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Ashes In The Snow Sync Placement For Chris Hutchinson

Author Mary Woodcock  |  27 March 2019

Ashes In The Snow Sync Placement For Chris Hutchinson A massive congratulations from us to Chris Hutchinson from NEVERGONE on getting a successful sync placement in the trailer for ‘Ashes In The...

Frazer Gets A Spotlight For Promotion Giveaway

Author Music Gateway Team  |  25 March 2019

Putting a Spotlight on Giveaway Entrant, Frazer As part of our £4,000 giveaway, we wanted to give a spotlight to anyone who had entered in the first two weeks of the competition! Therefore we’d...

Another Successful Sync Placement For Netflix Original Film Close

Author Oli De St Croix  |  14 March 2019

Another successful sync placement for Netflix original film Close- It’s with great excitement we announce another successful sync placement! We’d like to congratulate JP for securing a successful...

New Sync License for Variety Actors on Actors

Author Mary Woodcock  |  02 January 2019

We are very pleased to announce that Marc Robillard’s track “Let Me Fly” has been secured for a sync licensing placement in a show from Variety studio, ‘Actors on Actors’. The show, which can be...

Al. Morris’ Latest Collaborative Efforts & New EP!

Author Mary Woodcock  |  19 December 2018

In every artist’s path there is a point where they realise that the only way to keep growing is to get new ideas from outer sources. Singer-songwriter Alex Morris, better known by his stage-name,...

French Artist Adeline Makes a Move in Barcelona

Author Music Gateway Team  |  04 December 2018

French artist Adeline talks with Music Gateway about her decision to move to Barcelona to pursue her music career and her experience working with ad companies through MG.

Can You Feel It: How Dance Music Conquered The World (Exclusive) Gary Welch, Music Supervisor Feature

Author Jon Skinner  |  04 December 2018

It’s November, you can tell, as the British weather has turned from what’s been an amazing period of hot rays of summer sunshine to a cold, early winter snap. It was apt, as both myself, Jon...

Music Gateway sends Member to Cannes Music Industry Conference, MIDEM

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 November 2018

Brian Alejandro, also known as Nabsora, was one of the lucky winners of our Midem ticket giveaway. We caught up with him to hear his story, what happened at Midem and what he’s up to now

Artist’s EP: A&R in the Asian Market with Leo Antinori

Author Music Gateway Team  |  26 September 2018

As anyone working in today’s A&R scene will know, the Asian market is the place to be for song cuts. For Leonardo Antinori (Leo to his friends), producer, songwriter and founder of New Vine,...

Music Thoughts Download: Writing for Labels Through Collaboration

Author Music Gateway Team  |  17 September 2018

It seems a lot of professionals in the music industry don’t just stick to one thing, and John Kerfoot (Kerfo Music) is no exception to this. John works as a musician, songwriter and producer in...

Music Gateway sends member to Midem 2018

Author Mary Woodcock  |  06 September 2018

The beach, summer sun, the French Riviera and music… Sounds like a summer holiday? We’re actually talking about Midem! Midem is the music industry’s leading international event for...

Authentic Polish Disco Polo – Sync Placement Secured for new Netflix TV Show

Author Music Gateway Team  |  21 August 2018

We are very pleased to announce that our Sync Agency at Music Gateway, has secured a placement for a season of a forthcoming US comedy show. The sitcom is currently in post production and...

NBC Universal reality show, home to Successful Sync Placement for Roy Music Agency

Author Music Gateway Team  |  21 August 2018

NBC Universal reality show, home to Successful Sync Placement for Roy Music Agency A huge congratulations and thank you to Arnaud Gimat at Roy Music Agency based in Paris, France for their...

How Songwriter Dan Scholes Turned One Opportunity into Many

Author Music Gateway Team  |  16 August 2018

At Music Gateway, the ideal scenario for us is for our platform to be the middle ground for artists to collaborate and make great music together. While this happens all the time and we run the...

Music Gateway meets: Songwriter team SAINT ROCK

Author Mary Woodcock  |  01 August 2018

Songwriting and music production team SAINT ROCK, is the kind of magic that happens when you put two musicians, songwriters and producers together. Adam Parker and Fabian Faupel share a deep...

Mark Newman: The 21st Century Storyteller Praises MG as ‘Fantastic Leveller’

Author Mary Woodcock  |  10 July 2018

Music tells a story. So does songwriter Mark Newman, a 21st Century storyteller fusing pop music with universal themes of love hope and heartbreak. His honest lyrics and hypnotic melodies have...

Jas takes MG back to its roots with 2 albums and 5 featured singles across 4 genres in 5 months

Author Sophie Small  |  26 June 2018

Before world domination, and by that I mean creating the ultimate file storage system to aid musicians and music companies with their own missions for world domination, we were a platform run...

Music Gateway meets Whodiniz

Author Mary Woodcock  |  26 June 2018

For the last two years, Dean Facey, better known by his artist name Whodiniz has been working on his vision to create the best label for independent artists…

Universal Production Music Praise Early Adoption of Private Network

Author Mary Woodcock  |  07 June 2018

Universal Production Music have a vast production schedule in order to maintain their equally music massive catalogue. This requires many exchanges between their offices and teams in multiple...

Sandy McKnight Syncs “Young Hearts on Fire” for Upcoming Film

Author Mary Woodcock  |  31 May 2018

It never gets old working with the talented members of Music Gateway. Sandy McKnight is one of our Influencer members, a 40-year veteran of the music business and one of the latest members to...