musically. Now artists like Jessie Ware and Troye Sivan are big inspirations for the music I create.”

Adonye Banigo

Adonye has already begun his artist development program with Мusic Gateway, he is undergoing consultations with our industry managers, discussing how to best pitch and promote his tracks, videos, name and gigs for larger-scale events and to a wider audience. Since beginning the program, he has set up a Game Changer account so that he can start distributing his tracks for free and upload them to our ‘Sync Portal’, to secure music placements in TV, Film, Gaming, and Advertising.

Мusic Gateway strives to cover all areas of the music industry, offering services that our members can utilise for their music needs. Whether that be growing your audience numbers, brand awareness, and development, promotional campaigns, or creating revenue streams monetizing your music. 

We all know that this industry is not cheap! So by empowering our artists with the tools they need to create an income from their music, they can choose to reinvest their profits into their careers, giving them the best chance to develop and reach the goals they aspire to achieve. 

It’s fair to say members feel that Мusic Gateway offers them a home for their music. The music industry can be so difficult when you are trying to get your music to stand out, which is why Мusic Gateway offers a plethora of opportunities within the creative industry, consistently developing and expanding to meet the needs of our clients and customers. 

Мusic Gateway offers you the chance to showcase your music with other musical talents all over the world. The door is always open here and we will always be there for constant support when you need it, adding that personal touch in such a digital age. 

“Meeting people like Adonye Banigo, fuels my fire and passion for the industry, to provide a recognised need for services and a platform in which to streamline, encourage, educate and inspire artists to make a reality of their born talents and become what they were meant to be. I am honoured and humbled to be in a position where I can provide such assistance and have thoroughly enjoyed watching this artist progress with us”

Marcus Power – Account Manager

It has become increasingly apparent that what Мusic Gateway can do for our customers is open doors. Our growth and expansion and our ethics and morals weaved into the very fibres of this extraordinary company are, at the end of it all, made up of and driven by the fantastic commitment of our teams and our working relationships with our customers. All of these have hugely contributed to the success of our number two status, of the top 10 music business in the world. 

“It is clear to see the company values of openness, positive attitudes and building trustworthy relationships in all of them. I think that a company that brings together so many aspects of the music business in one place is pretty revolutionary.

Adonye Banigo

At Мusic Gateway, we manage and look after a lot of musicians, artists and labels,  however, we will always try our best to support all of our talent individually and work on their personal needs as closely as we can. 

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