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ADUDA – Makeup Bag

Photograph of the blog post author, Annika Hope

Annika Hope


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Music Gateway recently partnered with ADUDA on her influential single, Makeup Bag. This case study will delve into the artistic principles of ADUDA, analyze the elements that led to her latest release’s triumph, and shed light on the star’s endeavors.

ADUDA – The Artist

Brazilian independent pop artist ADUDA, from a young age, was naturally gifted with words. Her upbringing was filled with international pop music, which not only helped her learn English but also understand the phonetics and melody structure in songs. She has drawn inspiration from renowned artists such as Khalid, Taylor Swift, Joji, Charlie Puth, Ed Sheeran, and Tove Lo.

With her Brazilian heritage as a source of pride, ADUDA inspires her audience to confront daily challenges fearlessly, empowering them through her tunes and words. She expresses the need to share her insecurities with the hope that it will help everyone feel slightly less insecure and more empathized with.

Should you ever have experienced feelings of alienation or struggled with self-expression, ADUDA bridges the gap between introspection and relatability. Through her songwriting, she fosters a positive impact on the world and individuals’ lives.

Makeup Bag

makeup bag

“Makeup Bag” is a song that celebrates self-expression and individuality. The lyrics speak about the power of makeup and how it can be used to express oneself and boost confidence. ADUDA’s vocals are lively and hypnotic, perfectly complementing the catchy melody and upbeat rhythm of the song.

The production of “Makeup Bag” is top-notch, with a mix of electronic and acoustic instruments (guitar, pro tools drum kit, bass)  that create a dynamic and engaging sound. The track is expertly crafted, with each element perfectly balanced to create a cohesive whole.

ADUDA’s style is a blend of pop, R&B, and electronic music, and “Makeup Bag” is a perfect representation of this unique fusion. The song is a testament to ADUDA’s talent as both a singer and songwriter, showcasing her ability to create catchy and memorable pop songs with a message.

Music Gateway + ADUDA

Music Gateway is delighted to contribute to the promotion of the new single, Makeup Bag! We’ve devised strategic plans to facilitate the song’s growth.

This exceptional track, blending traditional elements with a pop twist, is suitable for inclusion in up-and-coming pop and rock editorial features! A comprehensive digital and PR promotional campaign for this release is backed by Music Gateway.

The Makeup Bag single has received praise and acknowledgment, featuring in numerous esteemed publications:

Wonderland, Mystic Sons, Vents, Pop Passion, Flex, Music Crowns and EarMilk

2023 And Beyond For ADUDA

ADUDA is set to perform in Lisbon, Portugal soon. The details of the event such as the date, time, and venue will follow shortly, so be on the lookout!

In conclusion, ADUDÁ is a talented artist who has captivated audiences with her unique blend of traditional and contemporary pop music. With her powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics, she has become a rising star in the music industry and is sure to continue making an impact for years to come.


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