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Case Studies

Zam Adams – Got A Chance

Photograph of the blog post author, Chioma Eguzoraku

Chioma Eguzoraku


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We’re excited to showcase our recent partnership with the artist, Zam Adams, in promoting his new song, “Got A Chance”. This case study will explore how our team and the artist jointly amplified the scope of his creative campaign.

Zam Adams

Got A Chance

Samuel Adams, who is more popularly recognized by his stage name, Zam Adams, is a distinguished American rapper with his roots deeply entrenched in Brooklyn, New York. His musical journey was sparked at a young age when he stumbled upon the work of the renowned rapper, Eminem. Intrigued by this fresh and unique sound, 10-year-old Zam found himself irresistibly drawn to this new world of rhythm and rhyme. This marked the beginning of his profound relationship with music, a relationship that would shape the most formative years of his life.

Zam’s musical style is diverse and versatile, ranging from the rhythmic beats of Boom Bap and the narrative richness of Storytelling Hip-Hop to the melodic tranquility of Smooth R&B. By the age of 15, his dedication and passion had equipped him with the skills necessary to excel in the rap genre. Driven by his quest for perfection, Zam honed his sound, culminating in the release of his debut single, “Welcome to the Life.” This track offers a glimpse into the life of Zam, portraying his experiences as a high school student juggling academics with his hustling music career.

One of the first to recognize and support Zam’s innate storytelling ability was his best friend, Brian. Brian played a crucial role in Zam’s musical journey, assisting him in engineering more music. With each new release, Zam began to receive an overwhelming amount of support, encouraging him to create and perform more. By the time he turned 18, he had already begun to make his mark in the music world.

Got A Chance

Zam Adams

Got A Chance was crafted and recorded in a state of solitude, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This was done to truly capture the essence, of how minimalistic an environment a passionate artist such as Zam requires to ignite their creative process. It was an experiment to understand the bare necessities an artist needs to flourish and to shed light on the fact that often, it’s not the external stimuli, but the internal drive that fuels creativity. 

The isolation from society and familiar surroundings provided an opportunity to delve deeper into Zam’s self, stripping away distractions and focusing solely on the art of creation. The process underscored the idea that hunger for art and creativity can thrive in the simplest of settings, demonstrating that all an artist such as Zam truly needs is their passion and a means to express it.

Music Gateway + Zam Adams Got A Chance

In collaboration with Zam Adams, we concentrated on promoting ‘Got A Chance’ on Spotify. Here are the outstanding outcomes!

  • 15k+ total streams
  • 95K+ Reach 143.8% increase in Instagram followers 
  • Support from Spotify’s Release Radar,
  • Discover Weekly, Radio & Daily Mix 1986 link clicks
  • 57% of fans who visited Zam’s smart link successfully engaged with his music.

2023 & Beyond for Zam Adams

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Currently, Zam is performing at open mic and small venues in Manhattan, so be sure to check him out when you can! Make sure to check out his song Got A Chance as well as stream it on Spotify, and look out for future releases!

If you have songs that you want to share with the world – we want to help boost your career and get them noticed including marketing and promoting your music – and improving your streaming presence! We can also help you with your music video promotion.


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