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Case Studies

Tropez – Thinkin Bout You

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Emerging from a crucible of musical diversity, Tropez is not just another name in the sprawling universe of sound but a vivid portrait of artistic evolution. With a kaleidoscopic fusion of synth wave, R&B, funk, and disco, US-born Tropez traces his origins to an eclectic mix of influences drawn from years on the road, behind the decks, and in the studio. Now residing in Thailand, Tropez’s sound—a testament to the transformative power of mixing genres—is the product of not just musical talent, but of a deep, relentless pursuit of innovation.

This case study explores the path of Tropez from a confluence of myriad musical experiences to the cusp of breaking into new territories of sound and emotion with the success of his campaigns with Music Gateway.

Thinking Bout You

At the heart of Tropez’s ascent is Tropez’s recent EP ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’, a project that has found its sonic architect in the GRAMMY-winning prowess of Ben Allen III. This collaboration, set within the creative sanctum of Maze Studios in Atlanta, GA, marked a milestone in Tropez’s journey from the underground to the limelight. 

Music Gateway X Tropez

Music Gateway were thrilled to work with the impassioned artist, for his Spotify Fan Growth and Social Media Advertising Campaigns, and even more delighted at the great response to this powerful EP. The results spoke for themselves:

  • 83K total streams
  • Placed on Rhythm & Groove Editorial Playlist
  • 47.4K listeners
  • 60.8K playlist streams
  • 3.2K playlist adds
  • 4.8K+ algorithmic plays
  • +238 followers on Spotify (119.5% increase)
  • 229.2% increase in listeners

Playlisting Success


Top 5 playlists:

  • Dinner Chill Music 2024
  • Chill Morning 2024
  • Radio
  • Discover Weekly
  • Release Radar

Top 5 algorithmic playlists:

  • Radio
  • Discover Weekly
  • Release Radar
  • On Repeat
  • Your Daily Mix

These playlists helped amass the following statistics for Tropez:

  • 154K reach (6.2K% increase)
  • 78.2K page engagements
  • 4K SmartURL clicks – 45% of fans who visited your smart link successfully engaged with your music.
  • 1,482 post reactions
  • 455.9% increase in Instagram profile visits
  • 1,478 New Instagram Followers (111.4% increase)

Closing Thoughts on Tropez


As we look forward to what’s next for Tropez, it’s clear that his journey is just getting started. With a unique blend of sounds that blend measures of synth wave to funk and disco, Tropez has already shown a knack for pushing musical boundaries. The success of the Thinkin Bout You EP signals exciting things on the horizon. It’s an opportunity for Tropez to further explore and refine his distinctive sound.

The enthusiasm for Tropez’s future projects is grounded in genuine curiosity about where this blend of influences and sounds will take us next. As Tropez continues to develop as an artist, the music industry and fans alike are keenly watching, ready to embrace the new directions and innovations that lie ahead. The journey of Tropez is just beginning to pick up momentum – and we’re looking forward to seeing where he’s headed next.


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