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Case Studies

Young Cardi, Nafe Smallz – Stargazing

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music Gateway recently teamed up with Young Cardi to promote his amazing single, Stargazing. Read on as we delve into the fundamentals that drive this passionate artist, looking at the elements that led to the success of his latest release and his plans for the future.

Young Cardi

Young Cardi, a rapper, singer, and songwriter, was born and raised in Monaco. From a young age, he was thoroughly engaged with the music industry. His fervent dedication to his musical passion commenced at the tender age of 16.

He has always been intertwined with music from a tender age. It’s as if the rhythm and melodies were a part of his DNA, an inseparable aspect of his existence. The origins of his musical journey are not clearly defined, it’s not something he consciously decided upon. He wouldn’t claim to have chosen music; rather, it’s as if music chose him.

From his earliest memories, music was a constant presence, a companion that never left his side. It was not a deliberate choice he made, but rather a natural inclination, a passion that was inherently embedded within him. The allure of music was irresistible, it felt like a calling, a force that drew him in and refused to let go.

Young Cardi never had to seek out music; it was always present, always waiting for him to immerse himself in its captivating world. It found him, sought him out, and claimed him as its own. The melodies, the harmonies, the rhythms – they all felt familiar – like a language he had always known but only just started to speak.


Young Cardi

Young Cardi recorded the song in London, a city known for its rich musical heritage and vibrant contemporary music scene. This location in the United Kingdom offered him an environment that was both inspiring and conducive to his creative process. The featured artist, Nafe Smallz, was a significant part of this recording session.

Nafe Smallz, a renowned artist in his own right, had his studio in London. It was here that the two artists collaborated. The studio, equipped with state-of-the-art recording technology, provided the perfect setting for them to create their masterpiece.

The collaboration between Young Cardi and Nafe Smallz was a harmonious blend of their unique styles. They spent hours in the studio, each bringing their unique talents to the song. This recording session in London was not just an opportunity for Young Cardi to create music; it was a chance to learn and grow as an artist alongside Nafe Smallz.

Music Gateway + Young Cardi

Here are some amazing campaign stats for the promotion of Stargazing:

  • 2 Million+ total Spotify streams Support from Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Radio, On Repeat, Your Daily Mix & Repeat Rewind
  • Algorithmic playlists Placed in our network of 3rd party Spotify playlists totalling over 500k+ followers
  • Over 2 million views on YouTube!

2023 And Beyond For Young Cardi

YouTube player

Currently, Young Cardi has several performances lined up in various countries across Europe. In the United Kingdom, he’s scheduled to perform in a few cities, bringing his unique talent to audiences eager to experience his show. Additionally, Germany is also on his itinerary, where he will be showcasing his skills in different venues, captivating the local crowd with his craft. Be on the lookout for Young Cardi and make sure to stream Stargazing!

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